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10 Best Canva eBook Templates

Have you ever searched for “eBook Canva” templates in hopes of finding one you can use for your eBook?

When you make an eBook from Canva, it is assured that you can have access to the most brilliant and eye-catching designs.

These design will make you stand out among the rest.  

If you want to have an excellent template, you can make them from Canva because it has many options to do the task.

With its incredible library of templates and simple, drag-and-drop tools, a professional-looking eBook can be created from front to back.

Canva has a fantastic array of layouts and elements for choosing the one that suits the theme of your eBook

The best part of using Canva is there’s no need to pay for expensive and complicated software or hire a graphic designer to make your eBook out there for the world.

No more searching for “eBook Canva” templates and let’s start reading the list now.

 1. eBook Template For Canva

eBook Canva
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This eBook Template For Canva contains 85 pages in A4 size and US Letter.

The attractive blush pink eBook template is designed to be applied with the free version of Canva.

This 85-page template includes a checklist template and worksheet templates designed for creating a unique lead magnet for your online business.

The templates can also be used for the creation of a workbook for your course.

There’s no need to start from scratch or hire a pricey designer.

Use this eBook template that is so easy-to-use and perfect.

 Pros & Benefits:

  • Multipurpose use like for a masterclass template, webinar workbook template, and course workbook
  • Has a vast range of colors, fonts, texts, and photos to fit in your brand
  • can make a professional-looking eBook or workbook
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2. eBook /CANVA, INDD/Elegant

eBook Canva
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Elegant is an efficient Canva multitasking eBook template which has 45+ unique pages that are available in US letter and A4 sizes.

Use this beautiful grid layout and neutral color palette for your next excellent project.

With this professional design, you can promote your course and business or blog.

It has four cover page options that have two content lists.

There are three intro or copyright pages and five chapters or lead paragraph variations in it.

 It has ten universal content pages which have six tips and resource pages.

 Included also are five picture layout pages that have five quotes, highlight, or testimonial message.

 It has three calls to action and three back covers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 45+ pages in the A4 or US letter format
  • Contains different paragraph styles/character styles
  • Can change color by swatches palette
  • Contains baseline grid/columns grid Images, graphics, and text on separated layers  
  • Has CMYK colors/print ready document /5mm bleed
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3. eBook Creator Template | Canva

eBook Canva
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It is a universal 30 page eBook template designed for Canva, available in US Letter and A4 sizes.

This template is perfect for course and content creators who want to produce passive income or widen their email list with opt-in freebies with digital products.

It will help you save a lot of time and create a professional-looking and pixel-perfect eBook in minutes.

Use the Canva intuitive drag-and-drop facility to customize the template for your brand.

Add images, edit text, and create promotion graphics easily.

This template has three eBook cover image variations and two author welcome page variations.

It has two tables of content page variations and one copyright page.

Included also are three chapter page variations and six content page variations.

There are also three quotes/key message pages and three image only pages.

It has three resource library page variations and three digital product promotion pages.

Lastly, it contains one thank you/call to action page.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fast and easy to edit
  • Fully customizable fonts text, fonts, colors and pictures
  • For commercial and personal use free fonts are used
  • Download instructions and getting started PDF
Download Now!

 4. eBook Template Canva

eBook Canva
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Do you want to widen your email list and earn passive income?

You could get what you already know and share your information or knowledge through an eBook!

This template will be a perfect match for you with 21 templates to create your eBook.

It has three cover page variations and one page about the author.

There is also a page each for copyright page and for table of contents. 

It has three chapter intro variations and 11 content pages.  

Lastly, it contains one final words/call to action page

There are 20 promotional templates that include five each of:

  • Blog Headers / Pinterest Pins
  • eBook Previews / Instagram Posts  
  • Blog Post Graphics/ Facebook posts
  • Sidebar Graphics

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fast and easy to edit
  • Have customized themes to match your brand
  • No need to hire an expensive designer
  • Editing options available in Canva
  • Template comes with a FREE guide for designs and video tutorial
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5. Canva eBook Opt-In & Slide Templates

eBook Canva
Download Now!

This template kit is a complete package for you if you want to build your brand’s audience and grow your email list.

It is specially created for beginners or non-designers.

These are professionally-crafted templates made by using commercially free elements and piles of bonuses to make sure you get the best experience for your buck.

By using a free account, you can easily use Canva’s drag and drop interface to add photos and branding of your interest.

You can also adjust the color scheme, change fonts and add your media or content in minutes. 

So what are you waiting for?

This template is not just  like another eBook template and includes:

  • eBook Creator – has 80+ layouts across three themes, which means you develop multiple eBooks with a single template
  • Recipe Expansion Pack – has seven recipe layouts that make it easy to transfer your eBook into a recipe book
  • Matching Slide Deck – this slide deck entirely compliments the eBook creator and can also be used to create anything from advertising webinars to whole eCourses to marketing presentations
  • Three Mini Planner Sets – these mini-planners have four pages each, containing daily, weekly, and monthly goal planners
  • Social Media Quote Templates  – contain the same printable quotes that can be resized and reshaped for Instagram
  • Worksheets -these six various types of worksheet templates will enhance your eBook, or use them to flip it into a developed eCourse
  • Social Media Call to Action/Promo Templates – made particularly for promoting your fantastic new opt-in freebie campaign

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has newsletter templates
  • There are also printable inspirational quote artwork templates
  • Supports Facebook cover templates
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6. eBook/CANVA, INDD/Kayla 

eBook Canva
Download Now!

This eBook template has 40+ unique pages that are available in US letter and A4 sizes.

