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10 Best Dot Brush Procreate Sets

Level up your art work with the best dot brush Procreate.

There’s no other brand to go to but Procreate.

Do More with Procreate

Procreate, currently, is growing in user-base and popularity.

This was especially more evident with the release of Procreate 5 boasting of more features and capabilities,.

The market for brush sets is multiplying as its users are seeking better and more efficient tools, brushes, most of all, fulfilling their needs. 

Thus, I took the time to make this list, the Top Ten Dot Brush Procreate 10 list.

In general, the best brush sets for Procreate give an emphasis on the Dot pattern brushes as they’ve some of the most expansive utilities. 

The items on this list are mainly found in Creative Market and Etsy online stores.

The sorting of the list is based primarily on the sales volume, the number of reviews and likes, and the rate of traffic directed at each set. 

Generally speaking, it doesn’t matter what level of experience you have in using Procreate or what purpose you wish to use it for, these brush sets cover pretty much everything, and you won’t be disappointed.

Bonus Megapacks To Check Out

Additionally, I threw in a couple of extra megapacks.

Each megapack has multiple sets.

They contain quite a good number of dot and stipple brushes which is the main focus of this list.

Moreover, they also include a vast variety of complementary sets and brushes to help you along in making your art. 

Anyhow, let’s get to it.

1. The Stipple Shading Brush Set22 Procreate Brushes Stipple Shading Brushset Tattoobrush image 0

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Another set by DiBrush, The Stipple Shading Brush set, included within it are 22 various stipple brushes.

As the name suggests, the primary use of these brushes is for shading and tinting.

It was created in a manner that allows their user to have a vintage tattoo or a retro comic effect depending on the usage. 

This brush set can be used on its own.

It is highly recommended, as a matter of fact, for several purposes.

It is popularly used for shadowing and vintage-themed drawings.

However, it’s preferable to use it alongside other brushes or brush sets to get the maximum potential out of it. 

In general, this set makes a significant investment if used in tandem with different brushes, be they primary or other professional sets.

You can own this for meager price of a little over 7 USD. 


  • Superb tool for shading and tinting.
  • Great complimentary set
  • Highly affordable


  • Niche-specific as a primary set
  • Compatible with only Procreate five or higher

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2. Dots Procreate Brush, Seamless Pattern Brush

procreate dot brushes

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We’ve got this wonderful Procreate Dots brush set.

It comes with a variety of 16 dot brushes. 

This kit, I believe, is an excellent tool for anyone interested in:

  • Fashion design
  • Portraits
  • Anime
  • Lively drawings

The dots add a bright and cheerful touch to an artwork.

This kit works perfectly for all kinds of projects.

Additionally, you can combine the 16 styles in an artwork to make an interesting visual display.

The kit, however, is only compatible with Procreate 5.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Wide range of utility
  • Affordable


  • Limited compatibility

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3. The Inkers Brush Set by Idle Letters

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Here is the Inkers brush set by Idle Letters.

It comes with 12 different brushes making a variety of inky patterns.

The utility of this set is, to some extent, limited, which is why it came on last in ranking.

Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean it’s useless as it has a notable variance between every brush.

The brushes included are:

  • smooth straight patterns great for outlining
  • Drag brushes for adding a gritty and bold texture to your drawing
  • various stipple and dot brushes for when you want to add to the texture of your drawing

I believe this set would be most useful for when you’re looking to create posters, illustrations, and ads.

However, it can also be used in and for a variety of niches and genres, especially for adding a classic-y texture as well as outlining and filling. 

This set is an affordable one.

But it is a replaceable one unless you work in marketing and/or graphic design (illustrations), then it would be an excellent investment to make. 

Unfortunately, its compatibility is limited to iPad Pro, and mainly apple pencil; however, it is compatible with procreate 4 and 5.


  • Standalone set in its niches 
  • Works as an excellent complementary set outside its primary purposes
  • Wide range of utility in multiple niches
  • Affordable


  • Low compatibility relative to its desired usage

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4. The Tattoo Shading Brush Set

54 Procreate Tattoo Shading Brush Set Dotwork Dotting Dots image 0

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The Tattoo Shading Brush set, made by DiBrush, stands at the third place of the most recommended brush set to get for Procreate 5 users.

It comes with 22 brushes and a total of 54 brushes and needles.

It stands to say it provides a notable variety of shades.

As the name suggests, these brushes are most useful for tattoo artists.

