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copic marker brush photoshop

10 Best Copic Marker Brush Sets for Photoshop & Procreate

Create fab art using a Copic marker brush for Photoshop and Procreate.

Of course, you know that strokes and styles for your text letters are essential to consider.

They give color to your entire content.

In this article, we’ll give you the best Copic marker brushes for your intended layout.

Below are the brush sets for Photoshop and Procreate for an easy way to design your content.

No more searching for “Copic marker brush Photoshop and Procreate” after this!

Copic Markers For Procreate

copic marker brush Photoshop

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Are you into designing that much?

This Procreate Copic brush set is for you!

Many brush sets are out there, but this is one of the most used by designers.

This brush set includes 18 brushes that are suitable for drawing patterns, editing, and designing texts.

If you’re into digital sketching pictures, you may want to consider this.

A PDF instruction is included for you to be guided regarding how to use a feature and its detailed description.

There is also a video on why they are good for your illustration.

Markers included are Copic light, darker, and mixed colors which you may opt to use all at once!

Pros & Benefits

  • A small guide for all brushes and illustrations
  • Given is the drawing tutorial on YouTube with this brush set
  • PDF Instruction

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KolorMarc Markers for Photoshop

copic marker brush Photoshop

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KolorMarc is the ultimate digital toolkit for capturing the warm humanist aesthetic of traditional studio-grade alcohol markers.

The markers feature finely tuned flow settings and a built-in blending board texture for analog-quality results with a superior feel and response.

The brushes replicate the silky glide and effortless blending of Copic markers,

With a range of nibs, blend styles, and effects, KolorMarc brushes have undergone hundreds of hours of real-world testing to create the ultimate studio marker set.

The set includes 30 brushes total, including fine tip liners, taper tip liners, chisel tips, brush tips, a big fatty, and fills & effects.

The set comes with an installation guide, user guide, and detailed tutorial video covering a wide range of tips and techniques.

Get professional results with KolorMarc, the ultimate digital studio marker set.

Pros & Benefits

  • Analog-quality results with superior feel and response
  • Fine-tuned pressure-sensitive design for subtle variations in every stroke
  • Includes a variety of brush tips to accommodate a wide range of rendering techniques
  • Built from scratch to ensure optimal performance in each compatible app
  • Detailed tutorial video included
  • A handy user guide included
  • 30 brushes total including fine tip liners, taper tip liners, chisel tips, brush tips, a big fatty, and fills & effects
  • Installation instructions and a user guide provided
  • Extensive range of tips & techniques covered in the tutorial video

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Copicat Markers For Procreate

copic marker brush Photoshop

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Like the other brushes, this also performs like a real marker that you want to be included in your design!

This set is a very rare Procreate marker in the market, so grab this one!

It has natural strokes and styles like the real marker we use on hand.

There is also a tutorial where you can learn how to properly use these Procreate markers on your design for a more natural look.

The set has 28 brushes in its corresponding brush palettes, namely: Copicat Markers which have ten brushes in it, Copicat Layering, which has ten brushes also, and tools and textures which have eight brushes included.

These three organized brush palettes have corresponding manuals and detailed specifics regarding their uses.

You must have Procreate updated to version 5 or later to use this set and to avoid unnecessary errors or inconvenience.

Pros & Benefits

  • 28 Procreate Brushes in organized in 3 sets
  • Copic Marker Color chart in 3 orientations
  • Installation Guide PDF
  • Brush Stroke Guide PDF

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Procreate Copic Marker Brush Set

copic marker brush Photoshop

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This Procreate Copic Marker Brush set is the perfect addition to any digital artist’s toolkit.

With 12 custom-designed Copic brushes for Procreate, you’ll have a wide range of options for creating detailed and dynamic artwork.

These brushes are for commercial use, so you can use them in your own artwork and sell them.

The set also includes a Procreate stamp set, which includes digital stamps of leaf brush, and digital brush which will help to create a realistic look in your work.

It also includes a guide brush, which will help you to use these brushes more efficiently.

This is a must-have Procreate brush set for anyone looking to take their digital art to the next level.

Pros & Benefits

  • 12 custom-designed Copic brushes for Procreate
  • 3 liners for precise lines
  • 3 fine Copic marker brushes for delicate shading
  • 2 round Copic marker brushes for blending
  • 4 chiseled marker brushes for creating textured effects
  • Procreate stamp set included
  • Digital stamps of leaf brush and digital brush included
  • Guide on how to use the brushes

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Megapack: 600+ Brushes For Procreate

copic marker brush Photoshop

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Tired of searching on the Internet for what brushes to buy or the excellent pack for your design?

Worry less with this offered set that provides precisely what you need.

With a total of more than 600 premium brushes that you can use for your content design, this set has a fair price and definitely can be used wherever and whenever you want.

Upon the purchase of the product, updates and new brushes available are available for free.

You’ll be able to layout your design as well as improve it with the use of the extraordinary features of the brushes.

There are tips provided for additional comprehensive knowledge about the potential of the individual brush you’re going to use.

This set is definitely what you’re looking for!

Don’t waste much time finding others because this bundle is all in one.

Pros & Benefits

  • More than 600 premium brushes for content design
  • Fair price
  • Can be used wherever and whenever
  • Updates and new brushes are available for free upon purchase
  • Extraordinary brush features to layout and improve your design
  • Tips provided for comprehensive knowledge of individual brush potential
  • All-in-one bundle, no need to search for other options.

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Paint Bundle: 150+ Procreate Brushes

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The Paint Bundle includes 150+ Procreate brushes for your illustration.

