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ebook website template free download

10 Best eBook Website Templates: Free & Premium Options

Use an eBook website template free download to start your writing career without spending that much money.

Then later, once you have earned enough money from your e-books, you can level up and choose another paid template.

Note that it doesn’t really matter whether you have chosen a free or a paid option.

Please do enjoy this round-up as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I’m sure that you will find a suitable e-book template for you.

Look through the pros and cons of each.

You can follow the link to your favorite e-book template at the end of this review.

1. Minimalist, Printer-Friendly Mega Workbook

ebook website template free download
Download Now!

This minimalist e-book template is flexible.

It contains over 180 pages designed perfectly for someone who wants to deliver the message in the most easy-to-read way.

Using this template, you will be inspired to create your content and get it out as soon as possible.  

This template will help you design a longer e-book or workbook.

This is a printer-friendly version.

So, you will be able to print your work and publish it not only online but in book stores too.

That is a highly notable feature that not many templates offer.

So getting this is more than enough reason for you to consider purchasing this template.

There is a large selection of templates in this pack, and there are even ones you might discover that you need.

Having such a significant number of options at your disposal will set you up for success while creating the best e-book that you can by using this minimalistic template for e-books and workbooks.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Huge selection of options and templates
  • Printer Friendly 
  • Most value for money 
Download Now!

2. Fitness Ebook Template

ebook website template free download
Download Now!

People looking to create an e-book based around fitness and nutrition should look no further.

This is a fastastic e-book template.

Using Canva, you can create an e-book that is easy to make and stands out from the crowd with this template. 

It has simply never been this basic.

The Customer service from this seller is excellent too!

If there is any problem that arises, she is there to help you clear things up.

There are full instructions included on how to go about using your new template.

Moreover, it also tells you where things can be tweaked.

There are multiple formats for various workout routines, so you can display it just perfectly and even include pictures if you choose.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Perfect for Fitness Niche
  • Fully Customizable
  • Great Customer Service
Download Now!

3. Minimalist Magazine Ebook Template

ebook website template free download
Download Now!

A minimalistic and straightforward e-book template for Canva.

It is the perfect template to use if you want things to flow smoothly and in a clear fashion.

This is a multipurpose template that will be life coaches and guidance books. 

Thus, the options for editing are fantastic. 

You will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to use.

Moreover, there is super customer service from this seller at Etsy.

And besides, they make the entire buying and user process effortless.

This inspiring e-book template is perfect for beginners as it is easy to use with lots of customizable options.

There are 50 pages that you can edit and make into the best version of what you want. 

Writing an e-book with this awesome template will put you leaps and bounds ahead in your production process.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Perfect for beginners
  • 50 Pages to edit to your desire
  • Multipurpose e-book template
Download Now!

4. Minimalist Cookbook Template

ebook website template free download
Download Now!

This easy to read and easy to design minimalist cookbook template is just the best for any inspiring recipe developer that wants to create an outstanding e-book that all will love.

The seller is swift to respond to queries or to help you iron out any issues.

So customer service is of the utmost importance to them.

There are not that many customizable features, but that’s the point of the minimalist cookbook template. 

Besides, they make it fun and exciting for you to develop your e-book. 

Years of experience in Facebook marketing and weeks of design work are what it took to create this masterpiece template that is only the price of a restaurant meal.

You will find fabulous inspirations through the template.

It will keep you motivated and help your readers engage more in your content.

It is straightforward to use, and as stated previously, the creator is beneficial and will answer all your queries in record time.

The 40-page template is littered with messages to spark new recipe ideas and keep you creating the best content for your e-book.

By investing in this incredible minimalistic template, you will most definitely design the best recipe book out there.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Superb Minimalistic Design
  • Created for Marketing Purposes
  • Excellent Customer Service
Download Now!

5. 80 Page Clean Linen Ebook Template

ebook website template free download
Download Now!

This e-book template is perfect for authors or novel writers who want a beautiful and straightforward, elegant template to help them put things in order.

The clean linen look will satisfy most authors as well as the reader’s eye.

It is easy to customize.

Moreover, you can best edit it with Canva to either give you the option of using it as an e-book or a workbook template.

Creating a checklist and step-by-step instructions makes this template valuable to someone like teachers or coaches that put tasks out for their students.

If you are struggling with getting started, there are many tutorials online that can guide you in creating your best work yet. 

The clean linen look will give your readers a page-like feeling when viewing your e-book.

There are also inspiring captions to help you along in your content creation. 

This is always a welcomed benefit that will keep you motivated to keep creating your best e-book ever.

Getting started has never been this easy.

This template helps you design your first e-book, especially if you are a novel writer or biography writer. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Perfect to create a workbook
  • The clean linen look is easy on the reader’s eyes
  • Perfect for novel writers
Download Now!

6. Editable Workbook Template

ebook website template free download
Download Now!

This e-book workbook template is editable and very user-friendly. 

It makes creating an e-book a simple task.

Moreover, there are 100 pages included in the book.

The layout is perfect to use for a workbook or a study guide.

You get different cover pages, the About Me, graph, planner, and other pay layout styles to choose from.

Customizability is a breeze.

Your readers will appreciate the light colors and blends that the e-book template creates.

Getting started in creating an e-book has never been easier!

So, take the first step by getting this template so that you can finally make your masterpiece.

You will find excellent customer service on the other side of your purchase.

Besides, they also provide you will full tutorials to teach you everything you need to know in creating your first e-book.

If you are a more veteran writer, you will still find this template very useful in creating your content and delivering your message the way you want to.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy this template will make your life.

