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continuous line drawing artists

10 Best Continuous Line Drawing Artists

Continuous line drawing artists have been trending in the graphic world.

Their art looks simple yet complicated to draw. 

Every art starts with a line, but when it comes to this particular form of art – it’s all about that ‘one line.’ 

Today, contemporary art is all about minimalism and symbolism.

The continuous line art fits all these parameters, hence, its popularity.

Creating a design using only one simple line is not an easy job.

This takes a lot of practice and imagination.

That’s why downloadable line art created by professional artists is available for use in online market places.

From business cards to infographics to merchandise.

You can use continuous line art everywhere.

It’s not only eye-catching, but also leaves a lasting impression on the viewers.

Where Can You Use Line Art?

Line art is the only form of art that you can use for any purpose.

It is becoming increasingly popular in the corporate world.

A lot of brands use line art for creating their business logos.

This form of art is becoming so popular that everyone can understand line art.

The designs are simple, unique and very straightforward in conveying a message.

Another reason why line art is becoming the new big thing in the world of art is its diversity.

You will see line art on merchandise, wall hangings, business cards, and logos.

However, as simple as the art looks, it is not easy to create.

Continuous line drawing artists are professionals who have mastered this art.

They know how to use their imagination and creativity to produce amazing masterpieces.

There is digital line art, created by professionals, available online

All you have to do is purchase it, use it as it is, or edit in on tools like Photoshop.

If you haven’t used line art before, this article will help you explore the online marketplace. 

Below is our pick for the ten best continuous line drawing collections, available on and 

Have a look!

1. Figara: Line Drawings & Illustration by Delightful Design 

continuous line drawing artists
Download Now!

Best for Product branding, web design, and printing

Here is one of the most famous lines drawing collections available online.

The product includes 100 amazing and unique hand-drawn digitalized drawings.

From portraits to patterns, the collection has everything.

Whether you want to use line drawings for your personal use or business purpose, this product is very adaptable.

The portraits in this collection are very realistic and will look amazing as life-size wall hangings.

The beauty of this collection is, it encompasses the basic designs to the complicated masterpieces.

Then, there are botanical images and animal images. 

You can use these line drawings for creating educational infographics or business cards and logos.

The product is suitable for varied use.

Are you an art lover, or someone who wants to get into line drawings or a brand owner looking for unique designs for branding?

Then, this collection is for you.

The drawings are based on real-life models and hand-drawn;.

That’s why the illustrations seem so realistic.

The package contains PNG files with a transparent background, which can be used as it is.

If ever you want to make some changes in the drawings, the Illustrator files are editable.

The product is compatible with several tools, including Photoshop and Illustrator.

The biggest perk of this product is that it comes with a money-back guarantee.


  • An extensive collection of illustrations
  • Multiple sets
  • Easily editable 
  • Bonus brush set for editing 


  • Some illustrations are complex
  • A little pricey 
Download Now!

2. Line Drawings: Duo 12 Illustrations by Delightful Design 

continuous line drawing artists

Download Now!

Best for Merchandise, logos, company branding 

If you are a Picasso fan, you will love these continuous line drawings.

Although the collection is included in the product reviewed above, you can download it separately.

The sketches are hand-drawn beautifully with free-flowing strokes.

Real-life models were used for these drawings, so, they look realistic on digital screens too.

The portraits will look amazing as wall hangings, but they can also be used for web designs.

The product is compatible with a wide range of editing and drawing tools.

If you want to print the drawings as they are, use the ready-to-use files.

The PNG files comes with a transparent background, so you can use them anywhere.

The images are resizable, and due to high resolution, the pixels don’t break.

If you ever want to add a personal touch to these drawings, you can edit them on any editing tool.

In case you need any guidance on how to download the product or use images, feel free to contact the support.

Although the original portraits are monochromatic, you can add a splash of colors to these drawings to customize. 

If you are a minimalist art lover, you will love these continuous line sketches.


  • A unique collection of illustrations
  • Ready to use
  • Impressive finishing


  • A little pricey 
  • Limited use 
Download Now!

3. Botanical Line Drawings by Delightful Design 

continuous line drawing artists

Download Now!

Best for: Logos, product branding

These illustrations are included in the Figara bundle, reviewed previously.

But if you want the botanical drawings separately, download this product.

The bundle contains 32 different drawings based on real plants and flowers.

In this category, this is one of the most popular continuous line illustrations. 

The illustrations are beautifully drawn with effortless strokes and sleek finish. 

These drawings are perfect for logos, product branding, or educational infographics.

Although the price seems a bit high, you can use this collection for personal as well as business use.

The bundle contains ready-to-use as well as editable files.

You can resize the images without worrying about the picture quality.

The file size is also not too big, so the drawings will not take up much storage space.