Also, 55+ custom color swatches are provided for you to have multiple options as to whether it suits your theme.

If you ever purchased this set, free updates and new brushes will be included for FREE.

This includes watercolor, oil paint, acrylic, ink, glaze, marker, pencil, pastel, natural media, and blending brushes for your intended design.

It can be used for personal and business purposes—-it’ll give your work a high-resolution quality.

Your content can turn into a creative illustration with the use of various colors, styles, and brush strokes provided.

This set may even change your perspective regarding how good Procreate brushes are for your project.

Pros & Benefits

  • Compatible with: Procreate
  • File Type: BRUSH, JPG, PDF, ZIP
  • File Size: 329.44 MB
  • DPI: 300

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Sazor Anime & Manga + Copic Markers Procreate Brushset for iPad

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The Sazor Anime & Manga + Copic markers Procreate Brush set for iPad is the perfect tool for any artist looking to create stunning illustrations and Manga comics.

With a total of 44 brushes included, this set offers a wide variety of options for any style of drawing.

The Copic set includes 23 brushes specifically designed for use with Copic markers.

While the Anime set includes 21 brushes tailored to the unique needs of anime and manga artists.

Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, this brush set is sure to take your digital art to the next level.

Pros & Benefits

  • A perfect tool for illustration and Manga comics
  • 44 brushes included in total
  • 23 brushes in the Copic set
  • 21 brushes in the Anime set
  • Suitable for professional and hobbyist artist
  • Wide range of options to suit any style of drawing
  • Tailored to the unique needs of anime and manga artists
  • Can take your digital art to the next level

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Copic Markers Brushes For Procreate

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Introducing the Procreate Copic Markers Brushes and Micron Liners, a set of 39 high-quality brushes designed for sketching and drawing in Procreate.

This set is perfect for anyone looking for brushes that are fun to paint with and produce realistic-looking art.

The variety of brushes included in this set allows for painting in any style, whether you’re a professional artist or just starting out.

The set includes Copic brushes, Micron liners with

  • Unique textures
  • Wet markers
  • Dry brushes
  • Textured sketchers
  • Flat brushes
  • Rough markers
  • Stipple brushes
  • Vintage brushes
  • Rainy brushes

Upgrade your Procreate toolkit with these versatile and realistic brushes today.

Pros & Benefits

  • 39 high-quality Procreate brushes with unique textures
  • Suitable for sketching and drawing in Procreate
  • A variety of brushes allows for painting in any style
  • Includes Copic brushes, Micron liners
  • Perfect for professional artists and beginners alike
  • Upgrade toolkit with versatile and realistic brushes

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Copic -Inspired Alcohol Marker Brushes

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Introducing the Copic-Inspired Alcohol Marker Brushes for Procreate painting.

With 30 iBox marker brushes, you can create digital art in Procreate just like you would with traditional alcohol markers.

The set includes 10 alcohol markers, 16 Procreate markers, and 4 blender brushes for perfect blending and textured results.

Upgrade your digital art game with these unique and versatile brushes.

Pros & Benefits

  • 30 iBox marker brushes for Procreate painting
  • 10 Alcohol markers
  • 16 Procreate markers
  • 4 Blender brushes for perfect blending and textured results
  • Perfect for creating digital art in Procreate, just like traditional alcohol markers
  • Unique and versatile brushes that upgrade your digital art game

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Procreate Copic Brushes-Alcohol Brushes

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Introducing the Copic Procreate brushes!

This brush set is perfect for anyone who loves to draw and paint on their device.

With 8 unique brushes, this set is sure to have something for everyone.

The brushes are designed to mimic the real thing so well that you won’t be able to tell the difference!

And they’re easy enough to use that even beginners won’t have a problem getting the hang of them.

Best of all, these brushes are specially designed for use with Procreate 5 and above, so you know you’re getting the best performance out of them.

Pros & Benefits

  • Realistic texture and layering
  • Simple to use
  • Instant download
  • Blends smoothly with a ‘dreamy’ finish
  • Includes soft alcohol jumbo marker for large areas
  • Looks good with or without line markings

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FREE Procreate Copic Markers

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Introducing Chanelle Nilson’s Free Copic markers for Procreate – the ultimate tool for digital artists!

These improved and updated brushes feature three unique styles: Copic Marker, Copic Smooth, and Copic Brush.

With these brushes, you’ll be able to achieve a wide range of blending and coloring effects, making your digital art more realistic and professional.

Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting out, these brushes are the perfect addition to your Procreate toolkit.

Try them out for yourself and see the difference they can make in your work!

Pros & Benefits

  • Improved and updated brushes
  • 3 unique styles: Copic Marker, Copic Smooth, and Copic Brush
  • Wide range of blending and coloring effects
  • Perfect for both experienced artists and beginners
  • Compatible with Procreate
  • Make your digital art more realistic and professional
  • A great addition to your Procreate toolkit

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Final Thoughts

These options for Copic marker brush Photoshop and Procreate can be for multipurpose use.

Whether you want to draw, paint, or design your content – these are perfect for you.

It’s pretty convenient to have features that are suitable for Photoshop and Procreate.

They give you the power to enhance your content design.

Every stroke and style of your text should be well-performed for a more appealing way of enticing people.

These options for Copic marker brush Photoshop and Procreate are the best to consider when editing and designing your content.

Markers play a crucial role in the design of your content so it’s important to choose those good ones.

The above-mentioned set of brushes is the best 10 available for use today.

So what are you waiting for?

Stop searching for “Copic marker brush Photoshop” and get one from our list now!

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