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Facemask mockup

10 Best Facemask Mockups PSD (Free & Paid)

With a number of free and paid facemask mockup available right now, keeping safe has become more fun and fashionable.

We rate and review the top 10 PSD (Photoshop) mask mockups.

Covering your face with masks has become a norm nowadays and an unavoidable part of the society.

This is because it can save you from catching a contagious disease.

The whole society is taking all the necessary precautions and covering faces.

Of course, if one can protect himself in style, why not?

That’s why we’ve put up a list of the 10 best Facemask Mockup from the best designers and artists across the world.

You can download them instantly.   

Get these mockups printed on your mask for personal use with a perfect look, or use them for branding purposes.

Be ready to have some fun personalizing your face masks!

1. 2 FILES! Mockup Face Mask

Download Now!

The face masks which contain an exhalation valve are also considered to be specialized ones.

That valve gets opened due to increased pressure during exhalation.

Due to the additional valve, it’s complicated to find a great mockup with an object layer for the valve to create an even better look.

Exhaling valves can be placed on several locations on a face mask, but we are presenting to you  the face mask with a valve mockup for the standard place of valves on either side.

This is one of the highest quality face masks with a valve mockup template that you can use to represent your artwork.

You can get it for only $13 for personal use.

But if you want to use it for your business or commercial purposes, you should go for an extended license, which you can grab at $140.

An extended license allows you to use the mockup unlimited times, and you get the authority to sell it with your design to customers and end-users as you want.

Face Mask with Valve Mockup template’s resolutions is 3000 × 3000 pixels with 300 DPI, and the 3D realistic effects on the result are just mind-bending.

There is one smart object in this mockup, so editing and customization is a child’s play to produce desired results within minutes.

The unique thing about this template, which it contains thoroughly organized layers of shadows, and that blends in perfectly with valve position.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Predesigned transparent background
  • Results are genuinely 3D photorealistic
  • Comfortable and fast with editable and printable capabilities

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2. Medical Mask Mock-Up Set

facemask mockup 

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This is yet another fantastic facemask mockup set specially made for medical masks to cheer up doctors and nurses in their hectic routines.

Use your artistic skills to craft an innovative and high picture in dark or bright tones with the depth of any available color without switching between different versions.

The Medical Mask Mockup Set has its secret blending recipe that will correctly work and align with all colors’ types and opacities.

If someone close to you or your family is a doctor or nurse, you’d know how hard this time is for the doctors.

You can use this template to make a lively and friendly design and get that printed on a face mask to give it to someone, or you can also use your crafted design for commercial and marketing purposes.

The process of editing and customization is thoroughly simple with included smart objects, you just need to add your artwork and fonts, and that’s about it.

You can get your copy of this fantastic template at $6 for personal use, or if you want to use it for commercial purposes, you can get a commercial license at $8.

In this set, there are eight different and separate files with different designs, and the resolution is 5000 x 3333 pixels with changeable colors and organized layers.

The list of the Medical Mask Mockup Set uses is very long, so you need to use it to experience this product’s capabilities.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Goes with a comprehensive guide help file that you can use to learn
  • 8 Template files in a single package at least possible rate
  • PSD and JPG formats
  • 100 Percent customizability

Download Now!

3. Free COVID-19 Face Mask Mockup

Download Now!

Due to the current situation of the planet, wearing masks is not for fun or effect.

It’s imperative to save your life.

Now you need face masks more than ever.

Do you have an amusing design?

It can add a little element of relief to people’s life during COVID-19 havoc.

Free COVID-19 Face Mask Mockup is an entirely free template.

It has a realistic and exciting design that you can use to add style to your face mask.

It’s created with:

  • Resolution of 1200 x 1000 pixels
  • Dimensional presentation
  • smart objects
  • Multiple layers
  • Perfect organization of resources

You can download this stylish and free mask from here.

You can use it either by putting the logos of your NGO, hospital, or Medicare center for branding purposes or personal use.

Face masks are currently mandated to be worn in this  challenging time.

They generally are known as symbols of care, health, and protection.

You can put other things instead of logos.

You can edit the mask and add:

  • Necessary preventive directions
  • Precautionary measures
  • Other helpful tips to spread awareness and care

The COVID-19 Face Mask Mockup is in PSD format.

You can use it in any Adobe Photoshop version to edit the mask according to your requirements.

Add the most important messages regarding the virus.

Remind your customers and viewers to keep social distance and stay safe.

Moreover, you can add slogans and features of your commercial project or business.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free and instantly downloadable
  • Multiple layers with a dimensional presentation
  • Easily editable and more flexible
  • Use it for both personal and business purposes

Download Now!

