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What is Creativity? Creativity Defined and Explored

What is creativity?

Have you ever heard someone say, I am not creative.

I cannot draw.

Every time I heard this, a little part of me died.

Why is it that our notions of creativity are pre-linked to draftsmanship?

For many centuries in the last millennium, art was used to create realistic portrait.

Our perceptions are still rooted in historical perceptive of what art is.

It appears to be such an obvious fallacy.

Definitions of Creativity

One definition of creativity is the process of creating something that is both somehow valuable and original.

And take, originality to mean something that is new.

Something that hasn’t existed before.

And then, valuable is something that is more subjective.

If somebody finds use out of it in any way, then it becomes valuable.

As long as you can even convince people that it is valuable, it becomes valuable.

So, creativity, can be considered as the process of convincing people that something is of use.

Let us explore a few other definitions of creativity.

Albert Einstein and Carl Jung Define Creativity

Albert Einstein defined creativity as intelligence.

I mean, he talked about taking the human mind and giving it an opportunity to explore and to play.

And to experience itself from a different level.

Carl Jung describes the creative process, as a living thing, implanted in the psyche.

He described it as something that is actually separate and existential from ourselves.

Almost like a spirit or godlike creature, existing within us.

Something that we must channel into our own experience of life.

How do we take this living concept within us, and allow it to flow into everything that we do?

From our interactions with the people that we meet, to how we make our breakfast.

It allows us not to associate our own selves with creativity.

Or to take it as part of our ego as ‘I am so creative.

I am so special.

I will design the most marvelous mark in the world.’

But actually allowing it to be something much deeper and more spiritual than that.

As something that we must cultivate.

Perhaps, as you would a wild animal.

And harness its power, like a flowing river to create something of use and value.

Final Thought

Creativity is hope, optimism, and abundance.

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