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Is Design School Worth It? I Went, But Was it Worth it?

So, should you go to design school?

Design school is a huge investment and it may not be right for everyone.

Reasons to Go to a Design School

There are three main reasons to go to art school.

Firstly, it puts you in a community of other people, learning the same thing.

This is incredibly beneficial for helping you grow as a creative.

Secondly, it gives you the structure to pursue your learning in a specific way.

I went to Ravensbourne College of Art and Design in London.

It helped me knuckle down to work, because I was pretty lazy.

Design school opens you up to a network.

This can open up, internships, and potential jobs.

Another great reason to go to art school, is it gives you legitimacy.

If you say you’ve graduated from a prestigious art and design school, you are building social capital.

Reasons Why You Should Not Go

Reasons not to go to a design school are: number one, it costs a lot of money.

Number two, if you’re self motivated and ambitious, then you can jump straight ahead.

Number three, there are a lot of ‘pretentious turnips’ at art school.

Final Thoughts

I would also recommend to do a foundation course first, where you get the opportunity to explore lots of different mediums.

What you learn in one medium can easily be applied to many others.

And as a creative, your strongest strength is your ability to generalize.

I also met this dog at university, and she has been my biggest… you are a genius.

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