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free hair brushes for procreate

10 Hair Brushes For Procreate (Free & Paid Options)

Create amazing hair in no time for your artwork with free hair brushes for Procreate.

Procreate is a power-packed professional-level application developed for digital painting and sketching for iOS 11.1 or newer.

This game-changing medium aims to recreate the feeling of physical drawing.

It has been made for creative individuals and hobbyist designers worldwide by transforming their iPad into digital canvas.

Being an Apple Design Award winner, it brings your iPad to life by offering an exceptionally responsive performance with zero stroke lag.

Outstanding Features of Procreate:

  • Elegant user interface
  • Remarkably stunning filters
  • Vibrant layers support
  • Vast selection of brushes
  • Other fantastic add-on digital features

You can now create every imaginable piece of art in your brain without a desktop computer or pricey graphics tablets dedicated to digital design. 

To rev up your creative juices, we have curated this selection of the very best free hair brushes for Procreate and the best-paid options. 

Procreate Hair Brushes Bundle by Extreme Brushes

free hair brushes for procreate
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Following their legacy, Extreme Brushes have come up with this spectacularly crafted bundle for its artists. 

It is the perfect choice of premium brushes bundle for anyone who paints an extensive amount of portraits and fashion illustrations. 

What makes it perfect?

It is guaranteed to contain all the ‘Create Realistic Hair’ sets from extreme brushes.

Hence, it is a bundle of 18 high-quality brushes for just USD 12.00! 

This bundle is exclusively designed for Procreate and that too for the iPad version.

Thus, it is incompatible with other painting programs like Photoshop and other painting programs. 

The first pack consists of 3 hairbrushes with different consistencies of hair, thick blobs, medium hair strings, and very thin hair strings.

All these produce a believable result. 

The second pack, being an improved version, offers five different hairbrushes.

They vary from big patches of hair to tiny strings with impressive textures and a brush individually representing tiny hair strings! 

This one can be used to paint a variety of hairstyles from painted-looking hair to very realistic hair. 

Smudging and blending are an essential parts of crafting beautiful pieces of art.

This is true whether or not you’re using Procreate or traditional art materials.

The third pack seems to have a great ability to blend along with both thin and mega hair brushes.

The fourth bundle is simply an awesome one making painting hair on Procreate ever so easy by drawing realistic fluid hair with each brushstroke. 

A quick reference guide is provided through a YouTube video by the creators to assist the users with the installation process.

These are time-savers for anyone who is looking forward to drawing professional hairdos in Procreate. 

Pros & Benefits 

  • Save money by buying the bundle instead of buying individual packs
  • Produces magnificent portraits while saving tons of time
  • Provide a guide for proper installation and usage 
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Free Hair Brushes for Procreate by Hit-Girl 911 

free hair brushes for procreate

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Procreate gives artists a chance to create their own brushes.

Here we introduce a fabulously customized collection of brushes produced by a Procreate user herself to suit her desires.  

The best part about this set is the fact that it’s available for FREE.

Hence, it’s easily accessible to anybody around the world who is interested in drawing some appealing illustrations. 

These brushes are pretty excellent for creating some blending effects and varied textured hair.

This pack is highly engaging for new artists as well as professionals looking for a relatively simple and free set of brushes. 

The brushes in this pack are a selection of thick and thin strokes with compositions varying between dark and light tones.

These add those feminine flourishes to your designs.

Hence, it offers a diversely vibrant outcome even if you are a complete beginner.

Most of the brushes in this pack are streamlined and activated.

But for those who don’t want that and are looking for a more organic touch in the painting, settings can be changed easily.  

The streamline option is beneficial to smooth out the strokes, giving you that perfection you are dreaming of.

It covers diverse styles of brushes, making it easy for you to pick your signature.

A significant number of satisfied illustrators have been praising the perfectly detailed hair drawings along with some charming highlights.

Undoubtedly, all these make it an ideal pack for anyone willing to paint minimal portraits. 

So, these free hair brushes for Procreate are entirely worth getting your hands on!

Pros & Benefits

  • Free and user-friendly
  • Perfect for drawing simple hairstyles 
  • Brushes are streamline activated
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25 Hair Brushes for Every Hairstyle by Riveros Illustration

free hair brushes for procreate
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Firstly, this set of 25 brushes will surely help in taking your drawing and sketching to the next level using the same versatile kit of hairbrushes. 

Secondly, the pack does not work with any other illustration application, including Photoshop.

