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10 Best Custom Digital Portrait Etsy Options

Are you thinking about gifting your loved ones a digital portrait from Etsy?

Do you want a unique gift that captures a memorable moment forever?

Then, a digital portrait is indeed a great idea! 

There are quite a number of digital portrait choices out there.

For this reason, we lined up only the best choices for you. 

We have selected the best-paid options for digital portrait in Etsy for you.

Etsy, as everybody knows, is a global marketplace for creatives and diy-ers.

In addition, we also have a couple of links where you can instantly create a digital portrait for free by yourself.

Digital Portrait Etsy Options 

We have here Etsy paid options for the digital portrait service.

They are handmade, created by real artists, and customizable for every client.

Furthermore, we have gathered options at different price points.

So regardless of the budget you have, you will find something that suits your taste.

1. Custom Couple Fairytale Portrait

digital portrait etsy

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Every love story is a fairytale come true. 

The artist will transform you and your significant other into a prince charming and princess from your favorite fairy tale.

This digital portrait has a unique and special animation style.

The artist will put your images on your favorite couple from Disney. 

The background is customized to suit the elegant costumes and recreate a Disney scene.

In this portrait, you’re the main character on the set. 

This makes this portrait perfect as an anniversary gift, as both of you will enjoy the charm.

This product is perfect for those who has trust on the artist’s style, creativity, and skills.

All you need to do is select a photo that is full-body or from the torso-up, in high resolution and with vibrant colors.

An extraordinary feature of this product is combining as many characters as you want in the final product. 

As part of the family, pets deserve a place in it.

So if you decide to add other characters to the image, it can be a cute pet.

Finally, the designer will composed a unique final portrait.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Disney style characters
  • Signed illustration 
  • The file comes in different sizes 

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2. Personalized Pencil Drawing, Pencil Style Portrait

digital portrait etsy              

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This digital portrait has a semi-realistic style and is a drawn like a pencil portrait.

It is in black and white, yet is vivid and detailed.

This option is excellent for those who like simplicity.

The portrait is so warm and realistic because of the shading technique that the artist uses.

This is why the artist offers to advise on selecting the photos.

In this way, the portrait is a guaranteed piece of art. 

After sending the pictures, your portrait will be ready in 3-6 days.

You’ll receive the digital portrait electronically in high-resolution JPG and TIFF format.

Then, you can print it at you most convenient time.

About the size, the artist usually works with 40×50 cm, but you can request other dimensions.

The work is an original piece that comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ready in 3-6 days
  • Electronic high-resolution portrait printable in different sizes
  • Comes with a Certificate of authenticity

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3. Full Detailed Digital Portrait Illustration 

digital portrait etsy

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This  portrait is perfect for those who have a passion for innovation and the digital world.

This portrait seems like the character from a high-tech movie.

This option will turn your picture into a realistic looking portrait, highlighting the unique features of the image. 

The artist masterfully uses lines and shadows, giving the portrait unique color nuances and characteristic lightning.

A creative style characterizes the overall works of the artist. 

You can choose between three photo positions (torso-up, full-body, or only portrait).

You can include different photos from which you can get images that you would like to be in the final one.

Note that the price of the portrait depends on the number of characters in the image.

What makes this option great is that you can choose your hairstyle and clothing color, as well as the background color. 

You can choose a plain solid background of any color.

In case you are looking for something simpler, the artist will provide you with an extra option of your portrait without background to print at any time. 

The final product is a digital PNG file.

So don’t wait for a physical product at your door.  

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Ultra-realistic artistic portrait 
  • Hair style , background and clothing colors are customizable
  • Get two high-quality digital files (with and without background)

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4. 3D Poptoon Portrait with Custom Background

digital portrait etsy

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We present the 3D Pop Toon Portrait for cartoon fans, a combination of caricature and pop-up portraits. 

The hybrid image is very engaging and makes everyone feel like it’s a Sunday morning. 

You have to choose your favorite photo or a few different photos to combine all characters. 

Also, you have to explain your idea for the portrait’s background to the artist. 

The artist takes care of the rest. 

Each character is re-designed in the usual style, colored, printed out, and glued.

What is unique about this process is that the insertion of elements in the portrait is made in different layers to give the picture a 3D look. 

You have possibilities for revisions during these different phases so that you approve the work before it’s done.

This portrait is handmade, an added value to the image.

Of course, the final work comes physically to your home, in dimensions of 17×11 inches, on photo mat paper and adhesive material. 

The artist’s account has many 5 star reviews, which positively signal that you won’t be disappointed.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Unique style, handmade in 3D
  • Physical product
  • Allows inclusion of multiple characters

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5. Wedding, Couple, Custom Portrait

digital portrait etsy

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This portrait relies on dreamy colors, with a watercolor splash style that everyone would adore. 

Your digital portrait looks like an actual watercolor painting.

It always comes warm in all the works we have seen on the artist’s account. 

What makes this portrait unique is the background.

The watercolor splash effect stands as the main creative element of the work.

You can even add text, change colors or add other elements within the portrait.

This type of style gives the image a romantic look .

Therefore, these portraits are more suitable for gifts for occasions such as anniversaries.

The artist considers each request to provide you with precisely what you expect. 

This is why, before you get the final product, you will receive a preview of the portrait. 

After this, you’ll be able to send your request with reasonable changes. 

But, in case you’re not seeing what you expected at all, you may cancel the order, and the artist will refund your money.

Among what we have presented, this is the first artist to accept such a thing.

So that’s another plus for this option. 

