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10 Best Free Digital Art Applications

Let’s talk about free digital art apps.

Digital art applications are an innovative medium for artists that allow them to draw, sketch, write, and color.

Moreover, they can create art through different devices like mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

The most widely known digital art applications are Adobe Illustrator, Procreate, and Affinity Designer. 

These applications are usually used by professionals and can either be acquired through a monthly subscription or to permanently avail of the app license. 

Moreover, different applications have different types and functions, ranging from brushes, pencils, markers, and strokes to use based on the artist’s techniques and chosen style. 

However, being a start-up artist or an artist who wants to explore new art media, paying for application subscriptions is a thing to consider.

Especially if you don’t have enough resources to maximize the potential of these applications along with your capabilities as an artist. 

If you’re planning to unleash your creativity using digital art applications, this guide on free digital art apps will help you choose the right one to grow your skills as an artist.

Guide to Free Digital Art Apps

Canva and Picsart are the most versatile digital applications that offer a wide range of free accessible features. 

Canva has plenty of templates for posters, resumes, presentations, and even video editing – both free and paid features. 

While Picsart is more of a photo manipulation type, it’s still useful despite being costless, but paid operations are also available. 

Although they can’t support complex operations, both are beginner-friendly.

Both suit students who need to create digital art for school and personal uses. 

However, if you are familiar with the basics of creating digital art, the list below consists of 10 free digital applications useful with different operating systems and gadgets of your choice.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

free digital art apps

Although Adobe is one of the biggest icons in digital applications globally, Adobe Illustrator Draw is accessible without paying a single dime. 

It focuses on free-form art, manual sketches, scribbles, and photo manipulation.

You can do anything from a simple logo to billboard materials without losing the quality and sharpness due to its scalability.   

The latest update features Adobe Sensei; it will automatically convert a manually drawn sketch into a vector graphic. 

Also, it allows the users to extract the colors from the inserted photo for easier color determination. 


It’s perfect when dealing with complex details and artworks that require detailed forms, and it’s easy to handle, especially when the user’s already familiar with other digital applications. 

It also excels in color blending, which helps to produce more defined and gradient results.


The downsides of using Adobe Illustrator Draw are the limited amount of free accessible operations and features and some issues in terms of importing and exporting files from one program to another without losing the layers used.


Adobe Illustrator Draw is available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

To maximize the application’s potential, make sure that the android operating system is at least 5.0 and for ios, 11.0 version. 

Furthermore, Adobe Illustrator supports iPad varieties better because it’s specially optimized for Apple Pencil and Apple software.

You can download the application through this link.

Tayasui Sketches Lite

free digital art apps

Tayasui Sketches Lite is best for watercolor-based artworks. 

Although the application name suggests that it focuses more on sketches, drawings, and patterns, it usually works with watercolor-like finishes. 

There are different types of paintbrushes available such as acrylic brushes. 

It also offers varied patterns depending on your preference and wide-range color gradients for more colorful and lively graphics.

Additionally, the color mix feature engages artists who struggle to find the right color in the wheel.

It gives the user control to mix two colors and change their hue and color payoff in no time. 


Tayasui Sketches Lite has a “Sketches Community” where it enables artists to share their artworks and provides an audience for their entries. 

It also offers limited tools but provides the right and useful ones for every kind of art. 

Take note that sometimes a massive amount of options is overwhelming. 


There are evident glitches with some tools and incompatibility problems with some devices and operating systems. 

The zoom and undo buttons have had problems performing efficiently on some devices and layering features, which is exceptionally significant for easier adjustments without disturbing the project. 


Tayasui Sketches Lite is free to download from Mac App, Apple App Store, and Google Play. 

There is also Tayasui Sketches Pro and other in-app purchases to unlock more features. 


free digital art apps

From the name itself, iPastels works best with pastel-like finishes and includes oil pastels, chalk pastels, and soft pastel features to produce realistic pastel-like styles and tones. 

It also portrays delicate color blending similar to manual pastel artwork, and it’s compatible with an Apple Pencil and iPad.

iPastels provides an immediate approach to changing colors and features a full-screen mode option.

Users can temporarily hide the toolbar and bring it back with just a wipe. 


iPastels is very manageable, easy-to-navigate, and the users can command stroke widths and pressure with a stylus or an iPen. 

It also offers a range of color palettes to aid start-up users who have insufficient knowledge of color patterns and color mixing.


Some issues with using iPastels include the low resolution of exported artworks and its exclusiveness with apple products, specifically iPad varieties. 

The blending of colors doesn’t work well with some people especially using bare fingers. 

Lagging issues are also evident when launching the application.


iPastels is only available in the Apple App Store and best suits Apple products, especially iPad varieties.

It’s programmed to support Apple Pencil technology to produce realistic results and easier gliding.

