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fonts that look like handwriting on google docs

Fonts that Look Like Handwriting on Google Docs

Add some human touch to your documents by using fonts that look like handwriting on Google Docs.

Why should we do so?

This is because handwriting express the emotional state, personality, likes, dislikes, even the struggles of a person.

So, fonts that look like handwriting on Google Docs can lend some ‘warmth’ to a cold computer-generated document.

For now, we are focusing on Google Docs documents.

Once you find 2-3 fonts that you resonate with, consider mixing them up.

Use one font for headlines, another one for your paragraphs, and so on. 

So, are you curious to see what are the best handwritten fonts on Google Docs?

After researching through hundreds of fonts, we picked the best 24 of them and listed them here.

And, besides the list, we also shared the top 3 best websites where you can download the mentioned fonts.

So, you can immediately start using them in your Google Documents. 

1. Indie Flower

fonts that look like handwriting on Google docs

As it has perfect readability, cuteness, laid-backness, this font ticks all the requirements a font needs to be called beautiful.

We loved it because it looks very aesthetically pleasing while having a carefree vibe. 

Also, we think it’s a perfect fit for an open, easy-going individual.

This is because its round edges resemble the writing style of an adaptable and optimistic type of person. 

2. Pangolin

fonts that look like handwriting on Google docs

You’ll notice that some fonts have fun facts related to their background mentioned in their short descriptions.

But we think this one might have the cutest one of them all.

It was designed for Google Valentine’s Day in 2017.

The font depicts the idea of the “Pangolin Love,” an endangered species from Asia and Africa. 

It’s an endearing, cute, and aesthetically pleasing font with a whimsical, playful side. 

What made us fall for this font was the purity and innocence.

These are characteristics specific to powerful, true love.

You can sense it from the subtle shakiness of each letter. 

3. Amatic SC


fonts that look like handwriting on Google docs

Are you looking for something more casual? 

This is good for you if you like writing with small capitals. 

It’s a great mix between looking clean and straightforward and being quite highly appealing and playful.

Therefore, it’s one complex combination.

Make your headlines, titles, or small runs of text stand out and try playing with it in your subsequent documents. 

4. Swanky and Moo Moo

fonts that look like handwriting on Google docs

This one also has some sweet, fun roots that are worth sharing.

A young mom’s handwriting style inspires the font.

And (here comes one fascinating fact) the name comes from the writer’s family real-life nicknames. 

It conveys a truly unique personality, being a mixture of more contrasting vibes.

It’s serious, while still staying playful to some extent.

In addition,  it resembles the writing of someone who is in a hurry.

But who still takes the time to make sure the written text is easily readable.

5. Kalam

fonts that look like handwriting on Google docs

For something a bit more informal and relaxed and a bit ‘windy’, go with Kalam.

The author managed to replicate the casual, everyday handwriting through a ballpoint pen.

The letters are a bit all over the place.

Therefore, you might want to consider using this font when want to lend a more careless and laid-back vibe to a document.

6. Patrick Hand

fonts that look like handwriting on Google docs

The name gives it away.

But we’ll mention it as well.

This font is based on the author’s (Patrick Wagesreiter) handwriting style.

It adapts easily to any text, as it’s a mixture of grace, effectiveness, and handsomeness.

However, it has that hidden whimsical side that gives it a very natural look.

7. Patrick Hand SC

fonts that look like handwriting on Google docs

The name probably suggests that this one is also part of the Patrick Hand font family.

The looks also give that fact away, as the font resembles the previous one in style and structure.

However, the difference is that this SC version has all the letters in small caps.

Keeping the aesthetics and natural look, this one adds a layer of informality and spontaneity to the table.

For example, look at the letters “D” and “C.” 

Both serve as examples of Patrick Hand SC’s spontaneous side. 

8. Handlee

fonts that look like handwriting on Google docs

This one is for the handwriting quirks lovers.

Check out the curviness of each letter to spot them.

It resembles the style of someone who enjoys writing and playing with each letter’s details.

this font is elegant, feminine but still cheerful.

However, you also see its fanciful side.

This one will boost your texts’ aesthetics regardless of the situation or the placement in the document.

9. Marck Script

fonts that look like handwriting on Google docs

Seeing that so many of these beautifully crafted fonts are based on an author’s authentic handwriting style, we’re starting to consider working on a font of our own. 

But yes, as the name suggests, the person behind the font is also the one whose writing inspired it. 

We were fascinated by the lack of connection between letters, which gives each letter enough space to breathe, making the whole text easily understandable. 

This technique determines the text to be intuitive, laid-back, very aesthetically pleasing, and not at all cramped or tight. 

10. Homemade Apple

Even though the name stops at “Apple,” we’re sure the author was thinking about apple pies while working on this font .

We all know that the best apple pie is the one you make yourself.

The same applies here, too – the perfect font is the one you make yourself.

It also has a vibe of font you’d use on a label for a jam jar or while writing a cookbook – it looks cute and tasty.

So, are you ready to boost the deliciousness of your Google Docs?

11. Kristi

The calligraphy lover inside you will appreciate seeing this font in your documents.

As a fun fact, this one was designed to resemble the old chancery typefaces, and it’s made with a felt-tip pen. 

To give your texts a more classical, elegant look while still keeping the aesthetics on point, give Kristi a shot next time you work in Google Docs.

12.Seaweed Script

Are you more prone to choosing tropical places when planning your travelings? 

Then this one is might be your winner because, as the name suggests, this font goes into the exotic handwriting area.

If we analyze it carefully, besides being exotic, it also has a more rustic vibe than the ones suggested up until now.

Each letter is well crafted and connected to the next one.

