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Figma iPhone template

10 Best Figma iPhone Templates

Looking for the best options of Figma iPhone template?

Designing an effective UI from scratch is not exactly an easy task and can be quite time-consuming.

Instead, it would help if you considered using a web or mobile UI kit to speed up the design process.

Using a premade template, you don’t need to spend time creating every UI element from scratch.

With the template, you can use your time to arrange these elements in a most logical and visually appealing way.

We’ve found and made a list of the best options of Figma iPhone template below.

Please take a look and download them to your device to save time on making a new UI design.

1. Instagram Carousel Post & Story Templates

Figma iPhone template
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These days, Instagram is an important asset when it comes to developing and expanding business.

Whether you are a blogger, course creator, or online business owner, your Instagram account is what represents you best.

Your posts need to be interesting, professional, and, most importantly, engaging.

Nobody wants to see the same and boring Instagram posts, especially from a well-renowned company.

For all of you who want to tell your story in a new and original way, Instagram Carousel Post & Story Templates offer a set of different templates you can adjust.

This Instagram templates bundle is a pack of more than 45 social media templates with a professional design.

All templates are 100% vector, and you can customize them to suit your brand and your needs.

If you are not very artsy, you can use a huge variety of templates for a specific post without any special changes.

The templates use free Google fonts, and all font links are included in the package.

With this pack, you can easily create pixel-perfect images for social media.

It will take only a couple of minutes to create a professional post for your Instagram account.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Huge variety of templates you can adjust to your needs
  • You can easily edit all the layers on each template
  • All colors and texts are completely editable
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2. Era E-Commerce UI Kit Mobile App

Figma iPhone template
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When making an online shop, design and UX are what matters the most.

You want your potential customers to be able to find everything they need easily but also to stay in the app long enough to buy more than they’d originally planned.

Your e-commerce app also needs to have enough screens to cover every step of the way, as well as every possible situation.

Of course, it needs to have the right design that will be suitable for your business.

Era E-Commerce Mobile App UI Kit gives you 40 mobile vector-based minimal screens you can customize to fit your app.

Your customers can search through various categories and include as many filters as they need.

It includes a screen for choosing a language, as well as a customizable login screen.

Once they log in, your customers will have their profile to write all the information needed for ordering.

With only one click, they can access their shopping cart and easily add products to it.

Once they finish adding the products to their cart, they can start the ordering process.

There is a special screen for each step of the way, helping your customers get a better user experience.

Some screens inform customers if everything went well or if there was a certain problem.

If you want an appealing e-commerce app that offers great UX, Era E-Commerce Mobile App UI Kit is the right template for you.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Attractive app design with easy-to-use UI
  • 40 screens that can cover everything your app needs
  • Possibility of combining the elements to make the best app for your business
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3. Real Estate & Property Figma App

Figma iPhone template
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Real estate is a fast-growing market, and you need to keep up if you want to stay in business.

A modernly-designed and easy-to-use app can make you really stand out from the competition.

Making such an app can take you too much time, especially if you are not very skillful.

Luckily, there are many real estate app templates you can get online.

One of the best ones you can find is Gruh – Real Estate & Property Search App.

It is a professionally-designed real estate app template built with care and perfection.

The package has templates for 24 screens, including the Welcome page, Walkthrough Tour, Sign In, Sign Up, Profile, Real Estate Properties, Property Watchlist, App Settings, and many more.

The font used on the templates is Roboto, which gives them a serious and professional look.

There are completely editable templates for Property Details, as well as Property Location.

Your app users can find the right properties by using the search bar and a map.

There is also a possibility of including various filters that fit your users’ needs.

They can read and post comments on each property and read the latest real estate news.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Stylish and modern look
  • All screens are 100% vector so that you can edit them
  • You can easily change the layers of each screen
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4. Figma Salesforce Component Library

Figma iPhone template
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Salesforce CRM brings significant changes for the better in out-of-the-box business, and it can be further adapted to each company’s business processes.