It’s available for free download, but there are also in-app purchases to access more available features.

MediBang Paint

free digital art apps

MediBang Paint, on the one hand, specializes in a different art style. 

It aims to produce Japanese-inclined artworks, themes, and styles such as creating animated characters, manga, and comic books. 

It features a comic panel for easier command in making comics and manga, which is its domain. 

The MediBang Community allows artists to meet other artists that share the same taste and art preferences.

Moreover, pressure sensitivity features are also available with the use of a stylus. 


One of the benefits of using MediBang Paint is the tool’s shortcut, which lessens screen space consumption and provides a wider canvas for the user. 

It also includes an automatic selection tool for easier icon manipulation and an eyedropper tool similar to Adobe Sensei.

It provides access to fellow artists in which several people can work together to finish a single project.

Additionally, the voice-to-text option turns your speech into a comic dialogue, giving convenience and ease to some people.


The user needs to register for a MediBang account before using the application, and there are some reported crashing and glitching problems when saving artwork. 

The software itself is somehow faulty, for some users can’t even launch the application.


MediBang Paint is compatible with Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android.

It’s available in any application store that supports the program for free, but there are in-app purchases and more features. 

The application name also varies on different operating systems.

Click here for more information.


free digital art apps

Concepts is more commonly used in iPads and other Apple products. 

It features a resolution-independent ability to prevent low-quality graphics when the user enlarges the canvas for a closer look and finer details.

It’s also perfect for free-form designs as it offers great flexibility and freedom on how you want the artwork to turn out. 

It promotes a realistic drawing experience, and each tool creates lifelike graphics and functions similarly to real art materials.


Concepts offers an infinite canvas due to its resolution-independent features and has presets of color palettes. 

You can also use it for huge projects and professional commissions due to its capabilities.

Concepts programming is advanced enough to support high-resolution displays, and it fits high-performance software and devices such as stylus pens and Apple pencils.


Its free version offers limited features, and it has incompatibility issues considering that it’s built to suit Apple products more. 

There are bugs and glitches on the current update where purchasing the pro version gets refunded repeatedly in some cases.


Concepts is free to download in Google Play, Galaxy Store, Microsoft, and Apple App Store, but most of its features are available as optional in-app purchases. 

However, it favors the iPad and other Apple products more.

Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter won an award entitled” “The Creativity Ap.” 

It comes with brush customization, which suits every user’s preference considering its wide range of availability. 

It is like Procreate because of its quality features and its highly customizable interface. 

The name itself works best with paintings and gives you a realistic and robust feeling as you use the application.


In terms of brushes, Infinite Painter gives realistic vibes and a payoff perfect for natural-looking and lifelike results. 

It also includes a liquefy option to produce well-blended colors and gradient effects. 

It doesn’t have a complicated system, and users can easily work with Infinite Painter.

Artists are capable of recording their progress in a Timelapse for sharing and documentation purposes.


 Infinite Painter has limited access to most features. 

Users need to avail of in-app purchases to unlock the desired option. 

Unfortunately, the latest update has bugs and lagging issues for some users. 

For more updates, visit the official page.


Infinite Painter is readily available in Apple App Store and Google Play for free. 

Unfortunately, if you’re wishing to use your laptop and computer, only a 7-day trial is given, then you need to buy its license or monthly subscription.

Autodesk Sketchbook 

Autodesk Sketchbook’s finest feature is its paper-to-the-digital mechanism. 

It also works as a scanner, and it converts hand-drawn artwork into digital art instantly. 

It has an easy-to-navigate interface perfect for non-professional and amateur digital artists.

 Fortunately, it’s greatly compatible with almost all devices and operating systems.


Aside from its paper-to-digital feature, Autodesk Sketchbook offers customizable pens and drawing tools to meet each user’s preferences. 

It paves the way for beginners to produce neat and precise graphics without taking up too much time, and it possesses great compatibility with several devices.


Some underlying issues with this application are the lagging problems when loading and using high-resolution images and the struggle to log in each use.

It’s not suggested for huge projects.

Autodesk requires an Autodesk ID before using the application, which can cause struggles for some artists.


Compatible with all devices, but like Infinite Painter, when using a laptop or computer, a limited trial is only given. 

In-app purchases are also available for smartphones.

The Sketchbook for Enterprise is the premium version of the application that offers the same features but allows several users to work on a single project.

Infinite Design

Infinite Design specializes in creating vector art, logo designs, and animated illustrations. 

It is more compatible with non-realistic artworks, and it offers great productivity tools for producing sophisticated designs with coherence. 

The latest update improves the user interface of the application to support high-display projects and advanced servers.

It’s the sister application of the Infinite Painter and is also created by Infinite Studio LLC.


The advantages of using Infinite Design include the infinite canvas feature with unlimited layers, which gives the user freedom and control in his artwork. 