However, with the diversity of brushes being offered, it is a reasonable pack priced at USD 14.00. 

Thirdly, these fine-tuned brushes require the users to have Procreate 4 along with a compatible iPad Stylus. 

Fourthly, from straight to long to wavy to curly to short… you name it, and these high-grade brushes would draw it all for you in minutes.

Therefore, do consider the time you will be saving with this pack

Fifthly, the reviews for the bundle are pretty impressive, clearly showing them as an ideal setting for beginners and professionals both

Sixthly, these brushes are packed with freebies that will help you improve your drawing skills and impress the people around you!

For instance, it includes a 90-page detailed free e-book.

Seventhly, this pack is particularly well-suited for newbies.

Therefore, they can create hairstyles with the accompanying step-by-step instructions. 

Moreover, free practice sheets are available to use for drawing straight, wavy, and curly hair.

Eighthly, this makes it further easier for individuals to improve their digital drawing skills. 

Ninthly, the creator offers a free sample of this brush set and other freebies that can be found by subscribing.

Finally, if you are ready to explore your boundless creativity, these brushes are perfect for helping you add a glow to your masterpieces!

Pros & Benefits 

  • Easy to install, easy to use with associated file
  • Makes drawing different hairstyles fast and straightforward
  • Free e-books and other freebies are included
  • Creator regularly shares artwork inspirations and insights on his Instagram profile
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Hair Brushes for Procreate by Annex1

free hair brushes for procreate
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Next on our list is the Hair Brushes for Procreate set by Annex1.

It is a quick yet engaging way of expressing creativity for as low as USD 2.00- making it even more valuable.

This set, requiring the Procreate application for iPad, can effortlessly draw thick to thin strands, short to long, straight to curly, all nicely done.

These brushes emulate the illustrations by adding depth and personality to the caricatures.  

These 20 hairbrushes allow users to travel far in their imagination and bring it to reality using their iPad and the Apple Pencil.

This new-to-the-market set comes with a bonus kinky hairbrush too!

The reviewers on this bundle inevitably seem to appreciate the distinct range of hairbrushes, particularly, adding highlights to the hairstyles. 

It is an excellent choice for sketches and gives a touch of originality to your pieces.

Endless possibilities await you with these all-rounder brushes that can help you add some glorious last-minute details to your hairdos.

The creations made by artists, expressing their awe-inspiring ideas with these brushes, are exceptionally distinctive.

Furthermore, the brushes can create beautiful and high-resolution paintings.

The brushes can also save plenty of time for painters and can even help with streamlining their work while drawing digital portraits.

It can be great for beginners to help them master their hair drawing skills letting them explore their creative personalities. 

Creating hairstyles has never been more fulfilling!

Pros & Benefits 

  • Inexpensive for the variety of stamp brushes offered
  • A quick and easy pack to use
  • Easily downloadable and accessible
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10 Hair Brushes for Procreate by Karina Yordoanova Art

free hair brushes for procreate
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This is a must-have for every artist’s Procreate resource library.

This unique one-of-a-kind collection from Karina Yordoanova Art is for her Procreate users only. 

This ten beginner-friendly, easy and fast-to-use brushes guarantee a solo realistic digital portrait leading to impressive high-resolution art. 

Like her other bundles, this would also not work for other digital painting applications, which is probably the only drawback of this set.

Each brush in this set effortlessly recreates the look and feel of real paint on paper, all on your iPad, for less than USD 6.00! 

This adorable 5-star bundle has been given excellent reviews from users to acknowledge the product’s diversity and quality. 

Furthermore, the owner has stated to her purchasers to contact her in case of any issues or problems.

The reviewers are acknowledging her availability and the customer-owner bond, highlighting the company’s reliability. 

Karina also regularly posts inspirations and tips on her Instagram, which can be found here

This set is an easy sketch on the go, allowing users to draw in a coffee shop or a taxi.

Illustrators have been able to produce some extremely note-worthy work using this set of brushes. 

The trick to making outstanding artwork on Procreate is finding the right brushes.

With the diversity of brushes in this set, you can surely produce some lively caricatures in no time! 

Pros & Benefits 

  • User-friendly and straightforward to use
  • The owner allows its users to bond with her, allowing them to ask for solutions to any problem
  • Helps create glorious hair efficiently
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Procreate Braid & Curly Hair Brushes by Chao

procreate curly hair brushes

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Digital Art by Chao’s brush kit is ideal for creating a diverse range of realistic hand-drawn curly hair at a price of as low as USD 12.00.  