But it can also be used to give a lively, tattoo-y depth to any drawing if appropriately used in comics, anime, and, surprisingly, logo design. 

The various brushes in the set are also great for shading and tinting.

It also gives a smoothing touch to any piece you happen to be working on. 

One quite exciting aspect about this set are the needles.

They replicate the exact patterns of actual tattoo needles, primarily the flat, magnum, round, and single needles as stated;.

It will take little time to get used to them, but worth the while as it allows you to make full use of the set. 

In general, the tattoo shading set makes an excellent investment for tattoo artists as a primary set.

It is also great secondary and complementary set for pretty much everyone else. 

The set is straightforward to install and easy to use.

However, it is only compatible with Procreate 5. 


  • Easy to install and use
  • Very useful as a complementary set 


  • Low compatibility 
  • Niche-specific, for the most part

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5. The Beat Tones- Distressed Halftones Brushes

Best Dot Brush Procreate

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Another great set is the Beat Tones- Distressed Halftone Brushes.

This was made by True Grit Texture Supply.

This set comes with 25 continuous tone dot, line, and crosshatch brushes along with 24 shader brushes. 

This set stands out for having one of the best to provide watercolor and oil imitating touches.

It also gives a natural flow to your drawing with its wide range of shades and its stroke sensitive brushes.

They allow you to freely manipulate the color scheme.

Furthermore, it’s one of the few sets out there that can stand entirely on its own.

You’d have the ability to do everything from creating primary and background layers, shadow and tints freely.

Moreover, you can manipulate the texture of your drawing with little to no limitations. 

You can use these brushes for creating comics, fashion, and graphic design, nature-themed paintings, portraits, etc.

It is excellent for reprographic productions of vintage catalogs and archives.

This is done with its halftone patterns brushes’ capacity for significant color gradience.  

Added to the wide range of uses this set offers, it’s compatible with Procreate 4 as well as multiple types of styluses.

It also has a comparatively low price. 


  • Wide range of utility
  • Stands alone without the need for complementary sets
  • High compatibility
  • Affordable


  • Needs some time to get used to for new creators

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6. The Halftone Procreate Brush Set

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Another halftone brush set is The Halftone Procreate Brush set, this time by MiksKS with 17 brushes included within it. 

Just as most halftone sets out there, this is a standalone set.

Although you can use other types of brushes or even entire sets to complement it, you can do just fine without. 

Though this set is pretty similar to number 6 on the list in its uses and capacity, it’s significantly cheaper at below half the price.

It, likewise, has very identical compatibility parameters to the aforementioned, working with Procreate 4 and higher .

It works well too with a variety of stylus and both iPad Pro and standard. 

A slight advantage it has over the Beat Tones set is that it has a couple of additional linework brushes .

Though might not seem much, but is pretty useful for drawing and tracing outlines. 


  • Wide range of utility
  • Standalone without the need for complementary sets
  • High compatibility
  • Affordable


  • Fewer than the average number of brushes expected

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7. The Stipple Studio Pro Quality Stipple Brushes Set

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Another top-notch standalone set is the Stipple Studio Pro Quality Stipple Brushes set by True Grit Texture Supply.

It comes with 69 brushes, which includes varying precision stipple brushes along with a good handful of spray brushes and tonal stipple fill brushes. 

This set is no less than amazing for vintage and retro comics, analog drawings, and abstract art in general. 

The combination of 40 precision stipple brushes comes in a variety of round, rough, bleedy, and blotty tips.

All brushed with a notable degree of fluidity that allows you to create complete drawings with perfect layers, shading, texture, and depth.

With over two dozen spray and tonal stipple-fill brushes, it will enable you to cover large areas quickly.

You can do this while remaining in control of the color gradient and layer texture. 

It wouldn’t be unfair for me to say that this set is a must-have and surely a significant investment both as a primary and as a complementary set for artists.

This is especially for those looking to create authentic-looking classic pieces, especially noting its highly affordable retail price. 

This set is compatible with multiple versions of Procreate, both iPad Pro and standard, various styluses, and photoshop as well. 


  • Wide range of utility 
  • Standalone without the need for complementary sets
  • Affordable
  • Highly compatible with multiple devices and platforms
  • A large variety of brushes included


  • Limited to a handful of niches

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8. The Polka Dot Pattern Set

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Another highly useful brush set is the Polka Dot Pattern set, created by Starstruck Design Co.

This set comes with only eight brushes but makes up for it with a vast range of control over them. 