Like all the products by this designer, this bundle also has a money-back guarantee.

This means that you can claim your money if the support is not able to guide you or encounter some irresolvable issue.

The product is compatible with all frequently-used graphic designing tools, which makes it even more popular.

These drawings are black and white, but if you want, you can add a hint of colors as all the files are editable.

The illustrations are best for logos, business cards, or even postcards.


  • An extensive collection of botanical illustrations
  • Editable illustrations 
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Bonus brush set for editing 


  • Not suitable for general use
  • Very pricey
Download Now!

4. Animals – One Line Drawings by Delightful Design 

continuous line drawing artists
Download Now!

Best for Advertisement and merchandise 

These illustrations are also a part of the Figara franchise, but they are also available separately.

It’s very much safe to say that there aren’t many continuous line animal illustrations that are as realistic as this one.

These drawings are based on real-life models, and they are hand-drawn, this is why they look so realistic.

This bundle contains 24 continuous line animal drawings.

These drawings are ideally suited for advertisement and merchandise, but you can also use it for other purposes.

Each drawing has two versions, the ready-to-use file, and the editable file.

For editing, you can use any tool because the product is compatible with all popular drawing tools.

Although the downloading process is pretty simple, there are instructions available.

In case you need more guidance, there is live support for your assistance.

The illustrations are eye-catching and contemporary.

This surely will bound to leave a lasting impression even at a passing glance.

This is what makes these drawings perfect for logos and product branding.

The images can easily be associated with any brand, and they are easy to remember.

To add a personal touch to these drawings, you can use the editable version included in the bundle.


  • An extensive collection of illustrations
  • Multiple sets
  • Easily editable 
  • Bonus brush set for editing 


  • Only 24 illustrations 
  • A bit pricey 
Download Now!

5. Hand Line Drawings by Delightful Design 

continuous line drawing artists
Download Now!

Best for: Brochures, Flyers, Product branding 

Hand gesture drawings are prevalent in continued line art.

You will find a lot of hand gesture drawings online, but this collection is the most popular one.

Mainly because the illustrations included in this bundle are beautifully hand-drawn and look very realistic. 

You can use these hand gesture drawings for sign language flyers, brochures, and infographics.

There are other ways to use gesture drawings like merchandise, logos, etc.

The drawings included in this collection have two versions – editable and ready-to-use.

If you want to make any changes, use the editable version on any tool.

The product is compatible with several editing and drawing tools.

Although the product’s price is less than the Figara bundle, some may still find it a little expensive. 

However, if you see the quality of the illustrations, you will not mind the price.

Due to its sleek finish, the product is ideally suited for business use.

The original version is monochromatic, but you can also customize these drawings by adding colors.

Like all the other products of the Figara collection, this one also comes with a money-back guarantee.

You can claim your money back in case you encounter any problem or the product doesn’t run on your device.


  • Simple illustrations 
  • Editable files 
  • Hand-drawn sketches 


  • Limited use
  • A little pricey 
Download Now!

6. Jumbo Line Icons Pack by Jumbo Icon 

Download Now!

Best for Apps, infographics, web designs 

This is a vast collection of icons ideally suited for digital apps, but you can use these drawings for many purposes. 

The bundle contains 1500 drawings divided into eight categories.

All the drawings are resizable and produced in high resolution, so you don’t have to worry about the graphic quality.

The image will appear sharp and high quality in any size.

The product has no compatibility issue; you can use these drawings on any digital too and with any operating system. 

All the icons are hand-drawn and can be used for personal as well as professional use.

All the drawings have eight different versions for editing purposes.

This makes the file size huge but gives you so many editing options.

Although the product requires more storage space, you can use these drawings for so many purposes.

Some people might think the product a bit expensive, but if you are an app developer, this is the only icon collection you will ever need!

The icons are drawn very neatly in continuous line art form, which makes them unique yet straightforward.

The collection keeps upgrading, and more icons are added to the group from time to time

So, for one time-investment, the product is a steal.


  • Huge collection of icons
  • Scalable images
  • Compatible with multiple platforms 
  • Hand-crafted 


  • Huge file size
  • A little pricey 
Download Now!

7. Lina Logo Collection by AgataCreate 

Download Now!

Best for: Logos and product branding

This collection is ideally suited for business owners as these are logo templates produced in continuous line art form.

If you have a business and need a professionally designed logo on budget, download this product.

All the logos in this collection are hand-drawn and come with various color schemes.

All the drawings are easily editable so you can make changes as per your desire.

Choose the color and font that goes with the image of your brand. 

The bundle also includes a monochromatic version of the templates.

This gives you more ideas on how you can customize the logo template to make it your own. 

The templates can be used digitally as well as for printing purposes.

You can resize the templates as per your desire.

They are high-resolution images and don’t break on increasing the size.

