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cyberpunk font

10 Best Cyberpunk Fonts (Expert Picks)

Hip and trendy texts normally use variations of the cyberpunk font.

Using them through could be tricky because of the different styles and readability.

So, it’s best to consider always the readers of your text and the vibe you want your text to have.

Because of the variety of styles, they come in, choosing the best cyberpunk font for your text can be difficult.

Today, we will help you choose the perfect one by giving you the 10 BEST CYBERPUNK fonts out there.

Table of Contents

Cyberpunk Fonts

1. Cyberpunk Duo

cyberpunk font

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The Vozzy Vintage Fonts company created this font.

This font introduced the retro “Cyberpunk” label font.

You can see all the available characters in the screenshot.

There are two basic versions of this font – Standard and Stencil.

It’s a regular font with a textured theme and impact style.

This font goes well with any retro style for posters, t-shirts, labels, logos, etc.

For outdoor advertising, bold, large fonts are suitable that is easy to read and contrast with the background.

If the advertisement is read from a distance of 5 meters, the letters must be at least 5 cm high.

In one ad, you shouldn’t use more than three fonts.

The reader may get confused, and he might not understand the material well.

The ideal size is 11-12 points for the general target audience.

If the target audience is 60+ years old, the font size 18 and above is more suitable for them.

Ad Headline

For an ad headline, it is better to use a font size from 14 to 30.

Having the text of advertisements in capital letters can make reading a bit more difficult.

The ornate font on a variegated background is also hard to read.

The idea that a person reads not individual letters, but sets of letters or whole words, plays an important part.

Therefore, serif fonts are easier to read in printed promotional materials – the letters look more separate.

Different line lengths can speed up or slow down reading.

We need to keep an eye on the type of font and the distance between letters, lines, etc.

The characteristic that sets sans serif fonts apart is almost always “mono-height.”

This means that there is no thick/thin transition in the strokes.

They have the same thickness around the entire perimeter.

Pros & Benefits:

  • All future updates
  • With additional characters and multilingual support
  • OTF, TTF, WOFF and WOFF2 font files.
  • Ready ten t-shirt designs in EPS10, JPG, and PNG (with transparent background)

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2. Cyberhype

cyberpunk font

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The well-regarded Alphabet Agency company designed this font.

The Alphabet Agency shows Cyberhype proudly.

A bold view font with a glitched look is Cyberhype.

For each letter, there are two choices.

The new grotesques develop the principles of constructing the old grotesques.

They appeared in the 50s of the twentieth century.

They were brought to life by the functional Swiss school of typography needs.

The new sans serifs are much more elegant than their predecessors.

They have almost no distinctive features, making it possible to characterize these fonts as standard and invisible.

These are closed, one-width fonts with almost no contrast, with prominent lowercase characters, strongly developed in outlines.

The descenders of these fonts are equal to the height of the caps.

As a rule, oblique (not italic) styles are used in the new sans serifs.

The slope angles of the signs are from medium to significant.

Oblique styles are obtained by beveling straight letters .

They serve mainly to give the inscription a sense of speed, but sometimes also to highlight in the text.

After the bevel, all vertical lines become oblique.

Even oblique round shapes lose some of their uniqueness.

As if lurching from the wind, a more monotonous inscription is perceived as something fast and reckless.

Therefore, italic fonts are an excellent choice for sports or automotive themes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Two options for each letter
  • All future updates
  • Creative design
  • Contains the font in TTF, OTF, SVG, WOFFand EOT formats

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3. Cyberpunk

cyberpunk font

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The Future Punk created this font.

This is another playful and sophisticated font option for current projects – perfect for book materials, presentations, and social media ads.

Unobtrusive serifs make it airy and enjoyable to read.

Cyberpunk contains five weights and has a complete European character set.

The Romans invented the Serif style to complete the lines of letters.

Additional lines make the text look coherent and easier to read. Serifs act as guides that help the eye glide from letter to letter.

There are exceptions.

In some cases, serifs are more challenging to read than sans serifs.

Usually, when the letters are too decorative.

A serif like this is excellent for headlines and draws attention.

Most often, serif fonts work well for large blocks of text.

