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contemporary digital collage artists

10 Best Contemporary Digital Collage Artists

Are you looking for inspiration from some contemporary digital collage artists?

This article will reveal the ten best artists you have been wanting to know.

They have been hand-picked for the artistic and pixel-perfect collage elements they have created.

You will definitely be able to create your very own gorgeous and unique photo collages.

Without further ado, let’s meet now the ten best contemporary digital collage artists.

1. Samson Vowles, Delightful Design Studio

Delightful Design provides creative templates, fonts, collage elements that you can use for your artwork, websites, social media.

These ready-to-use templates will save you time and add interesting beautiful touches to your collage.

The founder of Delightful Design is Samson Vowles. 

He has been creating digital products for seven years, and he’s been working full-time on the Creative Market platform for three years. 

What makes his work exceptional?

He pays a lot of attention to details while also focusing on the overall look of a product. 

Botanical Collage Art Maker Elements

contemporary digital collage artists

Samson’s Botanical Collage Art Maker Elements are perfect for you if your digital image has a botanical theme and needs some flowers or leaves.

The graphics in this kit includes plants, leaves, flowers, fruits, bugs, and frogs. 

In total, there are 60 PNG images that you can mix and match as you want. 

They all have a transparent background and are compatible with Adobe products, Sketch, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo.   

The retro-style images of Samson’s kit will make your art stand out.  

Other Artworks

Some of his other fascinating projects are Procreate Mandala Creator Template, 100 Vegan&Vegetarian Food Quotes, and Procreate Fashion Croquis Templates.

Check out the Delightful Design shop for other brilliant products to add to your art project. 

The shop offers mantras, positive quotes, fonts, one-line drawings, social media templates, user interface kits, and more.

2. Kate Rose, Digital Curio

Digital Curio offers digital graphics, add-ons for personal and commercial use. 

You can sell your art or products containing images created by Digital Curio without buying an additional license. 

But there are some limitations; you can learn about them on the page of the product you want to buy. 

The owner of Digital Curio is Kate Rose, who opened her shop in 2014. 

She learned how to design and work in Photoshop by herself. 

Creating digital art started as a side hobby for her and turned into a freelancing opportunity much later.  

Kate creates digital graphics of various themes, styles, and forms.  

Vintage Halloween Clipart Graphics

contemporary digital collage artists

Halloween is coming, and your creative project might need some of Vintage Halloween Clipart Graphics.

There are 47 separate PNG elements with transparent backgrounds ready for use.

You can edit the images in all Adobe products. 

The images include bats, cats, skulls, pumpkins, witches, and more; they are spooky but in a beautiful way.

With these graphics, your Halloween decorations, photos on Instagram, and collages will make your friends jealous. 

Other Artworks

The best selling art elements created by Kate includes Marble Galaxy Digital Paper, Neon Ink Overlays, and Glitter Pumpkin Clip Art. 

You can find floral clipart, rainbow overlays, lace borders, and a lot of other elements in Kate’s shop on Etsy and Creative Market.

Use a coupon code ODCFB to get a 15% discount on any of Digital Curio’s products (no expiration date and no minimum value). 

3. Cina Catteau, Anugraha Design

Anugraha Design is a Nepalese company that provides graphic designs for branding, web designs, print designs. 

Their digital graphics mostly include patterns, abstract collage elements, and fonts.

In case you are wondering about the name of the company, Anugraha translates as “grace” from Nepali. 

Grace has special meaning for the creators, so that’s why they decided to name the company Anugraha. 

Cina Catteau is the creator of the graphic designs for Anugraha Designs.

She is from Denison, Texas, but lives in Pokhara, Nepal. 

The most attractive part of digital designs for her is creating patterns.  

Abstract Collage Bundle

contemporary digital collage artists

If you are looking for abstract elements for your art, check out Cina’s Abstract Collage Bundle

The bundle contains three kits of abstract collages – paper, rock, and a jungle kit. 

In total, there 24 backgrounds, 15 patterns, and 30 graphic styles. 

These vector graphics come in three file types – JPG, PNG, AI – and are compatible with Adobe Illustrator. 

The colors of the images in this kit are gorgeous and go well with each other. 

Other Artworks

Other elements that you might find useful are Collage Art Patterns, Effervescent: Abstract Patterns, and Verdant: Abstract Seamless Patterns

Check out the Anugraha shop for more graphics, fonts, and templates.

And if you have a graphic design project and you want to partner with Anugraha Design, you can find their contact information here and send them a message. 

4. Maria Letta, Beauty Drops

Beauty Drops is a shop on Creative Market that offers various collage graphics and templates.