It also comes with automatic shape detection for easier navigation in creating vector art and illustrations.

The history slider feature gives access to unlimited undo and tracks the progress of the user for reference.

Infinite Studio Community exists to give artists the capacity to share their works and be noticed.


Some glitches and lagging issues with some brushes and tools, and despite being usable, only a few free features are available. 

Although the application possesses great digital art qualities, technical issues are evident with some users, and there are bugs to be fixed.


It has limited access and can only be downloaded from the Google Play Store; thus, only Android devices can procure Infinite Design. 

Infinite Design offers a free download in Google Play, but you can also avail of the in-app purchases if you’re wishing to use more operations.


Artflow provides a pressure sensitivity feature that allows users to easily navigate each stroke depending on their preference. 

Additionally, the brush engine mechanism is beneficial for easily modifying the brush set-up, and it works best using the Samsung S Pen. 

The rotational canvas is also useful for users who like the arts with multiple perspectives.

Artflow continuously improves its application interface to lessen incompatibility issues with some devices.

Thus, it’s now faster and supports small-factor devices such as smartphones.


It uses an advanced and high-class processor to avoid crashing and glitching issues for a better and improved user experience.

The palm rejection feature prevents accidental zooms and panning of the canvas from avoiding disturbance the project. 

The free version offers a wide range of features and operations already, such as painting options.


Since it’s exclusive to Android smartphones, it can only be accessed through Google Play Store, leading to incompatibility issues with other types of gadgets and operating systems.


It’s available in Google Play Store, and in-app purchases are also an option to unlock more features and maximize the potential of Artflow. 

Android smartphones work best using Artflow.

But make sure that your Android smartphone’s operating system is at least Android 4.4 (Kitkat).

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Like Tayasui Sketches Lite, Adobe Photoshop Sketch is made for painting pictures and a mostly realistic drawing experience despite the contradicting application name. 

It aims to portray the hand-drawn and manual drawing feeling for the comfort of the artists.

It offers a variety of pens, markers, and brushes as well.

It’s one of the applications offered by Adobe; thus, it’s also acceptable to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop if you wish to. 


One of its assets includes watercolor and smooth pencil features to replicate the analog drawing experience. 

Moreover, the” “time-saving feature” of the application help increase the productivity and navigation of artists.

Photoshop Sketch allows users to associate high-resolution images with their projects while retaining the image’s quality.


The downsides of using it are:

  • the struggle to repeatedly log in to the account every use
  • limited control of the free version
  • some incompatibility issues with Apple products such as iPad and the Apple Pencil


Adobe Photoshop Sketch is available for free download in Google Play Store and Apple App Store, but in-app purchases are available to unlock the rest of the application’s features.

Finding the Perfect Digital Art Application for You

Digital art has come a long way in recent years.

With so many great digital art applications available, it can be hard to decide which one to use.

Whether you’re a professional artist or just starting out, choosing the right digital art application is crucial to your success.

So, what should you look for when choosing a digital art application?

Here are a few things to consider.

Ease of Use

First and foremost, look for an application that is easy to use.

A digital art application should be intuitive and user-friendly, with a simple and straightforward interface.

You don’t want to spend hours trying to figure out how to use a complicated application when you could be creating beautiful art.

Features and Capabilities 

Next, consider the features and capabilities of the application.

Does it offer a range of brushes and tools for you to use?

Can you customize those tools to fit your needs?

Does it offer layers, which can help you create complex and detailed artwork?

These are all important features to consider when choosing a digital art application.


It’s also important to consider the compatibility of the application with your computer or tablet.

Make sure the application works with your device and operating system.

And that it can handle the size and resolution of the artwork you want to create.


Another important factor to consider is the price of the application.

While there are many great free digital art apps available, some may have limited features or capabilities.

Paid applications may offer more features and support, but can be costly.

Look for an application that offers a good balance of features and price.

Creative Community and Resources

Finally, consider the creative community and resources available for the application.

A strong community of artists who use the software can be a valuable resource for learning new techniques, sharing resources, and getting feedback on your work.

Choosing a digital art application can be a daunting task.

But by considering the factors we listed, you can find free digital art apps or paid ones that fit your needs and help you create beautiful, inspiring artwork.

So, start exploring, experimenting, and creating with your chosen digital art application today!

Final Thoughts

A single application doesn’t have it all.

It’s obvious how these paid and free digital art apps have their strengths, weaknesses, and specializations. 

Make sure you’re using the right gadget for a specific application to avoid conflicting issues.

Among the ten free digital art apps, for sure, you’ve been eyeing to try one of these without the need to spend money right away. 

Most of them offer limited access to their quality features when used without paying.

I am sure, in the future, you’ll want to invest in an application that works for you, suits your needs and resources, and matches your art style soon enough.

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