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free photos for fake profile

Free Photos for Fake Profile: Go Incognito

If you are looking to create a fake social media profile for whatever reason you may have, you will need to start with getting free photos for fake profile.

It might be for something legitimate like checking if your other half is cheating on you.

There are various sites online where you can download a picture to use as your profile photo on social media.

We will go over the 10 best places to find free photos for fake profile for your social media account.

Your fake profile needs to be believable and realistic.

Thus, by entering your fake date of birth, gender, likes, interests, and etc. can be useful.

This will make you look genuine and real.

Of course, you don’t want anyone to recognize you.

So, don’t mention your own likes and interests.

Also, when uploading photos, make sure they look real and authentic.

Now, let us begin going through the 10 best places to find free photos for fake profile on social media.

1. Unsplash

Unsplash is a collection of about 2 million photos from around 200000 active photographers that contribute to this community.

Begining their life in 2013 out of Montreal, Canada.

This company is the go-to for images of all kinds, including portrait or people photographers.

Starting as “free-to-use” photos that you could edit at your will.

Later on, changing its license in 2018, people could now use the image with the unsplash copyright.

They also released a book in 2016 that was entirely crowdfunded and got featured on Kickstarter.

Remember, you want to be “real”, so having a good quality photo as your profile picture will be a great start.

In 2019, Unsplash for brands was launched.

And so, business owners could advertise their brand logos on the website.

The Unsplash license stops users from using the photos in another stock photography service or website.

But, it doesn’t limit you much on anything else that you can do with it.

Edit, copy, manipulate, create a meme, the choice is yours to do what you want with the image, but most of all make it seem real.

Unsplash is one of the best websites to find good quality photos.

You will not be disappointed in what you find here, and you might come right with the most convincing photo yet.

If you would like to find out more about Unsplash, have a look here to get the full scope.

2. Pixabay

10-year-old Pixabay is considered average in the world of stock photography.

Nevertheless, it is still an excellent place to find pictures for your fake Facebook profile.

The collections of images include everything from children, men, women, elderly people.

You name it!

Almost everything is on the site.

They are not known for their quality, but they sure have quite a big selection of photographs for you to choose from.

The download speed for the site is quick.

Even the access to the image is not a problem with its swift, smooth, and responsive website design.

It will help you find the image you need as easy as pie.

Pixabay was bought over by Australian company Canva which now manages and owns Pixaby up until today.

Canva has had a great help to bring the company up again after a failing past.

All photos on this platform can be altered easily or used for your fake social media profile.

Have a look at what they have for you, and we are sure you will find something there that can be useful for your fake profile.

Pixabay also provides reusable film footage and other media to add to your quest to keep your identity hidden.

Although not being a favorite on our list of best places to find free photos for fake profile, Pixabay still features varieties of pictures and can continue on your path to stalking your victim.

It’s a site that has a wide range of subjects.

Whatever photos you might need to make your side look believable, you will find it here on Pixabay.

3. Stocksnap

Here we have a remarkable and little-known website that provides beautiful quality images that are non-copyrighted and can be used for any purpose or repurpose.

Stocksnap community is growing and contributes significantly to the ever-growing quantity of photos listed on the site.

They want to show their dedication to the industry to start competing with the bigger names and filling in the gaps where other cant provide.

Search your tops in the easy-to-use search bar.

Find your perfect picture for that fake social media profile that you are creating.

You will find more than 5000 shots of people in the people category that can indeed be useful for your little social media experiment.

Remember that we are trying to look as realistic as possible, so don’t forget to choose a good photo.

Another tip we would like to add to make your profile seem more believable is to start adding friends to your fake profile.

Adding friends will help to make your profile look “authentic”.

Also, you can use a lovely image of a beach or forest as a cover photo, and you can most definitely find it on Stocksnap.

The quality of their images and the ease of using the website will keep it simple but real and will fool any unsuspecting victim.