But, one of its main advantages is certainly the ability to develop your own custom apps easily.

Of course, making an app like that can’t be an easy project.

You need to think of the right concept and then implement it and make the best app for your needs.

Finding the right elements can be difficult if you don’t know what you are looking for.

That’s where the Figma Salesforce Component Library comes in handy.

It includes all Salesforce icons that you can adjust to fit your app.

You can create objects, screens for validating entered data and then automatize data entering through the Flow.

Also, you can easily swap out components and icons, which are really flexible.

Layers are organized in groups, which makes adjusting quick and easy.

Mobile components and screen templates are included in the package and text, color, and effect styles.

Build the app that will be most useful to your company using the elements from this Figma Salesforce Component Library.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Attention to detail on every component
  • You can resize most components without breaking
  • Free updates for life
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5. Instagram Content Marketing Bundle

Figma iPhone template
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Being probably the most popular social network globally, Instagram is a great place for content marketing.

You can expand your business and influence by posting interesting and engaging posts on your Instagram account.

If you hate being boring and repetitive, this bundle of templates for Instagram Content Marketing could be quite an asset for you.

It includes over 25 Instagram Content Marketing templates you can use to attract followers.

This is great for entrepreneurs, social media managers, life-coaches, marketing agencies, designers, and generally, everybody who uses social media for advertising.

All templates are high-resolution images at 1080x1080px.

Templates are 100% vector so that you can edit them in accordance with your goals.

You can easily change photos, texts, colors, and mockups to customize templates, so they fit your needs.

If you are not sure what to post next, look at these templates, and find inspiration.

Share your knowledge and experience using professional but entertaining images.

Choose a template, add any image you like, change the text, and post it.

It was never easier to reach your readers and potential customers.

Lead the traffic to your profile and engage your followers with a few eye-catching Instagram posts.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Texts, fonts, illustrations, and colors are fully editable
  • All font links are free and included in the package
  • Layers are well-organized and easily adjustable
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6. iFood UI Kit

Figma iPhone template
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Food ordering apps are becoming more and more popular, but also more and more common.

That’s why a good food ordering app has to stand out.

The best way for that is by having an interesting design and great UI.

But, how can you create something new that will look unique but still be useful?

iFood UI Kit is one of the best templates for making professional and highly-functional apps for delivering food.

This kit gives you templates for 20 iOS compatible screens with 375×812 resolution.

It includes the templates for Login, Signup, Dashboard, Search Driver, Detail Order, Rating & Review, Chat, and many more.

San Francisco fonts are used, which are included in the download package.

There are screens for your customers to leave their phone number, as well as their location.

They can search through the restaurants in the area on the visually-appealing screen.

There are templates for the restaurant profiles and menus, as well as descriptions of the dishes.

Customers can add the dishes to their shopping cart and proceed with ordering.

With an order tracking screen, your customers can know where their food is at the moment.

They can also communicate with their driver, as well as rate and comment on him.

Pros & Benefits:

  • All screen templates are 100% scalable vectors
  • Color style and typeface are easy to change
  • Interactive and user-friendly interface
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 7. Figma Instagram Carousel For Marketing Bundle

Figma iPhone template
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With the development of technology, marketing strategies have changed.

And with all those social media where you can find potential customers, digital marketing has become the most important advertising asset for any company.

One of the best social media for marketing is Instagram, with over 1 billion monthly active users.

But, many businesses are advertising on Instagram, and you need to make an additional effort to stand out.

Repeating the same social media images easily bores people because they always want to see something original.

If you want to stand out in the Instagram community, attractive and engaging posts are a must.

Figma Instagram Carousel For Marketing Bundle offers just that.

It is a bundle of 10 professionally-designed templates for social media marketing.

Customizing them, you can get numerous unique and fun images you can share with your Instagram followers.

Keeping in mind all your potential customers, you can create fun and appealing Instagram posts that will attract more followers.

