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fantasy map fonts

10 Best Fantasy Map Fonts (Expert Picks)

Fantasy map fonts look dreamy and magical.

These fonts can transport you to another world just by reading them.

These fonts are stylish, elaborate, and could be very striking. 

We have collated the ten best fantasy map fonts for cartographers to lend a sense of adventure and magic to their maps.

1. Vintage Handwritten True Type

fantasy map fonts

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ONeillArtWorksDesign designed this font.

It’s a trusted and prominent digital art boutique.

It reminds you of adventure and exploration.

This font is great for movie titles or for emphasizing important text.

It only supports the Latin alphabet.

It’s all the rage right now!

We can’t say up to when this font will be trending, though.

For all you designers out there, this is a must-have for your font library.

It’s the perfect and most classic choice to give your design that special touch it needs.

It is tough to read in small print, but it is perfect for making your letters look majestic.

It started as a style in the 1700s when people were sick of reading neat handwriting on paper.

You can tell if a business has good customer service by their extensive use of this font, as they know you will have to put in the effort to read anything they write.

Some fonts are very hard to read depending on the spacing and size that it is written at.

But this one remains accessible for the most part, so long as it’s not overly condensed or stretched too thin.

It could be used in the prologue of a novel to give the reader an idea of what period they are reading about.

Moreover, it adds authenticity to any story that claims something happened in ancient times.

The Vintage Handwritten font is perfect for making things look old and medieval.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Adds that extra bit of personality to an otherwise plain text
  • Great for labels and logos that need to look like they were made before the industrial revolution took place
  • Popular among more modern hipster brands who want to put a vintage twist on their brand

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2. 49 Display

fantasy map fonts

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Cruzine Design, a design agency specializing in digital illustration, created this font.

They make the reader feel exhilarated and excited.

This is perfect for agencies and those who make many maps and anyone who wants to make maps on the internet

It has a regular style for each font. 

Some of them are small caps, and others are regular.

49 fonts for $8 is a great deal !

The pack is an excellent bargain for designers of all skill levels and tastes.

Some fonts are called serif, and others sans-serif.

The others  have a lot of curves and swirls, while others are geometric shapes.

Some letterforms are tall and narrow with thin bottoms, or they’re squat and heavy with round feet that stand on their own.

In addition, some letters look quirky and fun, while others are serious and stoic.

Furthermore, some fonts have a lot of personality, but others are just cold and technical.

Some are playful, and others are more serious.

There are sans serifs and script fonts too!

They’re all great for displaying text in ways that stand out from the rest on pages or screens.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Will bring something new to your design without having to spend hours on research or trial-and-error
  • Provides a variety of different styles all in one pack
  • Value for money

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3. Fairytaler

fantasy map fonts

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Level Up, with almost one and a half decades of experience in graphic design, designed this font.

It gives an ethereal and gentle glow.

This is perfect for the title of a book, movie or TV show about the unknown world.

It has one style.

The sweet and straightforward font is just perfect for your children’s book or fairy tale.

With adorable floral designs, this is one font you shouldn’t miss out !

It has a lot of curves that make it feminine, but its serifs add some masculinity to balance out the font.

The proportions are even and consistent through all the letters.

Therefore, your text will always look great on any background, no matter what word you spell with Fairytaler.

It is also famous for wedding invitations because it has an elegant and vintage appeal appropriate for any age.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ideal for children’s books 
  • Evokes a certain innocence about it without being too childish or distracting from the meaning of the text
  • Perfect choice for your personal story because of its handwritten look
  • Delicate and sturdy at the same time

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4. Fantasy

fantasy map fonts

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Typesenses, a wife-and-husband independent type foundry, designed Fantasy.

It offers an old and majestic feel.

It’s perfect for a title or postcard/greeting card.

It offers many styles, including small caps, boxes, ornaments, additional serifs, and regular.

The font is available in both regular and small-cap style, as well as with or without ornamentation.

This typeface is sure to add the perfect touch to any project!

The font contains upper and lowercase characters, numerals, punctuation, and symbols.

The font is available in TrueType format only.

This font is free for personal use but may not be used for commercial purposes without purchasing a license at

Pros & Benefits:

  • Beautiful and ornate script typeface
  • Perfect for adding depth or creating an old-world feeling in any number of projects
  • Features slightly raised letters, giving the font more style than what might be found with other fonts
  • Carefully designed and drawn by hand to maintain their unique character, resulting in a detailed and polished design

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5. Modern Fantasy

fantasy map fonts

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Designed by Hanoded, the Netherlands type foundry

A readable yet approachable appearance, with the friendliness of Comic Sans but none of the cheesiness

Perfect for lettering a subtitle or caption

It has a regular and italic style.

The Modern Fantasy font is not as common as other fonts, but it is still popular.

It has a unique style that gives the words an airy and elegant feel.

This is an excellent font for any blog or website.

You can use it for paragraphs, titles, and other text!

The Modern Fantasy font is easy on the eyes and perfect for a modern-day fairy tale.

The letters are all uniform in height but have subtle variations between the width of each letter to create an exciting effect.

There is also lots of space inside each letter which makes words easier to read.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Sleek and stylized yet still playful with the serifs that give it a more refined edge
  • Easy to read
  • Is a happy, upbeat font and doesn’t have any negative connotations as other fonts do

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6. Olde English

fantasy map fonts

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Designed by Dieter Steffmann, a decorative font designer with 4.4 million downloads and almost 100 fonts

It gives the feel of a Shakespearean feel, the wonder of a distant past

Perfect for something set in the past

Supports numbers, special characters, accents, and symbols

The Olde English font is a serif typeface that goes back to Victorian times.