To get started, just head over to their website.

4. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is one of the best royalty-free stock photography websites out there.

With over 200 million photos that you can use at your disposable.

They are based out of New York and supply photos to a worldwide community with no country restrictions.

The New York-based company was found in 2003 and has publicly been traded on the stock exchange since around 2012.

This company’s starting was made by an entrepreneur/programmer who loaded his photos and charged a subscription fee to download them.

The demand had gotten higher than supply, so he had to look at finding other contributors.

In 2008 they had more than 1 million photos, and by 2010 they had more than 11 million royalty-free images alone.

They also own a company called Offset.

Offset is a premium collection of photos and videos that any user can sign up for.

Subscribers can also pay a monthly fee to receive the best of the best.

Shutterstock is a great success story and a great website to get the perfect photos you are looking for to use in your fake social media profile.

The only restriction you might have is if you live in China, where there is a restriction in accessing specific images on Shutterstock.

Images, Videos, Music, and editing tools are the name of the game with Shutterstock.

You will not go wrong with their easy-to-use and responsive website.

Currently, they host over 350 million royalty-free photos that you can browse through at your leisure.

Just search what you are looking for, and away you go!

Create the most sneaky and believable Instagram profile out there.

For more information about Shutterstock, you can visit Wikipedia.

5. Instagram

Let’s face it, Instagram is one of the world’s most prominent places where images can be found and most definitely downloaded from.

On Instagram, you will find real people.

So you might as well have a browse around Instagram for someone that looks real and authentic that you could use to create your fake social media profile.

Whatever your elaborate plan is, whether it is to prank or spy on someone, Instagram can help you with that.

The bonus from getting images from Instagram is that you will find real people’s actual pictures.

Though, it won’t be as high quality as some standard stock photography site.

This, in turn, will make your plan to have a fake social media profile as believable as it possibly can be.

Be clever in setting up your profile, though.

Don’t be afraid to like certain pages and groups.

This will help your profile look authentic with a real person with interests.

Making a fake profile can be a lot of work.

Your profile should be as realistic as possible and to fool even the brightest person.

6. Free Images 

Free Images provides over 300000 to choose from!

It has a large selection of photos of people that would be perfect for your fake social media profile.

As most with free image sites, Free Images does have some restrictions.

However, you should not run into problems in using their photos.

There are thousands of royalty-free photos that can be used for personal and commercial use.

All of which are of fantastic quality.

If you are looking to seem like a professional of a sort in your fake social media profile, I’m sure you will find what you are looking for on this website.

Straighter from the homepage, you will find the search bar right on top to search your photograph you want and the category you think it might be in.

There are over 40000 photos for the people and family category.

This alone can already help you create a perfect picture for you to look like a family man from New Jersey.

The site time is responsive, and images load quickly.

Signing up to the site will make things easier.

Moreover, you can get emailed updates regularly when the needed picture comes up in the category you are searching for.

Being a little-known name in the stock photography industry is good for you.

You will receive a unique royalty-free image from an ever-growing community.

You can expect to find more coming in the future for any other profile that you might be looking at creating.

Stick with Free Images if you are looking for a great selection of pictures and images that can make your profile stand out from the crowd.

7. Getty Images

This British American company has been around for many years since 1995

Their name is catchy.

Not only that, they stand out from the large group of royalty-free stock photography providers like a sore thumb.

They have over 200 million assets such as images, music, and film footage, all without copyright infringement.

Getty Images grew massively over the year.

Thus, they even got featured on the New Year Stock Exchange until a private equity firm bought it for over 2 billion dollars.

There has been lots of controversy facing some imaged legality displayed on their websites over the years.

Nonetheless, Getty Images have done an excellent job of keeping the legal side in order.

Being in the game for 25 years is no joke!

And we believe that they will be with us for at least two decades.

Having access to royalty-free and quality paid images is a bonus on this site.