All templates from this pack are 100% editable and adjustable.

They are all high-resolution images at 1080×1080 and 1080×1350 pixels.

Change your marketing strategy and attract more traffic to your Instagram profile with original and entertaining images.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fun and original ideas for your Instagram images
  • All layers are completely editable
  • All font links are included in the package
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8. Hospital: Health & Medical Figma App

Figma iPhone template
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Modern technologies are a huge part of every aspect of our lives: education, entertainment, socializing, dating, eating, even our health.

Today, we can schedule everything using various online apps, including booking a doctor’s appointment.

If you are an owner of a clinic, you will most certainly want to use modern technologies in your business to make your patients easier to find you.

An app for booking an appointment with the doctor needs to be easy to use yet to contain all the necessary information.

Designing something like that isn’t simple, even if you’re tech-savvy.

Hospital: Health & Medical Mobile App is a Figma template you can use for creating a perfect booking app.

It has a modern and stylish look, and it’s quite user-friendly.

The pack has 15 screen templates, including Welcome Screen, Sign In, Sign Up, Hospital location, Chats, Video call, Calendar, Book an appointment, and so on.

There is a screen with all the information about a selected doctor and a screen for a patient profile.

Since blogging is an important part of online presence, a screen is specifically designed for those purposes.

The app template uses the Raleway font.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Modern and stylishly-designed screens for each step of the way
  • Interactive user interface
  • Texts, images, illustrations, mockups are fully editable
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9. Figma Slack App Mobile Templates

Figma iPhone template
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When it comes to business communication, there aren’t many better platforms than Slack.

With around 12 million daily active users and over 600 thousand companies using it, it’s among the most popular ones.

It offers many useful components, such as direct messaging, private groups, and topic-organized chat rooms.

But it can look a bit plain and boring.

Did you know that you can actually customize your Slack app?

With Figma Slack App Mobile Templates, you get the opportunity to create a unique and appealing communicating platform for your employees.

It includes 43 mobile templates that are compatible with the iOS 12 Slack mobile app.

There are different templates for viewing users’ profiles, settings, creating messaging channels, and so much more.

All Figma components are flexible and editable, allowing you to make the changes you want.

You can change the size and looks of all components, making them suitable for your specific needs.

Create an original and functional chatting platform for your team using these templates specifically designed for the Slack mobile app.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Templates are well-organized and labeled
  • A guarantee of getting your money back if you are not happy with the purchase
  • Free updates for life
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10. Ice Cream App UI Kit

Figma iPhone template
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No, this UI kit has nothing to do with ice cream, but it is for something we all like and use.

With so many social media around, we feel the need to share every moment of our lives with our friends and family.

And there are never enough social media around.

So, if you want to try to make your own social media app, you don’t have to make it from scratch.

Ice Cream App UI Kit provides you with an interesting and interactive design for a social media app, which you can edit any way you like.

It includes 24 iOS screen templates that you can customize using Figma, including Welcome screen, Log In, Sign Up, Reset Password, Create a profile, and many more.

Inspired by the most famous social media, these templates offer a similar experience to the one Instagram gives.

Users can create their accounts, add profile pictures and descriptions.

Then, there are screens for adding the new content, as well as following the profile statistics.

The kit includes various components to use in your app, such as charts, icons, illustrations, emojis, etc.

All components are easily editable and adjustable, so you can make an app that you think will attract most users.

It also offers the possibility of including the map for finding the exact places on it.

There are also screens for chat lists and chat rooms.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High-quality designs and illustrations
  • Fully editable images, texts, illustrations
  • User-friendly interface
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Final Thoughts

Figma has opened doors of possibilities that you couldn’t previously find in other tools.

With Figma themes and templates, developers and designers can collaborate in real-time, creating an ideal and responsive experience.

They are ready to download for anyone who’s getting started with Figma.

With all these assets, building with Figma is easier than ever.

Try any one of these options Figma iPhone template today!

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