Through this, you can create a beautiful eBook to advertise your course, business, or blog.

Share your expertise using this template, find new viewers, grow your email list, or produce passive income. 

It has three cover page options and two content lists.

There are also two variations for intro or copyright page and four different chapter variations.

 It also contains four various tips and resource pages and four different picture layout pages

There are five quote pages and four different picture layout pages.

Four variations for lead paragraph pages and 8 paragraph pages are also included.

Lastly, it contains three calls to action variations.

 Pros & Benefits:

  • Has customized themes to match your brand
  • No need to hire an expensive designer
  • Editing options available in Canva, it’s an online tool free for users. 
  • Fast and easy to edit
Download Now!

7. eBook Template Creator | CANVA PS

eBook Canva
Download Now!

Do you want to get a new audience and earn more?

Here is a perfect solution for your queries.

Create an elegant ebook with this template.

Get engaged with your readers, increase your brand performance, raise income from your e-course, or lead your readers in maturing their business through your skills of writing.

This template works best in digital as well as in printed books. 

Single and couple pages are available to merge and match. 

You need to drag and drop the images you want, change the color, customize the themes, change the text, or use the copies inside as they’re all original text! 

Get inspired and amazed by each beautifully designed layout.

  •  3 cover pages and 2 content page variations
  •  1 welcoming statement and 1 quote
  •  4 intro page sections and 2 additional intro variations
  •  7 image and text content variations and 11 text content variations
  •  1 copyright page and 1 table list
  •  6 pages for other library references and three pages to attract your readers to join the full course
  •  3 Instagram posts for the promotion of your eBook 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Canva and PS files are available In it 
  • Contains US Paper and A4 Size 
  • Plenty of content variations
  • Unique covers for each title or subtitle
  • Fast to edit
  • Easily change colors text and image etc.
  • All the content is real, no lipsum for your encouragement
  • Instagram story bonus to promote your eBook
  • Links for personal & commercial free fonts in PDF file
Download Now!

8. Soulpreneur eBook Template | CANVA

eBook Canva
Download Now!

This template is ideal for making eBook.

It is created by keeping in mind personal growth and wellness coaches.

This template contains a variety of cover and content pages, board pages, quote pages, mood and inspirations, a recipe page, guide, review, and resource cross-selling and call-to-action pages.

Designed in Canva, this eBook template will help you save a lot of time and create a pixel-perfect, professional-looking, and pixel-perfect eBook.

Just choose from multiple page variations, duplicate and reorganize pages to create endless eBook layouts.

  • Three cover page variations and two content page variations
  • One welcome page, 3 quote pages, and one copyright page       
  • Four chapter page variations and eight content page variations
  • Three image-driven pages for vision boards and mood boards and four feature and recipe pages
  • Resource library pages and call to action and thank-you pages.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Quick and easy to edit
  • Wholly customizable text, images fonts, and colors
  • For commercial and personal use FREE fonts are available
  • Download instructions AND getting started notes PDF
  • Editable iPad and MacBook mockups on call to action pages
Download Now!

9. eBook Creator Template | CANVA

eBook Canva
Download Now!

Want to generate passive income?

Or are you a blogger?

This Creator eBook Template has 30 pages available in both US Letter and A4 sizes.

It is perfect for course creators bloggers and business owners who want to produce passive income or increase their email list with opt-in freebies.

Created explicitly with Canva users in mind, this eBook template will save you a lot of time and develop a pixel-perfect, professional-looking eBook in no time.

Just use the intuitive drag-and-drop interface to add some text and images of your choice or change fonts and colors. 

Choose from the multiple page variations, duplicate the pages you want and delete the ones you don’t need to create never-ending eBook designs.

  • Three eBook cover image variations and two tables of content page variations
  • One copyright/introductions page and 1 author welcome page
  • Three chapter page variations and 2 thank you page variations
  • Content pages with images and three content pages with text 
  • Three quote/key message pages and 3 image/mood-board pages
  • Resource library/digital product cross-sell pages and three final page variations for a call to action 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fast and easy to edit
  • Fully customizable text, colors fonts, and images
  • Free fonts used for personal and commercial use FREE fonts are available
  • Download instructions and getting started notes PDF
Download Now!

10. eBook Template | Canva Rose Gold

eBook Canva
Download Now!

Through this template, you can make one or all of the following: workbooks, eBooks, worksheets, printables, course workbooks, planners, or magazines.

The possibilities are boundless!

Either you want an eBook for your coursework, or if the eBook is your leading seller, you need to delight your public, and these templates are going to make drop some jaw!

You already need to invest your time in developing content, don’t waste hours and minutes on trying to make it look all pretty.

These templates were generated by someone who sells their eBooks and courses and knows everything you need!

All of your needs and bases cannot be covered by a simple 5-page template.

You can use these templates to generate eBooks and Workbooks again and again because you can easily edit your eBook!

These templates consist of 20 pages which contain:

  • Cover page, disclosure page, and the welcome page        
  • Table of contents and lesson Intro
  • Eight pages for content layout options and 3 worksheet layout options
  • Three options for checklist layout and take action page

 Pros & Benefits:

  • Can use to create multiple eBooks
  • Secure and quick editing options
  • Different colors fonts and texts available
  • Links for personal & commercial free fonts in PDF file
Download Now!

Final Thoughts

There’s an abundance of choices available for “eBook Canva” templates on the internet depending on the category you want.

Whether you want to flourish your business or you want to use an eBook for personal interests, these ten are the best options available out there right now.  

Check out our list and let us know if there’s one template that’s not in here by leaving a comment below.

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