This portrait comes in PDF format, and you can print it in different materials at any local studio.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Pastel colors
  • Make a cancellation and get a refund (if you don’t like the sample)
  • Watercolor style

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6. Custom Portrait – Digital Art – Cartoon Portrait

digital portrait etsy

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This artist brings many different works and styles, but we are presenting the cartoon style here.

This digital painting is perfect for those who feel confident about their image and portrait features.

The main elements of this portrait are your portrait lines and curves, creating an elegant image of light shadows. 

The image in shades is a characteristic of this style. 

It’s no wonder the artist chooses to work on a pure monochrome background.

In the natural nude colors of the background, your portrait becomes the focus point.  

This option includes many other creative elements such as colors (purple hair in the accompanying image). 

At least from what we’ve seen on the artist’s Etsy account, this option applies more to portrait photos.

In this digital portrait option, stand out as well the thick lines follow the curves of the portrait and hair. 

They give the animation the look of a cartoon.

This art is a creative use of hand-drawn black lines.

There are many reasons why this option should be in the best 10.

It combines style, creativity, and simple animation.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Patient artist
  • Cartoon-avatar style
  • Hand drawn

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7. Custom Anime Portrait



digital portrait etsy

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Are you ready to see yourself in the suit of your favorite anime character?

If you’re a fan of this style, look at this artist’s artwork and send an Etsy message. 

This style is entirely an animation, rich in many elements and colors.

This artist processes your family photos, couple photos, photos with your pet, etc., and makes combinations according to your request for the number of characters. 

It would be best if you gave him the idea of the character you want to see from the anime world, his stand (from the torso or the whole body), and he tailors the image entirely to your detailed request.

The artist will probably put you in positions taken by your chosen character. 

Therefore many of his works are “action” characters, making the portrait very attractive.

If you do not have personalized ones, the background will be white. 

This digital portrait will come in electronic format. 

The artist designs the file for printing in the size you choose.

In this aspect, there are no limits. 

Also, it’s worth mentioning the short preparation time of only five days.

This digital portrait will make you see yourself and the partner you will include in the picture (if there is) in action and with a unique look. 

This is an entirely different image that you don’t see often.

No matter how many other pictures you will take with that person in the future.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A short time of preparation
  • Includes different characters
  • Colorful and vivid style

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8. Tamerswork Custom Digital Illustration

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This digital portrait is a classic animation portrait. 

However, we believe that particular elements make it unique: light and pastel colors. 

Another feature: the background is always white or, again, a pastel color.

This combination creates a clear view of your portrait, keeping it natural. 

You can put up to 6 characters (including pets) in the portrait to bless a memory for the whole family. 

Furthermore, this portrait is a genius idea if you want to elaborate on a 30-year-old photograph from your parent’s wedding to celebrate their anniversary. 

Restoring old photos through this option has given excellent results to previous buyers.

The image will be in your email one to two days after your order, and you will have the chance to make revisions until you’re satisfied with the final portrait.

The artist has hundreds of positive reviews in the comments section, where you can get acquainted with people’s experiences related to this option.

This portrait is classic, but the classic is perfect for gifts.

So, we believe that you’ve chosen the most well-thought-out gift with this.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Ready in 1-2 days
  • Include up to 6 characters
  • Clear mono-color background

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Free Digital Portrait Options

We have selected the last two options for creating free digital portraits. 

They are classic effects of digital portraits but very useful if you need one in just a few seconds.

9. Cartoonizer with BeFunky

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Cartoonizer is an effect developed by BeFunky in 2007. 

If, in the beginning, you had to send a picture by email, and BeFunky turned it into the animated version and sent it back to you, now you can do it yourself, with just one simple click.

After this effect gained a lot of popularity, BeFunky simplified this work for the fans of the effect by developing the online Cartoonizer. 

This tool gets the job done instantly. 

You need to upload the photo you want to animate and download it again to your device in just a few seconds. 

Then, choose the effect that best fits better between the five classic animation effects.

You can even try Cartoonizer DLX, another tool within the BeFunky, that provides other effects like oil painting, watercolor, etc. 

It has deluxe digital portrait options that you can use again for free.

Unlike other options on Etsy, with Cartoonizer, you can not add elements to the photo, so the colors, background, image, etc., will be the same as your original picture, except in the animated version. 

But, the benefit of this tool is you can turn any photo into animation, whether it is with a portrait, landscape, food photo, etc.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Ready in seconds
  • Is free 
  • Five different classic effects and others in Cartoonizer DLX

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10. Prismaweb Camelcade

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Prisma Web is another good option for digital portraits. 

More specifically, it offers a series of effects for working with photos, but Camelcade is the one we have chosen to single out. 

This tool can turn any of your photos into an oil painting.

This is possible regardless of the type of image.

If your hobby is photo-editing, there is no reason to limit yourself only to Instagram filters. 

Next time you post online, make it a colorful classic oil painting with this effect.

Switching from photo to digital portrait happens in seconds with Prisma, and you can download the image to your device. 

The conversion is done in seconds.

Since this is automatic work, this digital portrait is best for online use.

For more, this effect is for free. 

 Pros & Benefits: 

  • Instant transition
  • Is free
  • Suitable for online use – like social media posts

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Final Thoughts 

The digital portrait Etsy options and in the internet, in general, are endless.

Moreover, it’s also hard to choose the best.

However, in this article, we have lined up the trendiest and the most used effects out there for a digital portrait.

They should help you make the wisest choice.

We hope that you have made one.

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