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Why Design Trends Are WORTHLESS!

Design trend videos, make me sick.

For the simple reason that they rehash every single time trends that already exist.

On Color Trends

Oh yes, the color blue is coming back into trend.

Well, blue has existed for millennia.

And people always liked blue.

So, don’t tell me that this blue is now a trend.

The problem with trends is that you see the same trend, every single year.

And surely that makes something no longer a trend.

On Design Trends

Every time I hear that gradient is a trend.

I want to give up on life.

Oh dear!

Gradients are timeless.

They are not a trend.

Gradients will be here forever.

The Problem with Design Trends

The problem with design trend videos, is that nobody actually tries to identify design trends.

They only try to rehash what other people have said are design trends last year.

There is no thing, as a design trend.

What is a Good Design?

Design should not be a trend.

Design should be timeless.

Anything that is a design trend is something that is open to real criticism.

Because good design doesn’t change.

Good design is something that is infinite, timeless, omnipotent, omniscient.

Design trends are something that you should avoid.

Trends are tacky.

Taste is timeless.

Now, do you want to be tacky?

Or do you want to be timeless?

It’s time that you work out what it is that you like, not what other people tell you that you should like.

Or that other people do like now.

Final Thoughts

Design is about building your own tastes and not reflecting the tastes of others.

Be bold.

Stand out.

Make your own decisions.

It will make you a better designer.

And it will make you a better person.

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