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free Figma email template

5 Best Figma Email Template Options (Free & Paid)

Using these options for free Figma email template can improve the look of your company’s newsletter and eCommerce emails.

Figma is a popular UI/UX design app that allows you to create your company’s brand with nearly infinite options.

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can construct your company’s website, ads, and emails.

Since it’s a web-based application, you can share all of your projects with your entire design team.

Having everyone work on the design together makes it easier to share drafts and ideas.

With so many options to customize your brand’s website and marketing campaign, it can be hard to create everything from scratch.

This is especially with the emails you plan on sending to your clients.

Since most web designers using Figma use it primarily for web design, it can be challenging to find the right template for your needs.

Finding email templates to speed your design process that is also Figma compatible can be difficult.

So to save you time, we’ve compiled nine options for free Figma email template for you.

1. Paris – 15 Newsletter Templates

free Figma email template
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For our first package of templates: these newsletter-style templates by Royalz Store.

Everyone wants the biggest bang for their buck, and this package might just be it.

This package includes a whopping 15 templates for your customization and use.

It allows you to select a template that fits your exact needs.

However, the increased number of templates is reflected in the price, which is $24 for a commercial license.

Though it’s one of the most expensive packages on this list, it provides a high level of customization with vectored and layered templates.

These files are also compatible with Sketch, Photoshop, and XD and Figma.

So if you need to switch between devices, it won’t be an issue.

This Paris package only includes files with dimensions of 620 x 2000 px, so there are no additional mobile-ready templates.

Unfortunately, at 72 dpi, these files don’t translate well into print, but that shouldn’t be an issue if you’re just launching an email campaign.

Although this package has a section for user reviews and comments, nobody has left the developer any messages or feedback.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fifteen total templates included in the package
  • Fully customizable with layers and vectors
  • Multiple files for use in various applications
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2. Email eCommerce Templates

free Figma email template
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Sometimes you don’t need more than just a couple templates.

If that’s the case, then these eCommerce email templates by Middletone will probably better fit your needs.

These templates are set up correctly to help you show off whatever you’re selling in their very best light.

Priced at $14 for the commercial license, it’s more pricey than many others on this list.

However, both of the templates in this pack come in PSD, FIG, and TXT formats for selling your merchandise.

This means you get four Photoshop and four Preview files, which could be useful or redundant depending on your project.

You also get two versions of each template – a desktop version that’s 680×1824 px, and a mobile version that’s 320×2480 px.

This will make sure your design looks good no matter where your customer sees it.

These templates come layered and vectored, so they’re easily customizable to fit your brand’s exact needs within the Figma app.

Additionally, this package comes with a free font for you to use a fun bonus.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Already designed for both desktop and mobile devices
  • Additional font included in the package
  • 100% customizable
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3. Email Templates

free Figma email template
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This package of email campaign templates is also by Middletone.

Like with the Email ecommerce Templates, this package comes with two email templates already pre-made.

However, instead of focusing on selling your product, these templates are styled as newsletters.

They are designed to help you welcome new customers and familiarize them with your company or brand.

As with Middletone’s eCommerce templates, this package comes with desktop and mobile versions in different pixel dimensions.

These are also entirely customizable, coming both layered and vectored to give you complete control over your final design.

Included with these templates is another free font, different from the one in the eCommerce package.

At $14 for the commercial license, this is just as pricey as the eCommerce templates.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Completely customizable
  • Includes desktop and mobile templates
  • Two types of templates: one to welcome customers and one to profile your brand/company
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4. Email Templates (Welcome)

free Figma email template
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This next package of templates is the Welcome email templates package, once again by Middletone.

As with the other two Middletone packages, you’re getting two pre-made email templates.

Unlike the other two sets of templates, however, these are geared mostly towards getting customers to take action with your company.

These email templates are set up to encourage clients to sign up or get involved.

They would be perfect for an organization or new social media site.

Once again, this package includes desktop and mobile-ready templates to ensure high quality on any device.

Like the other two Middletone packages, these layered and vectored templates give you 100% control over your emails’ customization.

Another free font is included in this package as well, allowing for even more unique designs.

It should come as no surprise that this set of templates is also $14 for the commercial license

Pros & Benefits:

  • Geared towards getting customers to interact with your organization, brand, or company
  • Comes with desktop and mobile versions of the templates
  • High customization ability
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5. Multipurpose Figma Template

free Figma email template
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The next item on our list is this multipurpose template pack from Enviato Elements.

Enviato is a subscription service website that has thousands of Figma friendly templates at your fingertips.