This pack, consisting of 45 different brushes, is further divided into two different sets, curly and braid.

The curly brushes come with a vast variety of curly hair ranging from wavy tendrils to light to springy curls, all available in a single bundle.

Perhaps, one of the best advantages of this set, unlike the previous brush sets in the list, with the help of an Apple Pencil, it works brilliantly with the iPad, the iPad Pro, and the iPhone. 

However, this impressive bundle of curls is incompatible with any other illustrator application. 

The strengths of this product are remarkable!

With a significantly large number of positive feedback from customers, the brushes are said to have the ability to create lovely curls. 

Using real stippling brush techniques, the brushes give you complete control over creating incredible curls, thanks to their pressure sensitivity that help you provide a realistic edge.

With such a variety of endlessly creating stunning curls, you can surely have that sublime element of hand-drawn curls added to your work with the help of just a single stroke! 

This is a perfect addition to any artist’s Procreate repertoire.

Pros & Benefits 

  • Value for money
  • Provides users with a variety of professional brushes 
  • Helps to create magnificent artwork efficiently
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Procreate Braids and Waves Hair Brushes by Lucrum Plus

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Drawing hair is known to be one of the hardest parts of your portrait, but we believe, at the same time, it’s also the most satisfying one. 

If you haven’t been completely satisfied before being able to create dreadlocks or braids, these brushes are the ones waiting for you to put your hands on them. 

This product has some distinctive features. 

Fortunately, these 14 beautiful hairbrushes in this set have you completely covered for all of your braid and curl needs. 

These accessible paintbrushes, exclusively made for the illustrator’s personal use are available for a price of USD 8.00.

The diverse range of hairstyles produced by using these brushes is unbelievably realistic, completely justifying the price of the pack.

Not only beautiful, but these brushes also produce a high-resolution result.

This makes them a great pack to invest in as they provide both quantity and quality, helping you to make your painting stand out.

These brushes ravishingly capture the beauty of braided, curly, or wavy hair. 

It can be a great kit if you’re looking for brushes to add something extra to your work, helping it stand out. 

You will just absolutely love how easy it is to navigate these amazing brush sets for producing some great drawings.

This pack of beautifully designed brushes might become your favorite in no time, as there’s very little that you can’t do with this pack.

Pros & Benefits

  • Brushes make painting braids in Procreate very simple 
  • Offers different types of brushes to perfectly suit any kind of braid or curls you want
  • Enables you to create a subtly natural look
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Hair Brushes for Procreate by Art with Flo

procreate hair brush

Download Now!

If you’re the type of person who believes that there are limits to how you can express yourself creatively, then the brush and texture options in this set will definitely challenge those beliefs. 

This 12-brush set is compatible only with Procreate.

With a price of USD 6, this set can help you make beautiful portraits that reflect your imagination and creativity.

These brushes are known to make trendy colored hair with colored brushes, letting you change hair color instantly.

With Art with Flo’s Procreate Brushes for Hair, you can create anything your artistic self can come up with to sufficiently complete your phenomenal illustrations, posters, and more! 

You will be truly amazed by the beautiful effect that these brushes bring, making them perfect for adding a unique feel to any drawing.

So, if you’re looking forward to adding some painterly aesthetics to your masterpiece, these brushes are worth a shot! 

Pros & Benefits 

  • Very affordable
  • Offers a variety of brushes are available to satisfy your needs
  • Offers you a quick and straightforward way to create some funky portraits
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Hair Brushes for Procreate Vol. 2 by Art with Flo

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Another set of brushes from the skillful creator behind Art with Flo is a collection of brushes for creating curls, braids, and soft hair.

This artistic set presents fourteen brushes to make the artwork sparkle, especially for Procreate users owning an iPad, iPad Pro, or an iPhone with a Stylus. 

These brushes from Art with Flo are designed to suit the needs of individuals who are keen on digital art. 

It is a fantastic solution if you want to draw realistic hairstyles.

This amazing bundle is easily downloadable and ever ready to make your drawing even more enjoyable. 

The customers’ reviews surely tell us how impressed they are with the details that these brushes create in no time at all. 

Get these brushes for USD 6.00 only.

Drawing hair has never been more enchanting.

You can add some excitement to your creation with ease with these brushes. 

Pros & Benefits

  • Easily downloadable
  • Create realistic curls and braids
  • Perfect for new artists 
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Procreate Hair Brushes by Mel

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Keeping up with creative imagination, Mel has introduced another bundle of 16 brushes to enrich the painters. 

