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custom behance url

How to Get A Custom Behance Profile URL in 10 Seconds

Here’s the quickest simplest and easiest way to give yourself a custom Behance URL.


Firstly, come into Behance.

Secondly, go up to your Account Icon.

custom behance url

Thirdly, click on Settings.

custom behance url

Next up, you go to Behance URL and click Edit.

custom behance url

You can apply whatever you like here.

But make sure it’s available.

So I’m going to pop in my brand name Delightful Design.

And then you click Apply.

Every link that you have previously shared to your previous URL will now be broken.

So, you would have to go back to replace them all.

So I’m actually not going to do that right now because there are many links across the interweb, that I would lose.

I’m gonna click Cancel.

And there we have it!

Final Thoughts

That is the quickest simplest and easiest way to give yourself a unique Behance URL.

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I hope so.

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