4. Free Face Mask Mockup

Download Now!

Before the 20th century, many doctors used to wear beaklike masks.

These are filled with medicinal herbs and flowers for protection against poisonous smells, viruses, and foul materials.

The masks used at that time had the same purpose but with a different look.

This is a consequence of our innate trait to do everything with a stylish touch.

Although with time, our methods and styles to protect ourselves have changed.

The very reason behind it is the same.

That’s to protect ourselves in times of need.

As we’re in dire need of face masks, so we present to you Free Face Mask Mockup with most customizable and practical use.

It has simple yet attractive design to engage your customers and viewers to face the reality of the current situation.

The Free Face Mask Mockup is entirely free.

It offers multiple layers of objects to add your design in Adobe Photoshop.

You can download it instantly with PSD format.

The mask mockup is highly customizable.

You can change the color and theme of the ear loops. 

If you want to sell your own uniquely designed mask mockup and not the masks, you can use it to promote it on social media.

Do you want to promote your business to sell masks?

Then you can add tips and quotes on the mask for healthcare campaigns.

In this way, you can spread awareness regarding the situation.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fully customizable in a matter of minutes
  • Complements your business with a unique design
  • Completely free
  • Builds your brand’s online presence

Download Now!

5. Free Medical Mask Mockup

 facemask mockup

Download Now!

Medical masks came into use in the 1960s.

Now they’re known by different names like surgical masks or face masks.

The material has changed with time.

But the requirement for why they’re used is still the same.

In the current situation, doctors and nurses are the front-line soldiers.

They can ask for nothing more than good quality medical masks with excellent design.

We present to you the premium quality Medical Mask Mockup.

This is totally free with an incredible 300 DPI and resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

The predesigned style of the Free Medical Mask Mockup is straightforward and friendly,.

You can use it to produce masks for doctors with the theme of your healthcare project.

Moreover, such a product won’t only help doctors and nurses for the best protection, but it will also be a great way to cheer up the patients.

You can use this mockup design to share your ideas and information regarding your projects.

You do this by decorating it with attractive texts, logotypes, and artworks.

The developer of this mockup template is Country 4k,.

Even after complete customization, the design and style will still be evident and prominent.

You will be able to use this mockup for both commercial and personal purposes .

You’ll be able to do this with the provided 3-ply realistic design with fully flexible and customizable capabilities.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High resolution and multiple layered objects
  • Instantly downloadable and
  • Fully customizable mockup
  • High aptness for engaging customers and users

Download Now!

6. Free N95 Medical Face Mask Mockup


 Download Now!

N95 surgical masks are specialized masks.

They are medical grade. 

Experts say that N95 respirator is one of the best ways to protect yourself from COVID-19.

This is because of its thickness compared to regular surgical masks.

Wearing a mask has become the norm nowadays.

It’s better to use an attractive and stylish mask rather than a typical dull one.

That’s why they’ve come up with a fantastic Cotton Face Mask Dust Mask N95 Mask Mouth Mockup template.

Use this to give a stylish look to your N95 mask.

You can grab your package, including smart object layers.

Customize and edit the design according to your desired theme.

The resolution is 5334 x 3000.

This is high enough to add colors and fonts on different areas separately.

This mockup is free, and you can download it instantly.

The format of this mockup is .esp, which you can use in Adobe Illustrator.

You can use it freely for both personal and commercial purposes.

You can earn a passive income by selling your crafted design to unlimited end-users.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Especially made for N95 masks, and it matches perfectly with standard size
  • Wide range of colors to add what suits you the best
  • Simple and easy to use with high resolution in ESP format

 Download Now!

7. Anti-Pollution Face Mask PSD Mockup


Download Now!

Scientific studies show that air pollution is one of the most critical factors that increase the probability of getting respiratory diseases.

Exposure to air pollution can be hazardous,.

It can have negative impacts on your heart and lungs and even your brain.

Recent research suggests that people wearing anti-pollution masks are less prone to have adverse health and respiratory issues than those who don’t wear masks.

With that said, we present to you one of the best anti-pollution face mask mockup.

It has perfect outline design which suits everyone’s face.

This face mask mockup is also one of the best options for multipurpose use.

It contains accurate and well-organized smart layers with fully customizable capabilities.

Smart objects for your unique artwork are included,.

They are reasonably simple to apply your ideas and styles separately on different parts.

You can get this Mask Mockup with 300 DPI and a resolution of 4500 x 3375 pixels at only $3 with grouped and layered PSD.

