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etsy affiliate links

Get Etsy Affiliate Links Using the Awin Chrome Plugin

Hello and welcome to this tutorial about how to add the My Awin extension to Chrome and use it to get Etsy affiliate links.

1. Go to The Chrome Plug-In Page and Click Add Extension

So, the first thing to do is to come to the Chrome plugin page for My Awin.

And then click Add to Chrome, and Add Extension.

etsy affiliate links

Now you give this a few moments to install itself.

2. Go to Your Target Etsy Page and Listing

And whilst it’s doing that we can come and find an Etsy page.

So, go to and click on any relevant listing.

So, you want to use the listings that you’re interested in.

Get that ready.

etsy affiliate links

3. Click on The My Awin Icon in The Toolbar

And then, you should have a My Awin icon up here in the toolbar.

What you’re gonna do is click on that and you can see it’s already logged in automatically.

But, if you don’t have any login credentials, you will just pop those in.

Now, the first thing to do is to click on the click down and go to the relevant program that you are signed up to, for me that’s the United Kingdom, or the not so Great Britain.

etsy affiliate links

4. Click on Generate Tracking Link

And then you have to go to Generate Tracking Link.

etsy affiliate links

5. Go to Click Reference

And here you can type in Click Reference.

This is essentially just to give you something that reminds you what the hell you’re doing with this.

So, you click on the Awin icon, then you go to get Generate Tracking Link.

Then, you put a reference in, so call this Scary Doll.

Give it something more sensible, if you’re actually doing real work.

7. Copy the Generated Link

And then you get the link.

You can see the whole link here.

Let’s pull this window bigger.

You want to take this second one down here.

This is the Awin link.

So, this customized link is the one that you’re putting in from the window.

And then you get the affiliate link below, this big long one.

And then you can Tweet that or put it on Facebook.

But what we’re gonna do is copy it.

So, we’ve copied it.

And then you can pop it in to wherever you want to be.

And that is how to get Etsy affiliate links using the Awin chrome plugin.

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