Unfortunately, this pack is not free, but at $16.50 per month, it’s quite possibly the best deal.

It has over 100 unique artboards and over 200 different section layouts.

This makes it more than possible to find something that you can adapt to fit your needs.

With organized layers and a structure based on Figma styles and components, it’s a breeze to use and fully customize these templates.

Additionally, this package’s clean and simple style allows you to focus on your content.

Overall this template package is excellent for all aspects of designing your brand or company’s image.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Hundreds of templates allow for nearly infinite possibilities
  • These templates are also great to use for your website design, not just emails
  • Access to this pack also gives you access to thousands of more templates
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6. Email Design System For Sketch & Figma

free Figma email template
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Next on the list is this pay-what-you-can template design system by designer and developer Lee Monroe.

It starts at just $9 on

With ten templates, you’ll be able to create a newsletter, eCommerce, receipt, and welcome emails, among others, with ease.

It’s tailored to help you keep your motif consistent across all emails.

This makes your brand’s image uniform across your entire marketing scheme.

These templates allow you to build and design your emails necessarily from scratch.

This package includes both mobile and desktop layouts.

They’re also designed to be responsive.

So whatever you make on the desktop version is easily scaled down into a mobile-friendly version for you.

Something beautiful about this package is that it has a review page!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Cost-effective – each template is less than a dollar each
  • Lots of options to build upon
  • Allows you to use Figma colors and fonts to fully customize your design
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7. eCommerce Email Templates

free Figma email template
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This next package has 12 transactional HTML emails for your email creation needs.

It has a sleek, streamlined design so as not to distract from your products or business transactions.

These templates are great for creating receipts, newsletters, and promotions, with plenty of opportunities to develop other kinds of emails.

They’re designed to work with Figma’s design system for use in an unlimited number of projects.

With mobile devices being the primary form of email access, you want to be sure that your emails look good on small phone screens.

But no matter what type of device your clients use, these email templates are designed to be responsive and mobile-friendly.

The templates are 100% customizable and coded to work with any eCommerce platform you use.

With the $19 package, you also get free updates to your templates, so they’ll stay looking up to date.

If you purchase the whole package for $39, there are an additional 30 eCommerce HTML email templates, 30 Shopify notification emails, and digital downloads of Shopify emails.

Despite the developer customization costing more than just the package itself, it’s an excellent option for a business with more specific needs or doesn’t have the time to do broader customizations.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Designed to work not just with Shopify, but any eCommerce platform
  • Many templates to allow lots of customization
  • Includes HTML coding
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8. Responsive Transactional Email Templates

free Figma email template
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This package is also created by craftingemails and has similar benefits.

Currently, on sale for $12, you get eight templates for transactional emails.

These are perfect for sending receipts, promotions, and reminders to your customers.

It comes ready for both the Figma design system and HTML coding.

So once you’ve perfected the look, you can immediately download the code and upload it into your email client.

Once you’ve purchased this product, you don’t have to keep renewing the license for new projects.

It’s yours to reuse, how many times you need.

This minimalist design gets straight to the point, so you and your customers don’t get distracted by unnecessary frills.

At $1.50 per email, this is more expensive than some of the other packages on this list.

However, since you never have to renew the license and use it for an unlimited number of projects, it’s worth looking into.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unlimited use of the templates
  • Quickly and completely customize to fit your needs
  • Secure HTML coding to use directly in your email client
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9. Setproduct Email Templates

free Figma email template
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This template is available on Figma’s website for instant download, provided you have a Figma account already.

It contains five scalable templates that you can customize to fit your unique needs, no matter what type of email you need to send.

These templates can be adapted to work as receipts, newsletters, or promotional emails.

Designed with constraints and user interface components in mind, these templates allow you to work freely within Figma.

It also ensures the easy creation of your emails.

You know these templates are high quality because they’ve been used by Apple designers and other major brands.

Since they’re available via the Figma website, all of the design and customization options available through the site are accessible.

Unfortunately, this site doesn’t include a section of user reviews.

Because of this, it is difficult to tell any potential cons to this product or what limitations exist within the templates and their coding.

However, since it is the only item on this list free, it’s probably still worth looking into. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Available through Figma
  • Designed for specific work within Figma alone
  • Demonstrated effectiveness through use by large companies
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Final Thoughts

It can be quite challenging to find email templates designed to work in Figma’s design system.

However, with a little bit of searching, it’s possible to find templates to fit any of your company’s mailing needs.

These options for free Figma email template offer you several options that are easily customizable.

Do you have a favorite Figma friendly email template that’s not on this list?

Let us know in the comments section!

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