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flora brushes

10 Best Flora Brushes For Procreate For Your Masterpiece

Flora brushes surely can enhance the beauty of your art work.

If you are into nature-themed designs, these brushes are definitely for you.

The latest brushes are available online and you can use them immediately for new creativity.

Here we have given ten most loved flora brushes you can can buy and use today.

1. Foliage Brushes For Procreate 5

flora brushes
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In this beautiful pack of brushes, there are botanical effects as well as stamps that you can use.

Here you will get 80 brushes to use for different kinds of unique and dashing flowers and leaves.

Whatever the design you are having in your mind, you can make it more attractive with the help of these cool brushes.

To use this, keep two points in your mind that are by the publisher of this product.

First of all, there would be no cancellation of this product because it is a digital product.

Secondly, you can’t label this product with your name, or you can’t sell this to a distant place or platform.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect choice for Procreate app
  • Nice handling and working 
  • Prominent color and enhancement
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2. Procreate Combo #2 – 27 Brushes

flora brushes
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You all know it very well that Procreate is an excellent application that helps people to make amazing illustrations and paintings.

You may need an additional brush to increase the creativity of the image and illustrations.

We are not saying that the given brushes in this app are not enough, but some new designs are still easy to draw with the latest brushes.

In this pack of flora brushes, you will get 27 stunning brushes for fantastic design as well as creativity.

These brushes would help you a lot by making a fantastic art of greenery and paintings as well.

Most of the artists, architects, and illustrators can get a fantastic benefit for this cool pack of brushes.

There is a fantastic combination of colors and textures that make this pack even more perfect.

Just imagine, if you are going to draw a marvelous beauty scene, you would need a brush that can give you a free hand.

Therefore, this is a brush that you want for your projects and other needs.

You will be getting a fantastic experience of sketching and painting natural-looking scenes.

If you also want to put a marvelous effect on all of your designs and illustrations, then don’t forget to get this cool brush pack.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Get PDF and JPG guide file
  • High texture brushes
  • Better exposure of gradient colors
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3. Procreate Flora Brushes

flora brushes
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You are going to get excellent brushes that are easy to use in a fantastic pack of Procreate brushes.

If you want to put a fantastic garden-like effect and beauty to your illustrations, then it is the right opportunity.

After downloading this pack, you will get ten total brushes and effects.

But, keep this in mind that you can only use these packs in the iPhone Procreate app, not in any other app.

If you don’t know how to upload brushes into Procreate, you can also get ideas from guides.

You will get the PDF file containing a link to your destination download page.

Overall, you can observe that the brushes in this set are having a textured and unique way.

So, if you are a beginner, then it would not be so much difficult for you to have amazing illustrations by these brushes.

Almost all of the flower as well as creative leaves can be quickly drawn with the help of a stunning brush

Here in this pack of products, you will get the various style of leaves of different kinds.

We think that you would enjoy the working of illustrations with these brushes.

Just try out this bundle of brushes to make your graphics perfect looking.

Don’t forget to try this out for your best experience of graphical paintings in Procreate application for your iPhones and iPad.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Clear graphics and illustrations
  • New leaves and flowers styles
  • Attractive color pigments
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4. Procreate Nature Bundle

flora brushes
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Making natural elements has become easy with this pack.

The Procreate Nature Bundle is for you if you want to make your natural elements more delightful and surprising.

With 146 brushes, you can draw rocks, stones, water, light, clouds, smoke, rain, snow, ripples, trees, and many more.

It comes in BRUSHES format for easy installation.

By purchasing this, you will have access to all current and future nature-related brushes.

Do note that you will need the latest version of Procreate to use the brushes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unique flowers with transparency effect
  • Suitable for stationery, packaging, and printout
  • All 136 brushes design with combination features
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5. Flora Edge Brushes & Stamps

flora brushes
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Sometimes there are some illustrations that you can’t do with the help of provided brush sets in the Procreate app.

Therefore, you must have to add-in a package of brushes as well as other effects.

