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design thinking examples for students

10 Design Thinking Examples For Students

These design thinking examples for students can help you if you don’t know what design thinking is.

Design thinking is the approach or methods to consider when learning to create solutions for real-life problems.

You’re fortunate to be reading this article because this may help you to thoroughly tackle the factors of the best solutions.

There are similar creative processes and activities for you to consider.

They can be applied to successfully build a robust approach regarding your subject.

It sounds great, right?

A lot of students need this approach to structure an excellent foundation to solve and analyze their problems in everyday life.

This is also helpful for future purposes because you can see things differently and maturely.

You can help people learn and apply design thinking in their lives.

Curious about how you can gain a comprehensive understanding of design thinking?

Here are 10 design thinking examples for students which will boost your cognitive thinking.

1. Science Experiment With Different Chemical Reactions

Did you know that students are getting creative with their design thinking when in school?

There are a lot of ways how design thinking develops and makes students more intelligent and clever.

Students have a lot of activities to dive into in school, especially in science-related subjects where experiments take place!

When experimenting, students analyze the whole concept first before getting into the project to work on.

Hence, they tend to create or brainstorm ideas relative to the ongoing project.

This is where design thinking takes place.

The innovation of different ideas and plans are proposed and compiled as one to accomplish and lay solutions for a successful project.

This is an exciting way to be creative and improve your thinking!

Design thinking is to be considered when experimenting to know the needs and to provide a problem statement and potential solutions of the project.

2. Building A Robot From Lego And A Battery

This is quite interesting for all students out there!

Your design thinking in this field will be needed for further creativity and effectiveness of your work.

Every student has to experience and try building a robot from Lego and a battery.

Inventing a product isn’t easy as 123.

You have to analyze the process and provide an effective way of making that product successful.

The only thing you do is to make a design using the Lego provided and make sure that the battery you assemble works.

What the challenge here is that you will do it alone.

Though you can also consider making one by group, you just have to find the ways of right tactics and strategies for this project.

This is one of the great examples of design thinking for students.

If you can make a robot work, you’re one of the people who have extraordinary skills.

Consider this activity if you’re thinking of ways to rebuild or learn some of the ways to strengthen the core of your design thinking

3. Solving A Math Problem

All the students have experienced this activity!

Some may not like this because a lot of computation is happening and just couldn’t take it.

Did you know that solving a math problem develops your knowledge about how to give a solution to a real-life problem? 

This will surely develop your design thinking in many ways through.

It will help you gain comprehensive knowledge about the topic and just simply apply those methods and solve it.

It’s easy to say that you can solve it, but when you’re there, you just can’t think of ways to do it or even where to start.

This activity helps students to prepare for a future life where real-life problems are present and continuously flow into our lives.

In solving math problems, are you fast getting the solution or you just try the concept of trial and error method that you know for that particular problem?

Don’t neglect to learn from these math problems!

it will help you boost your knowledge and skills that will undoubtedly be used for future issues.

In design thinking, procedures are needed to be executed first like solving a math problem.

You have to analyze everything before coming up with a solution.

Everything that you do has similar ways and methods for better execution of every action that you tend to carry out.

4. To Light A Bulb Using Any Vegetables Or Fruits

There are a lot of activities for students in school to develop their design thinking.

Don’t have any electricity in your house or brownout for a couple of days?

Learn this project and this may help you.

Science has evolved over many years, and some students are not aware of these recreations in life.

In design thinking, you tend to know the problem and its corresponding solutions adhered to it.

When you experiment with a thing, make sure that you have the full knowledge about what you do.

Handle everything properly so that the analyzed test for that product is adequately exercised.

All of the performed activities may be in real-life or in school and must be carefully examined before doing.

This makes students improve their focus and make every decision due to solidify their knowledge and awareness.

Creating innovative ways for this activity is required, and proper prototyping or designing is the best solution for that.

Of course, this has to be done effectively.

This project can be done individually or by a group in laying out plans or creative solutions for the project.

Never miss a chance to have this experienced in your life!

You’ll never regret this.

5. How To Kill Virus

This experiment is pervasive.

It’s executed for a better understanding of students that will also contribute to their health.

This not just an experiment!

All that you do like the processes of how to do it and the analysis of every move that you execute benefits you!

It’s composed of various chemicals to show the students how effective it is.

This experiment dramatically affects our lives as our top priority is our health.

It’s imperative to show the students the scientific process and study of this.

The objective here is for students to experiment on how to kill viruses or germs through the use of different chemicals.

This can be done by a group for more compact decision-making and for students to be more engaged about the ideas they are throwing in.

6. Building A Structure With The Use Of Pasta Sticks And Marshmallows

This is one of the innovative designs to consider, especially for students.

Their decision-making skills are to be tackled and improved in this segment.

