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Is Design For Me? Considerations for Design Majors

Have you wondered becoming like your friends who are design majors?

Are you destined to become the next Steve Jobs, Coco Chanel, or Isambard Kingdom Brunel?

A career in design can lead to fame, fortune, and a chance to change the world.

But, is life in the design world a good fit for you?

There are three things that you should bear in mind.

Considerations for Design Majors

Natural Abilities

Number one is your natural abilities.

Do your strengths fit valuable skills in design and art?

Visual intelligence

This is the ability to visualize with our mind’s eye.

It is a skill that relates to your ability to be creative.

If ideas flow to you like water, design could be the vessel you need.


You need to be able to market and explain whatever you create.

Building it is only half the battle.


Now, you may feel a drop in your shoulders, and a tightness in your spine.

But, getting a project done for a specific cost to a particular specification, and at a certain time is the logistical part.


Next up is interest.

Does design excite you?

Do you pick something up and consider the decisions contributing to this marvelous design?

Spend some time reflecting on your motivation.

You should look for intrinsic motivations.

If your motivations are recognition, money or fame, you are in the wrong place.

Pitfalls of Design

Finally, we have the pitfalls of design.

It is not all inspiration and butterflies.

There are several painful aspects.

Working with clients is a diplomatic art.

You will often disagree with a client’s perspective and have a hard time getting your design through.

And even getting paid.

And sometimes you need the cold hard face of a businessman to get what you deserve.

Final Thoughts

It’s a very competitive industry.

You want to be successful?

You will need to work hard, be excellent and get a little bit lucky.

Design is looked down upon as a profession.

I was told as a young designer that I’m just a pixel pushing monkey boy by some fart in a suit and tie.

I was disgusted!

More than we need designers in this world, we need people who think like designers.

So, if you’re considering a life in design, remember…

Do your skills fit with with those who design?

Are you passionate about design?

And are you prepared to deal with the problems that you might face?

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