This is also only available for Procreate users on iPad and iPhone with the requirement of an Apple Stylus. 

If you do not want to waste your time making hair realistic, these stamps are what you need! 

From silky, soft, and fine to curly hair, they provide a wide variety of brushes to their users at a price of just USD 14.00. 

Another benefit that the creator is providing her users with highlighting capability.

This fantastic bundle from the creator is exceptional.

So, if you’re a newbie to making portraits through a digital medium, then these brushes are definitely what you need to ace it! 

Pros & Benefits

  • Reasonable price
  • Another excellent selection with different kinds of brushes
  • Time-saving bundle
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Runners-up: Procreate Hair Brushes by ZephyrCliparts

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Introducing the Procreate Hair Brushes by Zephyrcliparts!

This is the perfect set to take your digital art to the next level!

With 15 unique brushes, you’ll be able to create stunningly realistic human hair and animal fur on your iPad.

Whether you’re a professional artist or just starting out, these brushes are easy to use and perfect for adding the finishing touches to your artwork.

With a range of brush sizes and textures, you’ll be able to achieve amazing effects for both long and short hair.

These brushes work seamlessly in combination with each other, allowing you to create even more intricate designs and styles.

Plus, with their high-quality design and smooth strokes, you’ll be able to achieve the perfect look every time.

So why wait?

Start creating your next masterpiece with the Procreate Hair Brushes by Zephyrcliparts today!

Pros & Benefits

  • 15 unique brushes for drawing human hair and animal fur on your iPad
  • Easy to use, perfect for both professional artists and beginners
  • Range of brush sizes and textures for long and short hair
  • Brushes work seamlessly in combination with each other
  • High-quality design and smooth strokes for perfect results every time.
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Procreate Curly and Wavy Hair Brushes

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Introducing the Procreate Curly and Wavy Hair Brushes – the ultimate set for creating stunning, realistic curls and waves in your digital artwork!

With 37 unique brushes, you’ll be able to add intricate details to your portraits and illustrations with ease.

These brushes are specially designed to help you achieve lifelike results that will make your artwork stand out from the rest.

Whether you’re drawing human hair or animal fur, the Procreate Curly and Wavy Hair Brushes will give you the tools you need to create amazing textures and patterns.

With a range of brush sizes and styles to choose from, you’ll be able to create everything from tight ringlets to loose, flowing waves.

Plus, the brushes work seamlessly in combination with each other, allowing you to create even more complex designs and styles.

And with their high-quality design and smooth strokes, you can be confident that your artwork will look amazing every time.

So why wait?

Elevate your digital art to the next level with the Procreate Curly and Wavy Hair Brushes today!

Pros & Benefits

  • Specially designed for lifelike results in human hair 
  • Range of brush sizes and styles for tight ringlets to loose, flowing waves
  • Brushes work seamlessly in combination with each other for complex designs
  • High-quality design and smooth strokes for professional-looking results.
Download Now!

7 Free Procreate Hair Brushes

Download Now!

Looking for a way to add some extra flair to your digital artwork?

Look no further than these 7 free hair brushes for Procreate!

With 7 unique hair brush effect brushes, this free pack is the perfect way to experiment with new techniques and styles.

These brushes are easy to use and perfect for adding the finishing touches to your artwork.

With a range of brush effects to choose from, you’ll be able to achieve amazing results for both human hair and animal fur.

Plus, with their high-quality design and smooth strokes, you’ll be able to achieve the perfect look every time.

And best of all, this pack is completely free – so you can start using these brushes in your artwork right away, without breaking the bank.

So why wait?

Download these 7 free hair brushes for Procreate today and start taking your digital art to the next level!

Pros & Benefits

  • 7 different hair brush effect brushes for experimentation and style
  • Easy to use and perfect for adding finishing touches to artwork
  • Range of brush effects for human hair and animal fur
  • High-quality design and smooth strokes for professional-looking results
  • Completely free, so you can start using the brushes in your artwork right away.
Download Now!

Final Thoughts 

Drawing hair is a challenging and time-consuming task.

The number of different brush bundles and add-ons that are widely available out there can be very confusing. 

However, with our hand-picked selection of paid and free hair brushes for Procreate, we can assure you of a time-saving and engaging experience.

Moreover, some of them even reproduce the feeling of working with traditional tools.

After choosing any of these sets, we are sure that you would never want to stop drawing hair! 

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