Students need to create a structure that is longer than the other group with limited time through the use of pasta sticks and marshmallows.

This is a thrilling and exciting way of making yourself engaged and think of ideas and strategies for succeeding against other competitors.

In real life, you ought to decide and stand out among others out there and this is an excellent activity for that! 

This is a group work because its objective is to create a harmonious relationship among others when building or brainstorming ideas of how the process is going to be.

The experiment is like the other activities conducted in the school where you tend to think of creative ways and the right processes of approach to deliver the work well.

It’s like in real life where all have problems, and you need to find an effective solution for it.

In this experiment, it helps you expand your knowledge about the things you never thought you’d learn eventually. 

7. Thesis

Are you writing your thesis right now?

Having a hard time assessing, thinking, and structuring your research?

Don’t worry!

It’s best for you.

All graduating students have experienced this segment in their lives as a student, and all have a difficult time preparing and completing this task.

Have you ever wondered what’s in it for you?

Okay, think of this way.

You’ll be helping others regarding your chosen topic, and you’ll also benefit from this. 

Assessing the components and processes to consider when doing a thesis is not a joke for students.

They’re offering their time to learn something, help people, and pass the subject.

When researching your thesis, some methods need to be completed, and factors required to be included in your paper.

With this, students can creatively think of something unique or different from others, or from those who aim for the ‘best thesis.’ 

Design thinking takes place where you dive into the problem you want to offer or make a solution to.

Every thesis has a problem, so you better be keen and observant about the chosen subject regarding its specific issues that need to be addressed

8. Creating An I.D. Tap Machine 

This is an innovative project most likely for Engineering students.

They are very into technicalities and have the creativity to design the product’s internal and external components.

Everyone can perform this project by having a broad knowledge about the step by step procedure of this plan.

Design thinking is dominant when this is invented because some specific problems or issues need to be addressed.

This is the process for the innovators to introduce the offered and tested solutions for the betterment of beneficiaries concerning the issues to be tackled.

Students need to learn how to properly execute and instill the perfect, reliable, and accurate solutions for the problem they ought to analyze and give answers to.

It may be hard, but it pays off the way you wanted it to be if you are directing yourself to the right process of making.

I.D. tap machines are the solutions for students and the school solely for attendance, tracking, and security purposes.

How design thinking is performed here is very well-executed by the participants.

It’s because they can deliver well to the beneficiaries of the proposed product.

9. Redesigning The Classroom 

What inspires students to learn and engage?

It is a beautiful and well-arranged classroom for an everyday view!

When I was in high school, redesigning, our section’s classroom was one of the contests the school officers proposed.

It is for the students to create innovative ways and ideas as a section on how to generate unique ideas and gather inspiration for the design of their classroom.

This activity is practiced by many of the schools, usually from preschool to high school students, for them to be exposed and to exercise their minds on how tactics and strategies work.

Students can brainstorm ideas and think of ways how to win through various reflections and materials gathered as they assess and analyze the process they’re going to execute.

This contest also boosts one’s self-esteem.

They become more confident about what they do and start to develop their cognitive skills and behavior.

Did you know that practicing makes everything perfect?

That’s why design thinking for students is very imperative to be able to give and guide them as they’ll be facing the future or real life after school.

Redesigning classrooms is one of the most significant activities planned by the school because it builds students’ performance and improves the level of understanding. 

10. Making A Short Story

In school, short stories are very dominant among students, especially for English courses.

It’s where they’re able to think and create stories that will bring a significant impact on the target audience.

A short story comprises a problem where conflict takes place, and the struggle between the antagonist and the protagonist.

The flow of the story, its uniqueness, and the solution to the problems are almost likely formed by design thinking. 

Design thinking is well-used by the students because they can distinguish a problem and assess it depending on their liking.

It can also help them how the story will turn out, making the readers or viewers stick until the end of the story.

This is quite easy yet very informative as your story contains moral lessons where you will benefit from it because you’re learning as well as the readers.

Students who tend to visualize and criticize a story well have a great skill in delivering useful content where design thinking is considered and applied.

In making a short story, the process of how design thinking is the same as making a story.

It’s a step by step process where various approaches should be made carefully and accurately.

You empathize with others by providing what they need and the urge to give them the solution to their issues or problems.

It is also essential to consider the needs of your audience to successfully perceive and understand the true meaning of the content you want to deliver.

If you don’t consider this aspect at all, you’ll fail to progress.

Never write only for the sake of yourself and try to be creative and consider others’ needs and voices that have the call for demand. 

Final Thoughts

These design thinking examples for students helps them to understand, distinguish, analyze, empathize, and provide a solution to the problem at a young age.

They can also provide a creative way of solving an issue.

Their purpose is to design ways or approach for the target audience based on their needs.

They can also help collect an apprehension about laying out plans, and solutions that will benefit people.

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