Themes of the graphic images include spring, winter, fall, summer, tropics, sea life, dinosaurs, and more. 

The Beauty Drops shop belongs to Maria Letta.

She’s a Russian designer and illustrator.

She loves creating vector and watercolor graphics. 

Maria often uses her memories of different places as a source of inspiration for her artwork. 

Cutout | Fun Collage Maker

contemporary digital collage artists

Cutout | fun collage maker is a modern set of 140 graphic images that will bring lively colors into your collage.

Inside the set, you’ll find 99 linocut texture elements, paper, marker textures, and six ready-to-use compositions. 

The file types are PNG, JPG, SVG, PSD.

You can use the elements in any graphic design editor.  

The collage graphics created by Maria are applicable in many situations – for packaging, wedding invitations, Instagram posts, posters, and others.   

Other Artworks

Some of her other popular projects are Moon Goddess, Scandinavian Winter, and Eco Life.

You can find all the art created by Maria Letta in her shop

Maria’s available for freelance work, so if you require a customize project and like her style, you can send a message to her email address.  

5. Marsala Digital 2

Firstly, Marsala Digital has two shops – Marsala Digital and Marsala Digital 2. 

Secondly, the first shop offers its clients wedding mockups, scene creators, and interior mockups. 

Then, the second shop provides digital graphics, illustrations, patterns – everything you need for your digital art. 

Thirdly, their illustrations are simple yet fascinating abstract images. 

Finally, the themes include women, floral, botany, and seasons of the year. 

Celestial Abstract Set

contemporary digital collage artists

The Celestial Abstract set by Marsala Digital is the most popular one.

It consists of 106 graphic images and ten prints, all in PNG, EPS, AI.

The images include zodiac signs, constellations, shapes, and prints. 

You can edit the images in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Affinity Photo. 

Zodiac signs and lunar phases included in this set will add a mysterious occult effect to your project.

Other Artworks

Marsala Digital offers big bundles of graphics, such as 3000+ Abstract Images Bundle, 2000+ Watercolor Graphics Bundle, 19 sets in 1 Bundle.

Buying big sets is cheaper and gives you access to numerous graphics.

They are also open to creating customized projects, so if you like their style, contact them by sending an email to this email address.

6. Erica Hartwick, Big Cat Creative

Big Cat Creative is a design studio that specializes in providing Squarespace website templates for small businesses.

They also provide collage graphics, fonts, and patterns for creative souls in need of resources. 

Erica Hartwick is the founder of the Big Cat Creative. 

She opened her studio to help small business owners learn how to design their websites.

That’s why, in addition to templates and other graphic elements, she also offers a free DIY You Dream Website video lesson.

The Epic Collage Maker

If you are looking for trendy cute elements to add to your collage art, you should check out The Epic Collage Maker.

It offers you 120 graphic elements, including hand-drawn elements, shapes, strokes, paper, and more. 

There are vector and raster graphics, and all of them have transparent backgrounds. 

The image types are PNG and AI compatible with any image editing program. 

Once you buy the product, you’ll have access to future updates, too.

With the elements created by Erica, your art creations will look modern and will be able to captivate your audience in just one look. 

Other Artworks

If you need to add a phrase to your art project and you want a pretty font for it, you should check out the Peachy | A 3D Font Family, Neon – An Outline Font Bundle.  

Erica offers some free products on her Big Cat Creative website, including free hand-drawn patterns, Instagram story templates, textures, mood boards, and more.

To check out her shop on Creative Market for more products, click here

7. Irene Demetri, Youandigraphics

Youandigraphics is a shop opened by Irene Demetri.

She is a graphic designer who creates simple, easy-to-use patterns, templates, and other digital products.

Irene usually uses soft, pleasant colors in her work, but she also creates dark or bright graphics elements.

Among her work, there are floral, animal prints, women patterns, Japanese, Ethnic, Islamic art patterns, and more.     

She also has a blog where she shares tips and how-to tutorials on graphic designs. 

Collage Colorful Patterns

Irene’s Collage Colorful Patterns are what you need to add fun, pretty colors to your art.

You’ll have access to 40 seamless patterns of red, pink, purple, and other colors. 

The patterns are perfect backgrounds for packaging, invitations, business cards, etc.   

The file types are JPG, PNG, AI, and EPS, and you can edit them in Adobe Illustrator.

The package also includes instructions. 

Whatever purpose you have for the patterns offered by Irene, you can be sure that the result will be breathtaking, as you can’t go wrong with these vivid, lively colors. 