Thanks to dashes, the letters are more different from each other, and it is easier for us to recognize the text, which means that we can read it faster.

Serif fonts look good in books, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet, especially where there is a lot of text – in blogs and articles.

Pros & Benefits:

  • All future updates
  • Futuristic design
  • Perfect for any technological companies

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4. DS Digital

cyberpunk font

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The well-regarded Dusit Supasawat designed this font.

DS Digital font suites perfectly for minimalistic logos and creating wordmarks, titles, and taglines.

The font is very readable.

The heading is eye-catching, so use this font to create an emotionally rich heading.

The font is so balanced, therefore you can use it well throughout the page and not only in the headings.

The font contains three options of Latin letters and extra characters with punctuations.

It is a font that allows designers to convey the true essence of an object.

Balance, symmetry, and perfectionism are essential characteristics that make the font aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand.

Pattern repetition and geometric shapes help further simplify the design.

At first sight, it might seem like achieving minimalism in font design is easy.

It is the laborious art of showing more for less.

Minimalism requires good skills, great attention to detail, and artistic vision.

Pros & Benefits:

  • All future updates
  • Versatile design
  • Futuristic style

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5. Star 7

cyberpunk font

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GFR Creative company created Star 7.

This font is a perfect match for:

  • Automotive events
  • Branding
  • Logo
  • Cars
  • Motorcycle posters
  • Advertising

Use this font anytime you want some more “speed” in your visual project.

Try combining various uppercase and lowercase combinations to get the perfect blend.

We notice the boldness of the font first and in any conditions.

The main saturation types are light, normal, and bold.

Normal fonts are emotionally neutral and are least affected by optical distortion or poor sharpness.

A grapheme is best recognized, so normal saturation is ideal for reading.

More emotionally significant are the light and bold styles.

They convey a range of sensations from timid delicacy to persistent rudeness.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Sporty design
  • All future updates
  • Versatile Design

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6. Abnes

cyberpunk font

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177Studio created this font.

ABNES is a beautiful new, classy, bold all-caps sans serif.

It’s a trendy, classy but yet modern Sophisticated Sans serif typeface.

This font was crafted with good OpenType features in mind.

Specific nuances add to its legibility and give it a harmonious look for both texts and headlines.

Replacing the usual, expected corners with roundness reduces eye strain and is associated with smooth, tactile surfaces.

This evokes pleasant emotions and a sense of comfort.

Also, rounded letters work with our primitive instincts.

This is because roundness is the basis of the baby shaping, that is, the shape of the baby.

This is why bold and rounded fonts are so good for baby food, shampoos, diapers.

And the rounding, combined with something handwritten, makes the font look like food: buns, ice cream, fruits.

Sans serif fonts are best used for the web.

Also, sans serif font looks good in outdoor advertising, as it does not lose its properties when enlarged.

It is often used to get attention.

A sans serif font looks good at a small size, but it’s better to use a serif for body text – it doesn’t get tired quickly.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Classy modern bold all-caps sans serif
  • All future updates
  • Both texts and headlines are harmonious

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7. Whiskey Bravo Victor

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The Iconian Fonts company designed this font.

It’s the newest and most modern type of grotesque.

This is a standard feature for all such grotesques – openness and non-geometric forms.

Besides, quite a few of them have slight contrast; only in open grotesques meet beveled cuts of vertical strokes.

A variety of open grotesques are humanistic grotesques that are closest in the form to Antiqua (and but to a humanist/renaissance Antiqua).

They appeared as a reaction to the overly geometrized form of geometric sans serifs.

In the 30s of the twentieth century, sans serifs of a new type appeared in England.

The form, structure, and proportions were directly based on the construction of the old-style serifs.

Recently, these sans serifs have become widespread both as independent typefaces and as part of super typefaces.

They are being developed as systematically related fonts of various classification groups (for example, serif and sans serif).

Humanistic sans serifs usually have an open design and some contrast between strokes.

As a rule, they are of different widths with a not very large lowercase point.

But there are exceptions, especially for compact fonts with narrow proportions.

Most of these fonts are in true italics.

The angles of the inclination of characters in italics can be small or medium.