You might never use another template again.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect for Workbook
  • Can be used to create study guides
  • Some of the best customer service out there
Download Now!

7. Recipe Book Template For Canva

ebook website template free download
Download Now!

This is the perfect e-book template for someone that is looking to write and design a recipe book. 

It has a perfect page layout for pictures and text.

Each template can hold a large number of photos, 300 to be exact.

With this massive number of images, you can surely add photos to your heart’s content.

Moreover, there are plenty of recipe template options.

These will allow you to set up your recipe in different ways that will be pleasant in the reader’s eye.

Being compatible with Canva makes this template super awesome.

Canva is so intuitive and easy to use even beginners will get started writing their first e-book.

There are complete video tutorials included that will get you up to date with all the information you need to create or edit your e-book.

You don’t even need video. 

You can figure it out immediately because of how simplistic and easy the system is developed.

This binder-style Canva template is perfect for storing old family recipes and can be sent to someone as a gift. 

Besides, it can be made into something exceptional.

Get your best recipes ready and impress your readers!

Give them the most informative and eye-catching e-book that is going to set you up for future success.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Holds 300 photos
  • Works with Canva
  • Very Intuitive and Effective
Download Now!

8. Canva Editable Ebook Workbook Template – Feminine Style

Download Now!

The feminine style e-book template is soft and fluffy and can be best used for an e-book or workbook.

Its light color is accessible to the reader’s eye.

The user-friendly interface and compatibility with Canva make this a simple template to customize.

Moreover, the customer service is expectational and will go to any lengths to ensure that you are satisfied and happy with your purchase.

This is a value for money template that will help you deliver 40 pages of great content that will wow your readers and keep them engaged.

All the content included in this bundle is of extreme importance.

Also, it will allow you to make the best possible e-book outcome.

The freebies include in the pack are just a bonus that will help with inspiration and guidance while developing your first e-book.

This template will most definitely cut your time in half when creating your e-book and workbook.

So, why not head over to the above link to test out this fantastic product.

At the price point, you can’t go wrong. 

Getting into publishing your first e-book has never been as easy and as fun as “Cate Creates it.”

A round of applause for the developers!

Choosing this template will be the perfect choice for you.

Create your first e-book and get started with a great theme that will guide you when getting your content out there in the right way.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Best value for money
  • Makes publishing your first e-book very easy
  • Comes with a ton of freebies
Download Now!

9. Baking Recipe – Interactive Ebook Website Template Free Download

Download Now!

This superb free e-book template is perfect for creating recipes that will be easy to read and have a great layout.

There is a variety of options to customize your template but not as many as some premium templates.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you can figure out how to make this template suit your recipe.

Standing out from the crowd will be easy.

Getting started will be even easier with this template from Visme.

Choosing this will help you get started for free while still breaking into the e-book world.

Look out for the great tutorials and tips and tricks online on how to set up your template to make the most out of it, so your readers will be amazed and impressed.

The sign-up process is easy, and there is support and videos online to get you started.

This free e-book template will bring all your baking creations to life, employing compelling text and image placement. 

Getting into recipe development has never been this easy.

Head over to the link in the heading to find the most awesome templates for the baking niche and deliver your content the way you want.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free Template
  • Great Support and Tutorials
  • Simple Sign up Process
Download Now!

10. Graphic Design – Ebook Website Template Free Download

Download Now!

Having an e-book that explains and teaches you how to do graphics design is an excellent selling book and concept that one will always reuse.

Use this unique template to get started in your e-book publishing journey.

Create a book that has valued and detail explaining how to do graphic design.

This is a fully customizable template that you can change from the layout, images, graphics, colors, pages, and so much more.

The great template from Visme is excellent for beginners who want to get started in e-book creation. 

There is a helpful drag and drop editor that is just intuitive and simplistic to use.

Once your design is completed, your new e-book can then be downloaded as an HTML5, JPG, GIF, or PDF file, embedded on your site or shared via a link to social media.

This is a gorgeous template that is perfect for anyone starting in creating a book that brings value and teaches a skill.

You can make the best of this e-book template by downloading it for free from the Visme website.

It will set you up for an easy and straightforward e-book creation process.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free Template
  • Fully customizable
  • Various download formats
Download Now!

Qualities of A Good E-Book Template

What matters is its quality.

Note that the way your e-book is laid out could determine your success or failure.

People want to be able to read in a way that is easy on the eyes.

Creating this manually will be quite a feat. 

While not impossible, it would be much easier to use a premade layout.

It can assist you in text and image placement in your e-book.

Using a template will help you in this regard.

It will make setting your e-book simple and easy, letting you worry about what is more essential.

Subheadings and heading can be generated to create more depth in your book or to help highlight specific topics. 

There are free and premium options to help you start and create your first e-book.

Here I have listed the ten eBook website template free download and paid options.

Your choice will be an easy one if you just focus on what you want to get out of your e-book.

Take the first steps in getting started, and you will not be sorry. 

Everyone has a story to tell.

With the technology and software available to us today, anyone can get started in writing their e-book.

Final Thoughts 

No matter what you decide, getting an eBook website template free download or paid options will set you up for success and make the process much more manageable when designing your e-book. 

All the above options are excellent choices for you to get started.

Don’t hold back on your dream of publishing your first e-book.

Get started with a great template that will give you complete customizability allowing you to create your best work possible.

Take the first step and figure out what to design. 

No matter what template you choose, getting started with the best thing that you have ever done.

Thank you for reading my article on the 10 eBook Website Template for Free Download and Premium Options.

We hope that there is something here to help you get started on your e-book creation journey.

Did this article help you?

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