So, if you are looking for something a bit more down-to-earth and genuine, you might find it in the paid section.

They have always used the internet to distort their images all around the world.

Getty Images also has offices in most countries, with their headquarters being in Washington.

They also acquired older photo agencies that took digitized photos to add to their collection of million images.

Tweaking your profile even more might help make your fake identity seem more real to your unsuspecting targets.

Never forget to add a place of employment, hometown, and date of birth.

Next, make it public so that everyone can see and so it won’t look like you’re an incognito.

Remember, you want them to accept you and consider you as a friend even though you assume a fake identity.

Check out Wikipedia to know more about Getty Images and its history.

8. Kaboompics

Here is another excellent free site that you can get awesome copyright-free pics!

This is very useful for your fake social media profile so that you can be sneaky.

Kaboompics has an excellent search feature.

It allows you to search by color and subject so that you can find exactly what you need with great precision.

The site plays host to over 20000 quality pictures that professionals use worldwide on projects of all different kinds.

Your project is to be as sneaky as possible.

So, with Kaboompics, you can find that limited edition picture you need to use from your profile picture so that you can remain undercover.

Kaboompics has had over 200000000 downloads of images to date, which shows how good their server is.

Their images have been featured in Yahoo, NBC, CBN, and various other corporate companies that need quality images for their marketing.

Using Kaboompics for your picture on your fake social media profile will make you look legit and believable, keeping any snitches off your back.

Other tips to keep your profile believable are to upload photos regularly.

Be active on your account so that it doesn’t seem like you are there to do one thing only.

Kaboompics is one of the most popular sources online to find royalty-free pictures to use in any application that you might need.

Believe in them because so many others do.

If corporates go to them for images, then why can’t you?

Their beautifully responsive website will get you what you want as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Thus, leaving you more time to get snooping around and getting the information that you need most.

9. Flickr

With over 100 million registered users and over 10 million image uploads per day.

You are looking at an incredibly advanced and feature-loaded site for stock photography.

Flickr has been around for many years and is a fan favorite amongst artists and designers in the industry.

You are sure to find what you are looking for regarding a portrait picture for your fake Facebook profile.

They have a vast selection of royalty-free images which you can use on your fake profile.

Flickr’s easy-to-sign-up process makes it simple for you to get access to millions of pictures within minutes.

They have been around since 2004.

Moreover, they have a fantastic community that supports them in their hosting and sharing of images and videos.

Flickr reports holding way over 6 billion images with downloads ranging in the 100 million daily.

This might be the best site on our list of 10 best places to find a photo for a fake social media profile.

Get to Flickr to find that right image for you, making you look like someone legitimate and credible.

Convince your newly added friends that you are the person you portray.

Find out the information you need or manipulate them into doing what you want.

Whatever the need for your Facebook profile, I’m sure without a doubt that Flickr will come in handy, giving you the much-needed edge to pull off your sneaky moves.

10. Image Source

This website has a great selection of premium royalty-free images you can use in your fake social media profile.

They have an easy-to-sign-up process that will give you access to thousands of premium quality photos for free.

The home page is divided into categories.

The categories will help you choose what’s best for you and your elaborate plan to keep your fake profile unnoticed.

Image Source has not been around for many years, but they prove to be a great supplier of royalty-free stock photography.

Besides the premium royalty-free images, they also provide paid premium photos that can even get the job done better than you would expect.

Overall, Image Source is a great place to find the photo you are looking for.

Final Thoughts

All the websites listed above are excellent sources of images that can create a fake social media profile for whatever reasons you may have.

None of the information given above is recommended or endorsed by us.

Thus, faking your identity is something only sly people would do.

Nonetheless, we don’t know your reasons, and we don’t judge.

Scamming people is illegal and will get you into trouble.

So, we wish you luck moving forward if that is your idea.

We hope that this list of 10 Best Places to Find Photos for A Fake Social Media Profile has satisfied your needs.

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