The humanistic construction of the typeface means that it is based on the handwriting of the humanists of the Renaissance, hence the name.

They are beautiful and easy-to-read fonts, honed to perfection.

They have open letters of varying width with a clear difference in the height of uppercase and lowercase.

Moreover, they have with inclined flow axes.

In humanistic fonts, geometry serves to improve form without creating specific images.

Pros & Benefits:

  • All future updates
  • Creative design
  • Catchy style

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8. Viva Beautiful Collection

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The Cultivated Mind company created this font.

With the ever-popular Viva Beautiful font, continue the branding.

A new Cultivated Mind hand-painted brush script series.

With nine new fonts, including six scripts, a cap font, free terms font, free extras, and lots of alternates/ligatures, Viva Beautiful is back.

There are five sets of alternates for each letter that contributes to the individuality of the versions.

The latest Viva Beautiful scripts are a brush script that is much simpler than the original.

It’s adventurous, with sharp angles and a complex impact slope.

“Viva Beautiful Collection” fonts have a distinctive charm.

Moreover it has quick visual reading so that they are suitable for fashion events, posters, logo designs, or monograms.

Both scripts come in variants that are pro and standard.

The variants are also Latin Pro.

Pro scripts contain 260 alternates and eight ligatures that are normal.


As particular letter pairs are typed, ligatures are programmed to pop up.

Try the alternates and ligatures together to give a natural hand-painted look to your creations.

The all caps font is a simple edition that contains five traditional ligatures and looks fantastic combined with the scripts.

Standard variants contain characters from Latin Pro, but alternates and ligatures are not used.

Viva Beautiful Selection is best for:

  • Beauty goods
  • Music branding
  • Movies titles
  • TV shows
  • Cookbooks
  • Book covers
  • Food ads
  • Magazines
  • Websites

A handwritten font is a typeface created by a calligrapher using a brush, pen, or special pens.

Typically, calligraphic text in an image looks more personal and soulful – as if you wrote it by hand.

Use it to build trust and connect with your audience.

Slightly tapered faces can also be readable.

Compact versions of text fonts are used wherever you need to fit a lot of text into a small line.

But this technique provides a limited sense of density and delicacy.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect fit for any fashion design
  • All future updates
  • Come in variants that are pro and standard

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9. Amithen

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Dhan Studio designed Amithen.

With the help of handwritten fonts, they imitate inscriptions made by hand with various writing tools – pencil, pen, pen, brush.

Handwritten fonts are widely used in greetings, invitations, and lettering for festive events.

But most of the widespread fonts, created from the beginning of typography to the present day, are calculated.

Furthermore, they have either humanistic or geometric proportions.

Handwritten fonts also have one drawback,.

They are more difficult to perceive visually, and therefore, it is more difficult to read large texts.

It would help if you considered this when choosing a font style for text decoration.

Therefore, use handwritten fonts in headings, individual phrases, and short texts to give special attention and significance lines.

For medium to large texts, it is best to use standard, easy-to-read fonts to tire the reader.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Handwritten design
  • All future updates
  • Versatile design

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10. Cyberpunk 

The PastGenPrints company designed this font.

Ultra-narrow styles have more exciting features.

They are very easy to notice because of the vertical lines that dominate the lettering.

Due to the low readability of narrow letters, such a font can only convey short words of exceptional importance.

Therefore, ultra-narrow fonts look organically where a stop effect is needed: in ads, newspaper headlines, campaigning.

Wide and super-wide styles significantly change the perception of the text.

In wide fonts, the shape of the letters changes, more contours appear.

Even a short word starts to read slowly, becomes essential and memorable.

Everything around the inscription seems abundant and imposing.

Wide styles are perfectly readable at an angle or during high-speed movement – perspective normalizes proportions.

Therefore, such fonts are often used by manufacturers of cars, aircraft, and sporting goods.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Versatile design
  • Futuristic style
  • All future updates

Final Thoughts

The better font will always be the most fitting for a given situation.

It is still essential to consider the needs of the audience and the client’s criteria .

This is often a good start for many projects.

For myself, I would highlight the best Cyberpunk font in this article for its originality and unique look.

It would suit your futuristic and creative company branding.

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