To apply your designs and style, you just need to use Adobe Photoshop.

You can use this fantastic mockup template to make different styles and designs to sell.

Think of the possibility of generating a passive income for you.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Predesigned tin can color with changeable background
  • Comprehensive Video guide to customize as you like
  • Instantly downloadable file at a dirt-cheap price

Download Now!

8. Gas Mask | Beer Mockup

Download Now!

There are many harmful substances in the air near to unique places like nuclear reactors, hospitals, and heavy industries chemical waste plants.

Gas masks are specially built breathing devices that are carefully designed to protect people from the above mentioned harmful substances.

The face piece of such masks generally contains exhalation valves, filters, and eyepieces made from transparent glass or high-quality plastic.

The designs of such masks are usually typical and not attractive, so we present you with an excellent Gas Mask Mockup, which you can use to customize the look of your device.

This mockup is best for gas mask business owners, and they can also use it on their promotional materials such as business flyers, cards, and brochures to enhance their business.

The object layers with separate parts of this mockup offer high definition hyper-realistic effects, and it is best to generate the appearance of this template according to your unique business needs.

You can purchase this piece of art from at $5 with a resolution of 2900 x 2175 pixels in PSD format.

This mockup is predesigned and ready to print on the web with multiple layers and high definition results.

It allows you to make your ideas matter, and you can reach your targeted audience with a unique and stylish design to turn potential clients into real ones.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High definition hyper-realistic effects
  • Eight final effects with organized folders and layers
  • Easy to change the design with high definition results and great perspective

Download Now!

9. Fabric Face Mask Mockup


Download Now!

We all know that the masks are running short, and many people across the world are saying that there are not a sufficient number of masks to use and discard.

Even the doctors and nurses are getting only one mask for indefinite usage, and they’re spraying disinfectants to clean the same mask.

But this approach increases the probability of infecting those patients with the virus who visit hospitals and clinic centers for other health issues.

To cope up with this situation, people are using a simple cloth and even gloves to cover their faces, but it has forced hundreds of people into quarantine.

This is where Fabric Face Mask comes in as a remedy, and it not only helps you to craft your creative design but being simple, the mock also helps you to learn to make a mask at home.

You can add any image and colors inside the object, which is smartly designed, and you can also showcase your designs and guides for other people.

The only prerequisite to work on this mockup is a little “know-how” about Adobe Photoshop, and a fast and easy editable file will have the appearance as per your desires.

You can get this Mask Mockup at $8 with incredible 300 DPI and a resolution of 6000 x 4000 pixels, including shadow controls.

It’s one of the best options for personal use, and you can contact the developer of Fabric Face Mask Mockup for support.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes with custom control background (including white background)
  • Completely organized folders and layers
  • Art files and shadow control is also included in the package

Download Now!

10. Cotton Face Mask Mock-ups Set and Generator

 facemask mockup

Download Now!

This is one of the best packages for facemask mockups because you get additional functionalities that replace your styling entirely and crafting mockup sessions.

You can use this template to get what you need within a matter of minutes, and it saves you valuable time and money.

You can generate countless possibilities by the styles given, and the elements and layers provided in this mockup template set are highly editable and distinctly separated.

If you’re someone who always looks for ultra-realistic effects, then this template is perfect for you because white Mocca, the only thing you need to do is to drag and drop.

You can create hundreds of thousands of different designs as it offers so many various angles and perspectives to choose from.

Get 12 different designs in this single set, including a generator, that changes the views automatically when you choose a design and place it in one aspect, it’s that simple.

Create many products as your own in a matter of minutes, and you can sell them like a genuine and passionate professional to your customers for the best reviews.

The price of this mask mockup template is unbelievably $14 for personal use and $19 for commercial use with a resolution of 2000 x 3000 pixels and 300 DPI.

You also get a comprehensive guide with your purchase inside the package of white Mocca, and all the mockups included in the package work the same way.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Excellent E-marketing tool to turn potential customers to real ones
  • Free updates once you purchase the license
  • Saves your time and money
  • Value to money product

Download Now!

Final Thoughts


There’s no need to spend time on creating a face mask mockup from scratch.

You can get the most amazing and fully customizable design on a single click from world-class designers.

They also help you to spread awareness about your business or healthcare campaigns and projects.

You can win some bucks by designing your art on these mockups and selling them.

You can also win hearts with your health awareness messages.

We hope our list of these ten best facemask mockups helps your artistic growth and, most importantly, regarding your health.

Feel free to let us know which mockup works best for you.

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