It was named for its similarity to old manuscripts.

It exemplifies the Gothic Revival style of architecture, which began in 1830 with Christopher Wren’s rebuilding of London after the Great Fire.

The font is also commonly used on gravestones to commemorate deceased persons and on title pages or headings within an article or document.

The Olde English font is hard to read, but something about it always draws me to it. 

It made me feel like taking a trip back in time.

I could smell the wood burning in the fireplace and hear the horse hooves clopping against the ground.

I love the Olde English font because it brings back memories of my grandparents, who used to have this vast old bookshelf with many musty old books.

They would let me go through them at night.

It supports numbers, symbols, accents, and special characters.

This font is a decorative font that goes well with an entirely decorative design.

A simple font with clean lines that gives off an elegant look in anything you use it

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has the right amount of flourish and style
  • Exudes a very dark and heavy feel to it
  • Adds a touch of prestige or royalty to a text
  • Has an exquisite and formal feel to it, which would be appropriate for wedding invitations or business cards

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7. Royal Queen

fantasy map fonts

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Designed by PutraCetol Studio, an Indonesian graphic design outfit

It gives a retro-modern 60s feel with a warm glow, full of flourishes

Perfect for all things vintage

It supports special characters and accented characters

The Royal Queen font is a great font perfect for creating posters, logos, and other design elements.

The Royal Queen font has such a regal look that you can’t help but fall in love with it.

It’s the perfect font for anything royal.

Its flourishes and gothic quality make it perfect for grandiose, dramatic titles and headers.

For some reason, it reminds me of the 60s.

I love the way this font looks and its versatility.

It is a very awesome script font that gives off an aristocratic vibe with a side of sophistication.

It’s excellent for creating headings and logos that have a vintage feel or even a retro look.

It’s an excellent font for creating accents and flourishes.

I love the way the different letter styles work together so well to create this unique look.

It also has some beautiful flourishes and swashes that make it look extraordinary.

It’s the perfect font for creating anything from logos to unique headings.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Useful for those who are looking for a vintage or retro typeface that has lots of character
  • Perfect for creating anything from headings to logos
  • Has a unique script style to it that makes it stand out from other fonts

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8. Rademos

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Designed by StringLabs, another Indonesian graphic design studio

Its rectangular shape gives a modern-yet-retro feel

It is excellent for titles of vintage things that need a modern feel.

It supports numbers, symbols, punctuation and, accents

The name of this font, Rademos, means “to emit radiation.”

It was created by a designer who wanted to represent atomic radiation in typography.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Is a bold and impressive font
  • Thick stems and strokes evoke the symbolism that accompanies radioactive decay
  • Letters evoke the idea of energy and power

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9. Midnightminutes

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Designed by RenovRVST, an emerging graphic design professional

Similar to the Harry Potter font

This is great for haunted houses and halloween titles.

It supports numbers and punctuation.

Midnight Minutes is a display font with curvy and sharp edges.

The letters have curved details that give it an eerie feeling like you’re looking at the crypt keeper’s diary.

It would be perfect for giving your designs a creepy feel in Halloween or horror-themed projects.

This typeface has a lot of great features that make it perfect for both editorial and display use.

It’s easy to read with an old-fashioned, dark feel, but also modern at the same time.

The MidnightMinutes font is perfect for giving your design a darker edge or adding some mystery.

The MidnightMinutes font is an excellent choice for when you want to create that spooky, mysterious look.

The letters are sharp and intricate in design to give the fonts a mystical feel.

The alphabet has many of these qualities, including vowels with points on top, punctuation marks like curly question marks or straight exclamation points, as well as lots of other quirky shapes and symbols.

This style of font is typically reserved strictly for decorative purposes, but it can also be used as a way to set off essential words or phrases so they stand out from everything else on the page.

This font type has a very sharp and rigid look that seizes the person’s creativity using it. It provides a sense of mystery and dark playfulness.

One can use this as an advantage to bring out their written artistry or add graphics to them to give it a personal touch.

The curves on each letter make a word distinctive looking.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect for anything that needs to have a dark, creepy, or mysterious feel
  • Best for large titles and headers
  • Has a charmingly old-fashioned feel that is very appropriate for texts that take place in an era long past

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10. Blackletter

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Designed by Dieter Steffmann, a decorative font designer with 4.4 million downloads and almost 100 fonts

It gives a severe feel.

It supports special characters, accents, and symbols.

Blackletter is the most common type of script used in Europe from about 1150 to 1500.

It originated as an ancient Germanic alphabet, and it’s now chiefly used for decorative purposes.

Many font designers have emulated blackletter since the 1800s, but it’s a very difficult typeface to recreate because of its ornate loops and curves.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great for your dramatic production
  • Has a nineteenth century feel because it resembles many fonts that were popular during this period
  • Often used in books and magazines that are about medieval events or subjects

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Final Thoughts

Fantasy map fonts can be a great way to make your map look unique.

With so many fonts available, it’s hard to decide which one will work best for you. 

Be sure that the font complements your map style and that it’s legible.

There’s a font for every map, and you have to know what you’re looking for. 

My favorite fonts are “Modern Fantasy,” “Vintage Handwritten True Type,” and the “49 Display” bundle. 

I hope you found this article helpful.

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