The logo templates are not suited for a particular sector; they can be used for any business type – from salons to technology.

All the images are neatly sorted and ready-to-use.

The editable files are only compatible with Photoshop and Illustrator. 

The product is reasonably priced, and if you compare it with the cost of a professional logo designer, it’s a steal!

There are 12 logo templates included in this collection and 12 bonus icon drawings for business use.


  • An impressive collection of hand-drawn logos
  • Fully editable files
  • Reasonably priced


  • Limited use 
  • More suited for corporate purposes
Download Now!

8. Minimalist One Line Female Portraits by Rough Edges Supply Co 

Download Now!

Best for Graphics, web design, merchandise, tattoos

Drawing portraits using a single line is a very complicated task, but the result is stunning.

This bundle includes 20 beautiful female portraits.

You can use these drawings for personal use like wall hangings as well as professional use like web design or product branding.

There are three versions of each drawing, which means you will get 60 files in total.

If you want high resolution, sharp images, then you can use the JPEG version.

These are extremely high resolution images with a resolution of 2500px x 3000px.

If you want to maintain the quality but remove the background, use the PNG version.

It has a clear background, but pixel resolution is the same.

For editing, use the SVG file.

The portraits are not colored in the original bundle, but you can use the editable version to add colors.

The product is only compatible with two editing tools, Photoshop and Illustrator.

You can also use the images for printing on merchandise or decoration pieces.

The drawings are produced with free-flow yet careful strokes, giving the portraits a very realistic look. 

The product’s file size is tiny, so you don’t have to worry about the storage space.

The product is very reasonably priced, and you get three different versions of each file.


  • Simple yet impressive designs 
  • High-resolution illustrations
  • Multipurpose 


  • Only 20 illustrations 
Download Now!

9. Abstract Prints Shapes Graphics vol. 2 by Marsala Digital 2 

Download Now!

Best for: Educational projects, web designs, infographics, logos 

Most popular forms of continuous line drawings is shapes.

From basic geometrical shapes to intricate patterns, you can produce anything with a continuous line.

This collection contains more than 380 continuous line shapes that can be used for several purposes. 

Forty abstract images can be used for printing merchandise and wall art.

These drawings will also make eye-catching, unique logos.

Then there are 25 images of the human body.

You can use these images for educational purposes or printing on flyers and brochures.

Then we have 30 contemporary pieces that beautifully represent the minimalism of this art form.

You can use these drawings for personal use as well as for your product branding.

One hundred eighty-three random shapes can be used for educational purposes.

You can use these images on websites, blogs, or even for printing.

The bundle contains colored as well as monochromatic drawings. 

The product is compatible with a wide range of editing and drawing tools.

Although the product contains so many abstract illustrations that can be used for various purposes, some might find this product a little pricey.

The file size of the product is small, so you don’t have to worry about the storage size.


  • 380 hand-drawn illustrations 
  • Suitable for varied use
  • Editable vector files
  • Reasonably priced


  • Some illustrations are complex
  • A little pricey 
Download Now!

10. Continuous Line Face Illustrations by Kindred Spirit Studio 

Download Now!

Best for Wall hangings, merchandise

Continuous line art can be classic or contemporary depends on the style.

This collection contains five extremely modern looking continuous line drawings.

The drawings are not only minimalistic but also very unique.

If you have a bold taste, then this collection is for you.

These drawings are more suited for personal use than corporate use.

You can use these illustrations for producing funky merchandise, contemporary wall art, or even beddings.

Even though the drawings are minimalistic, the finished product has a very sleek finish.

The bundle contains five ready-to-use files with transparent backgrounds.

Each file also has an editable version that is compatible with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Although the product is more suited for personal use, you can use it for web design by making some changes.

The product is exceptionally cheap, and you can use it for several purposes.

Minimalistic and abstract art is easy to edit.

You can add your strokes and ideas to the drawings to produce a new masterpiece – that represents your taste and imagination.

If you are getting familiar with the continuous line art and want to explore this genre, this product is for you.

The file size is almost non-existent, and you can even download it on your mobile app.


  • A unique collection of illustrations
  • Reasonably priced
  • Funky designs


  • Only ten illustrations
  • Not designed for varied use
Download Now!

Final Thoughts

We have just presented the best continuous line drawing artists around.

By now, you must have realized that continuous line art is not confined to patterns and gestures but is also used to draw portraits and sketches.

This might sound impossible, but this is the beauty of line art.

The entire drawing is created in one go, without lifting the pencil not even once!

Thanks to the digital and downloadable line art collections, now you have access to ready-made drawings.

The best part is that most of the drawings in the list mentioned above are editable.

This means that you can change the drawings to your liking.

Use them for business branding, decorating your space, or creating funky merchandise. 

The possibilities are endless. 

Download some of these collections and have fun with line art.


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