In this neat pack of Procreate brush, you will get 100 leaf brushes that you can use.

This product pack is very reliable as well as suitable for experts and newcomers in the illustration working.

You will also get the guide about uploading the brushes into Procreate by using Dropbox and iCloud services.

The format of all of the files is PDF, JPG, and BRUSH (this is for the procreate application).

When you purchase the item, it would be available to you immediately.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Gradient colors effect
  • Sharp edge brushes
  • Powerful color splash effects
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6. Flora&Bird – Brush Box For Procreate

flora brushes
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In this beautiful brush pack, you will get 50 most loved flora brushes that are perfect to use. 

If you are searching for the best pack of brushes for your Procreate app, then it is the right choice.

Well, an illustrator must have an excellent grip on the brushes to handle this application.

However, if you want to make stunning illustration effects in your amazing Procreate app for iPad and iPhone, try it now.

Sideline and margin colors are also included in the product to have a better effect on beauty.

You can see clearly in the whole pack various flower effects make your design more attractive.

When you are planning to make a fantastic looking garden painting, you would need such a pack!

This is very simple and creative, so the new users can use it correctly.

The pack also contains shining leaves and texture effects.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Cool and realistic effects
  • Awesome flowers with leafs
  • 50 brushes in one package
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7. All For Procreate – Brush Bundle

flora brushes
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This pack of brushes is perfect for correctly making flora graphics.

If you are having a project related to gardening or making amazing graphics of natural beauty, you need this.

The pack contains 705 excellent brushes you can use to make excellent illustrations of flowers and leaves.

You will also get the PDF file for guiding about using this brush product.

All the process is straightforward and unique so you can try this right now to have beautiful graphics.

Due to this product’s digital nature, you cannot refund this product or any other kind of claim.

After verification of payment, you would get your product immediately link.

Just click the link, and you would reach the target page.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect graphic illustrations
  • High-resolution graphics
  • Best product of brushes
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8. Flora Frame Brushes & Masks

flora brushes
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In this pack, you would be getting 80 stunning brushes that are awesome to make your graphics more attractive.

The first one is ground brushes that can help you make the ground awesome looking.

Second is the leaves that are easy to use to create realistic ones.

Last is the moss and flora in which you get most of the flora brushes for making flowers.

There is also a variety of sizes and brightness of brushes that can help you to make your work even more prominent.

Whenever you have created an incredible looking art and you want to give an excellent touch to it, consider this pack.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Small file size
  • Easy to use with an iPad pencil
  • Perfect for landscape illustrations
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9. Line’s Grass & Foliage Brushes

flora brushes
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This collection contains brushes of leaves and flowers at the same time.

In the new update, it provides detailed changes furthermore.

You can quickly draw out or make the illustration or your paint and landscape more gorgeous and realistic by using these brushes.

It is straightforward to do work and handle them for your project now; just follow the instructions and you will be ok.

After the selection of any brush either from leaves or flowers, you have to use it merely like a pencil.

Then, you can adjust the color for the project.

Most of the brushes are not allowed to change shades, but in this pack, all is upon your choice.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to use and control
  • Many shades and colors
  • Apply on all kind of canvas
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10. Procreate Foliage Stamps

There are 12 foliage and flora brushes in this product package, with one compiled pattern brush of stamp.

Here you will get one flora brush to make the texture more unique as well as one texture brush for enhancing.

In addition, you will also get 14 JPG files and 14 PNG files containing various motifs, patterns, and fantastic texture images.

You can easily use these textures and other backgrounds according to your desire in a beautiful way.

There are also six prepared base color patterns for your different kinds of projects.

Use this pattern and JPG images in your tasks and projects to make them up to standard for you.

Pros & Benefits:

  • With perfect visuals
  • Includes JPG and PNG files
  • Best for making attractive graphics

Final Thoughts

These flora brushes are for those who want to make their graphics and illustrations more prominent with various effects.

You can easily use these packs with your Procreate app and have vast experience of making paintings.

We expect you would enjoy having these stunning brush packs for your needs.

Grab one of them today!

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