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easy procreate drawing tutorial

Easy Procreate Drawing Tutorial

If you are new to digital art, you are off to a good start by watching this easy Procreate drawing tutorial!

How to Draw in Procreate (an Easy-To-Follow Tutorial)

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to draw cute little fruits like this!

1. Get Yourself a Fruit


Go to and find yourself a fruit.

Once you found a happy fruit, take a screenshot.

2. Start a New Canvas in Procreate

Now come back to Procreate and start a new canvas.

Make it your screen size and insert your photo.

3. Click on The Selection Tool & Start Tapping Image

From here, go to the selection tool which is the third symbol along and make sure you’ve got automatic selected.

Now start tapping to select different parts of the image.

Keep tapping until all of the image that you need is selected.

4. To Undo, Tap with Two Fingers

easy procreate drawing tutorial.


If you go too far, use two fingers to undo and that will deselect the last things that you selected.

Make sure not to go too far.

And make sure to select all of the lovely little bits of your strawberry or whatever fruits you are using.

No discrimination here.

There we go!

5. Turn Off Original Layer

easy procreate drawing tutorial

Once you’re happy, come to copy and paste and you can turn off the original layer and you have your beautiful fruit.

6. Change Background Color

easy procreate drawing tutorial

You can change your background color to make it something a little bit more appropriate.

7. Add a New Layer and Pick a Pen

easy procreate drawing tutorial

Add a new layer, pick a pen.

I suggest dry ink.

Select a light or dark color depending on the color of your fruit.

easy procreate drawing tutorial

I will go with something a little bit light here.

And now, you can start drawing on top of your fruit.

Draw a nice happy face if you want happy fruit.

Give him some eyes, perhaps a little leg, two little legs, maybe even an arm.

You can even give him some words.

easy procreate drawing tutorial

There you go!

That is how to draw a cute little fruit.

Final Thoughts

And now, you can draw anything you like in Procreate!

We hope this easy Procreate drawing tutorial helped you start your journey to digital art.

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