This set primarily acts as a complementary set.

This is because it’s more focused on playing with the background noise of the drawing rather than being the main focus of it. 

It’s quite helpful in giving your picture a lively touch, allowing the main focus to pop pleasantly. 

Unlike other sets on this list, this one is more oriented towards users interested in creating glittery journals, calendars, catalogs, and others.

However, it can be used on the background for almost any type of drawing with satisfactory results. 

It is, however, in my belief, still a good investment as it’s incredibly cheap to obtain at only 2.1 USD.

It can be used with almost any type of drawing regardless of genre or niche. 

Furthermore, it’s compatible with multiple versions of Procreate (based on customer reports).


  • Easy to install and use
  • Wide range of settings
  • Easily affordable as a complementary set
  • Works with almost any type of drawing


  • A low number of brushes available. 
  • Complimentary set

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9. The Georg’s Procreate Megapack

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Now , this is “Why not throw it in there as well,” the first and main one is Georg’s Procreate Megapack by Georg’s Procreate Brushes

This one isn’t focused on dot patterns or brushes.

But it has quite a good number of them included among over 550+ brushes and counting as more updates are added all the time. 

This pack is an all-encompassing collection of brush sets for Procreate including:

  • dynamic ink brushes
  • charcoal and sketch brushes
  • dot and stipple pattern brushes

In short, although it is not as customized and specialized as the aforementioned sets on this list, it is pretty useful for any new user.

But it can be used by too by those who wish to try things out and those who are looking for versatility more than full specialization. 

With the 100s of brushes in this set, you can do everything from:

  • Outlining
  • Drawing
  • Marking
  • Shading and tinting
  • Control the focus of the piece
  • Customizing background noise 
  • Edit and control the texture
  • control the opacity, pressure, orientation, tilt, sensitivity

This set makes a guaranteed significant investment as it’s incredibly affordable at less than 20 USD.

It’s easy to install and use, and compatible with multiple versions of Procreate. 


  • Huge selection of premium brushes
  • Great for all levels of experience
  • Routinely updated, so you keep getting more for a one-time payment.
  • Wide range of settings for all brushes
  • Compatible with multiple versions of Procreate


  • Not suited if you’re looking for particular specialization

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10. The Procreate Artist’s Megapack

procreate dot brushes

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Another megapack to throw in is the Procreate Artist’s Megapack by Mila Garret

This goes with over 100 brushes.

This pack contains brushes of all sorts, varying from watercolor, charcoal, oil, stipples, and more.

This is suited for pretty much everything.

But, primarily, this focuses on portraits and modern arts.

It is especially suited as a basic kit for rising talents and intermediate levels of experience as due to the remarkable versatility in its options.

The pack is notably affordable, selling for just under 30 USD.

It is an excellent investment that you won’t regret. 

Additionally, it is compatible with multiple versions of Procreate and works with both iPad Pro and Standard.


  • Great for beginners
  • Affordable
  • Compatible with multiple versions of Procreate, IOS, and iPadOS
  • Wide range of brushes and options


  • Niche-specific

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Runner-up: The Procreate Mega Bundle

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The final one of these megapacks is the Procreate Mega Bundle.

This was made by Extreme Brushes with over 1000 brushes included along with routine updates added to it.

This offers a one-time purchase with tons of freebies. 

This pack is made up of over 60 different sets combined into one megapack, covering, effectively, all types of brushes and uses.

This includes regular markers, watercolor brushes, oil and ink brushes, charcoal, stipples, dots, light effects, foliage brushes, and much more.

As with Georg’s megapack, you can do a lot with this one as well from background, focus, texture, shading, and tinting, you name it, it has it.

It is slightly more expensive than the others, selling at 80 USD.

But this is indeed a worthy investment as it contains both generalized and specialized brushes. 

The only noticeable problem with it is its limited compatibility as it only works with Procreate 5, iPad Pro (The latest version), and Apple Pencil. 


  • Wide range of choices
  • Standalone pack
  • Works for all levels of experience, beginner and pro 


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Limited compatibility

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Final Thoughts

There are tons of options to pick and choose from with regards to brush sets for Procreate, and Dot brushes are particularly standard. 

Thus your options are, by all means, numerous and not limited to the sets on this list.

Simply, these are some of the most popular ones. 

Regardless, I hope this list of the Best Dot Brush Procreate has been of help to you in building your tool kit for Procreate. 

Feedback and suggestions are very much welcomed in the comment section below. 

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