Other Artworks

Some of her well-liked work that might interest you are Hand Drawn Japanese Patterns, Mega Geometric Patterns Bundle, and Romantic Leaves Collection.

Youandigraphics Esty shop mostly offers digital papers and planner dashboards, while the shop on Creative Market sells templates and graphics. 

8. Kirsi Iggy Rouvinen, itKuPiLLiimaginarium

Firstly, a Finnish digital graphic designer, Kirsi Iggy Rouvinen, owns itKuPiLLiimaginarium.  

But before she decided to concentrate on digital art, Kirsi had worked as an interior designer and as an artisan. 

Then she tried editing digital photos and realized that it was her true calling. 

Secondly, Kirsi used to make paper collages, but since 2006 she focuses on creating digital collages.

Thirdly, she also provides resources for digital collage art. 

The resources include collage sheets, collage elements, papers, backgrounds, frames. 

Finally, Kirsi has a unique graphic style; she uses vintage, baroque, renaissance images in her work.

Wear a Mask Digital Collage Sheet

If you are addressing the current pandemic situation on your blog or social media, then Wear a Mask Digital Collage Sheet will help you create appropriate and cool illustrations.

The images are vintage heads wearing masks. 

The collage sheet is in transparent PNG format, and you can work on it in any graphic design software.

The artist also included a printable JPG format for your convenience.

By using Kirsi’s graphic elements, you are ensuring that your art project will attract a lot of attention.  

Other Artworks

You can check out Kirsi’s art gallery here.

If you like her style and want to buy her products, you can find them on Etsy or the Mischief Circus website.

The Etsy shop sells digital collage sheets and small kits, while the shop on Mischief Circus offers a larger amount of digital kits of bigger sizes.  

9. Ana Veris, Veris Studio

Veris Studio is a digital creative shop that offers watercolor clip arts, illustrations, patterns. 

The graphic themes mostly include flowers, bouquets, boho, weddings.  

The shop’s owner and designer is Ana Veris. 

She opened her shop on Etsy in 2016.

Ana specializes in creating watercolor graphics. 

She draws illustrations on watercolor paper first, scans them, and converts them to digital files. 

Bohemian Dreams – Boho Graphic Set

Bohemian Dreams – Boho Graphic Set is ideal for your wedding invitations, decorations, blogs.

The set consists of 120 floral images in PNG, JPG formats. 

They all come with a transparent background, and you can use them in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign.

In this set, you’ll find feathers, arrows, bouquets, frames, wreaths, dreamcatchers, patterns, and unicorns. 

The images in this kit are enchanting and romantic, and any artwork you create with the help of these images will be magical.

Other Artworks

Ana’s Abstract Modern Watercolor Shapes, Born to be Wilde – Boho Floral Set, and Pastel Symphony – Floral Clipart Set are also popular among her followers. 

You can check out other beautiful graphics created by Ana on Etsy and Creative Market websites. 

Veris Studio has 179 items available for purchase; you’ll be able to find the watercolor graphics that are most suitable for your art project. 

10. Vanessa Gollasch, Blog Pixie

Firstly, Blog Pixie is a website created by Vanessa Gollasch. 

Secondly, she is a blogger who can’t imagine her life without blogging, and that’s why she created Blog Pixie that started as a website to help other bloggers.

But with time, her website grew into a platform for all people who are interested in blogging, digital design, and social media.

Thirdly, Vanessa shares her knowledge in these areas and also sells templates, fonts, graphics on her website.

Lastly, she is a fan of sparkling pink things, and that shows in her work, as Vanessa mostly uses pink colors in her art. 

The Ambition Creative Kit

The Ambition Creative Kit is a treasure for anyone who loves creating digital art.

It consists of 26 fonts, more than 500 different graphics, and nine collage templates.

The graphics include glitter bits, illustrations, paper textures, quotes, pressed flowers, backgrounds, watercolor splashes, and more. 

They are all in PNG format that you can use in PicMonkey and Canva.

If you are interested in templates, you’ll receive one banner template, three social templates, and five blog templates.

Just imagine how much art you can create with all these tools!

Other Artworks

People also like Pretty Textures Kit, Floriana Creative Studio created by Vanessa.

You can find her other products on the Creative Market Shop or her website.

You should also check out her blog for design tips and free products.

Final Thoughts

Each of the talented contemporary digital collage artists mentioned in this list can provide you with the necessary elements for your collage.

They have different styles, so you can choose one or several products that are most suitable for your vision.

Some only provide graphic images, some also offer to share their knowledge, some can create customized art for you, but all of them are incredible at what they do. 

With the help of the tools they created, you’ll be incredible at digital collage art soon, too. 

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