Therefore, successfully managing to resemble someone who writes with wariness and mindfulness to assure the texts are easily understandable. 

13. Gochi Hand

The purpose of this font is to resemble the handwriting of a teenage girl.

Its spontaneity, recklessness, and cuteness gave it away a little bit (we could make a separate article just with fun facts about these fonts). 

Another fun fact would be that the curves were carefully made to assure the letters’ high quality in print. 

Regardless of all the facts above, this one is a strong candidate for the best handwriting font on Google Docs .

It’s whimsical!

Moreover, it has some of the common quirks of authentic handwriting styles, and it’s aesthetically pleasing. 

What else could you ask from a font?

14. Reenie Beanie

Now, this one is for your playful side.

At first glance, the letters might look like they are placed carelessly.

But if you analyze it carefully, you’ll notice that this is what assures the font’s eccentric side. 

It’s spontaneous, laid-back, and looks like someone with a unique set of characteristics could work it. 

If you are in the prowl for a font with personality, look no further because you have a winner in Reenie Beani. 

15. Shadows Into Light

This one has a different kind of elegant, feminine feel, sustained by the distinctive style of the rounded edges and curves. 

It’s neat, clean, and has a more informal vibe that makes it good-looking. 

The spontaneity of each letter supports its natural, unrefined feel. 

16. Just Another Hand

This font can also join the squad of fonts inspired by the author’s real-life handwriting style.

Even if it looks like the letters are a bit cramped at first glance, if you look closely, you’ll notice that the letters don’t touch each other.

The narrowness feel of the font is balanced by the space between each letter which allows them to breathe, making the text easily readable and good-looking.

17. Coming Soon

This one also has a fun fact behind it, as the author’s mother inspired it while she was in her middle-school years.

The letters’ shakiness might give away the fact that behind the font is the handwriting style of someone navigating her teenage years.

It looks like she was a bit nervous while writing. 

We were fascinated by this one because of its purity, innocence, and natural feel, and we knew it deserves a spot at the top. 

Even if it had a specific natural feel as well, every other font presented didn’t give such powerful vibes of wholesomeness as Coming Soon does.

18. Dekko 

A warm, carefully crafted font that is set to increase the level of good looks of your documents. 

It also emits a casual, loose side that allows you to count on this regardless of the situation or the text placement and purpose (headline, title, paragraph, or anything else). 

We don’t know what the inspiration for Dekko was.

But by its looks, we can assume it was made to resonate with those who have a passion either for calligraphy or writing. 

19. Just Me Again Down Here

Don’t fret, even if this one gives a more worn and shabby feel at first glance. 

We were impressed by how nicely the author managed to mix the casual irregularities of everyday real-life handwriting .

To exemplify this, check the uppercase and lowercase letters ( check out the “R” in “before” or the “S” in “us”).

It’s a mixture that stands as a point of difference, giving it a unique but still unprocessed and pure feel.

Also, we can’t finish talking about this font without mentioning the high level of spontaneity and whimsy it emits. 

20. La Belle Aurore

If you’re a fan of classical movies, then you will love this fun fact .

This font was inspired by the well-known and adored Hollywood classic Casablanca.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the resemblance is there, as La Belle Aurore is romantic, brave, spontaneous, and with a soft, mysterious twist. 

The curliness and the use of what it looks like in an italic mode can quickly remind one of the handwriting of someone crafting a love letter. 

21. Give You Glory

Another interesting take on the mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, which gives the font a quirky and fun vibe.

You can consider Give You Glory as a great example of what it means to be imperfectly perfect – as well are. 

It portrays the natural flow of one’s handwriting.

It’s messy, a little bit shabby, and full of quirks while staying very aesthetically pleasing and attractive to some extent. 

22. Nothing You Could Do

We’re back with another fun fact, as this font is based on a photographer’s handwriting. 

Also, according to the author, her main goal was to depict the highest possible level of authenticity and straightforwardness.

As the purpose was to craft a humane font, this surely looks a human’s penmanship.

23. Cedarville Cursive

Continuing the series of fun facts about fonts, a preschool teacher’s handwriting style inspired this one. 

If you cover your left eye, tilt your head to the right, and turn on your creative side, you can even imagine a teacher correcting pupils’ papers while using this writing style. 

Even if it looks a little bit messy and careless, it manages to portray the writing one might turn to when in a rush. 

And, all things aside, it’s still one of the most natural, uninhibited, and unconstrained fonts we came across. 

Where Can You Get Them

Even though there are many websites where these fonts are available for free, you can easily download them from Google’s official website for fonts, Google Fonts

You can easily add the fonts available there to your Google Docs and, because they are open source, you can use them in other projects. 

We’ll share two more websites where most of the fonts mentioned above are available, together with many others.

One of them is Font Squirrel, where you can also download fonts already in commercial use for free. 

Another excellent place for fonts lovers is Fontspace, a library of over 75k fonts that you can explore and download for free. 

Final Thoughts

Every person’s handwriting style says something about the one holding the pen.

Using fonts that look like handwriting in your Google Docs will bring your texts to life, giving them a specific personality and a unique feel. 

They can make your documents feel more warm and humane.

Handwriting fonts give them a spontaneous, whimsical twist, or a mixture of the two (or more) sides. 

Using this kind of fonts increases the possibility of keeping your reader’s interest.

This is because your texts look like they were carefully written by a person who took the time to craft each letter with special attention. 

Also, as we’ve kept on mentioning throughout the article, these fonts are aesthetically pleasing and very good-looking.

So, the chances of engaging more readers with your Google Docs will be increased.

So, pick a handwriting font now.

You’ll never know how good something works unless you go ahead and try it out.

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