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free procreate metallic brushes

10 Best Metallic Procreate Brushes (Free & Paid Options)

Add interest to your artwork using the iPad and free Procreate metallic brushes.

Procreate is a software program designed and developed to give artists the digital opportunity to explore their creativity.

It’s an editor app for graphics painting developed and published for iOS.

Creating a digital environment is very essential in the world of arts and design which is the primary purpose of Procreate.

Replication of physical drawings in the digital world is made easy with Procreate.

It offers blend modes, multiple layers, over 100 brushes, autosave, masks, many digital art tools, and 4k canvas resolution.

So get your free Procreate metallic brushes and express the inner artist in you now.

Below is a list of paid and free Procreate metallic brushes, including their pros and benefits.

Procreate Glitter Toolbox: Brush Kit


Download Now!

Get your metallic glitter brushes from Delightful Templates, an Etsy shop with 100+ five-star reviews from buyers.

No doubt, this will be a great buy.

According to the designer, Samson, this Glitter toolbox offers every tool you’ll need to become a glitter artist.

Here’s why.

First of all, your purchase includes twenty-four handcrafted glitter brushes and twelve stamp brushes.

Secondly, you also get five glitter textures and metallic color palettes, aside from the brushes.

Thirdly, if you need help using the brushes, there’s a mention of unlimited personalized support and a YouTube video tutorial.

Lastly, you get all the future updates to this product.

Honestly, I can’t think of anything else you’ll need to perfect your glitter artwork.

Pros & Benefits

  • Time-saving tools
  • Wide variety of glitter brushes
  • Complete pack

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Metallic Glitter Brush Pack

 Download Now!

Metallic Glitter Brush Pack brings glitter to your creations with glitter brushes in texture, confetti, stamp types, and calligraphy.

It contains eight confetti, eight calligraphy, four textures, and 21 color palettes to meet your desired design.

The file contains two sub-files: the Metallic glitter brush set and the Metallic glitter palette that includes 21 colors that help you with your creation.

This collection set is compatible with Apple iPad with iOS 10 or 11 or later, Apple pencil, and Procreate app, and will only work correctly with them.

The metallic glitter brush pack has different levels of use, and the higher the level you intend to use, the costlier it gets.

It also has an installation article that explains how to install and go about using it here.

The metallic glitter brush pack is not compatible with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

It only works with the Procreate app and the said version of iOS.

The metallic glitter brush set and the metallic glitter palette constitute the beautification and texture tools in the collection set.

You can get the Metallic Glitter Brush at an affordable price.

It has levels of use, which are: personal, commercial, and extended commercial.

Pros & Benefits

  • Affordable price, with commercial use option
  • Brings glitters to your creation with the use of the metallic glitter brush
  • Easy to use
  • Has an instruction manual on how to install and use it

 Download Now!

Free 15 Metal Melted Plastic Brushes

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Here is a special and useful collection of free Procreate metallic brushes.

These brushes enable artists to add depth, texture, and dimension to their digital artwork by simulating the texture and appearance of melted metal and plastic.

The brushes are simple to use, offer a great level of control, and enable a variety of artistic effects.

These brushes are a terrific method to advance your Procreate artwork, whether you’re a seasoned digital artist or just getting started.

Get them today for nothing and let your imagination run wild!

Pros & Benefits

  • Mimics the appearance and feel of melted plastic and metal
  • Adds dimension, depth, and substance to any digital artwork
  • Offers a high level of control that is simple to utilize
  • Realizes a variety of artistic effects
  • Perfect for both seasoned and novice digital artists
  • Free

Download Now!

Elegant Kit for Procreate

Download Now!

“Elegant Kit for Procreate” is a big pack of pattern brushes, gorgeous brushes, and luxury texture that only costs fifteen dollars.

To make use of the Elegant kit, you have to have the following:

  • iPad Pro
  • Procreate app
  • Apple Pencil

The need for the Procreate app is to be able to make use of the brushes.

Hence, you should know that these brushes don’t work in any other application, even Photoshop.

Metallic and Glitter textures that include:

These include:

  • Copper
  • Peach
  • Rose gold
  • Blush
  • White gold
  • Classic gold
  • Bronze
  • Neutral
  • Many more

This pack contains hand-made styles and swatches made for:

  • Branding
  • Glam and sparkly designs
  • Web design
  • Logos
  • Illustration,
  • Stationery
  • Printables

It contains 40 Procreate brushes that can perfectly mix with included textures like:

  • Confetti
  • Squares
  • Hexagon
  • Diamonds
  • Stars
  • Dots
  • Dust
  • A lot more

The set also has five extra lettering brushes that can help you add texture to your topography designs to get a metallic and sparkle effect quickly.

It has over 20 delicate and geometric seamless pattern brushes that add a particular effect to your designs to make them perfect.

The brushes are saved as three different brush sets as it:

  • improves organization
  • helps the user to determine the right set to use easily

Pros & Benefits

  • Has perfect variety, including various textures, and various brushes, and more so, it’s easy to use
  • Consists of a perfect set of hand-lettering brushes and textures that can be highly recommended to beginners looking for an excellent hand-lettering starter pack
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to the output of the product

Download Now!

Goldie Procreate Brush

Download Now!

Goldie Procreate brush is a custom procreate lettering brush designed for use in the Procreate Application on iOS and iPad.

Firstly, to make good use of this brush, you will need an iPad Pro, a procreate app, and an Apple pencil.

Secondly, the Goldie Procreate brush creates a grand glazed metallic style of calligraphy as you write or design and works perfectly with a dark background.

Thirdly, this brush can be used to create thick calligraphy or can lower the brush size for a refined style or bounce lettering.

Hence, it allows creativity.

Fourthly, it includes two brush files and a swatches file for use in Procreate with directions in a .pdf format and the color palette in the .jpg form.

Furthermore, the Goldie procreate brush gives room for creativity as you can create the style you want by altering the brush size or by bounce-lettering.

Fifthly, the Goldie Procreate brush is one of the best-selling and one of the most widely used collections of Procreate brushes used in designing.

Sixthly, its tapering end is for thin upstrokes and thick downstrokes.

Finally, the Goldie procreate brush file is inexpensive.

It only costs 5.94 US dollars.

Pros & Benefits

  • Creates glazed metallic style calligraphy that makes your work perfectly designed
  • Gives room for creativity making you bring out the best of yourself
  • Contains a .pdf file that provides the direction of use

Download Now!

BBL Metallic Lettering/Calligraphy Brush Set

Download Now!

iPad lettering collection is a procreate pressure-sensitive calligraphy brush set designed for you and other people that loves lettering.

It contains the BBL metallic lettering set that makes beautiful metallic strokes with a subtle texture for an elegant finishing effect.

This set of brushes can be used by combining with other sets of brushes and can also be used all by itself and still get good results.

It contains the Dots and Dots soft metallic brushes and the BBL metallic gel pen brush.

BBL metallic lettering is very efficient in making beautiful lettering designs with new effects and makes designs with a stunning finishing effect.

The Dots and Dots brush enables you to add simple yet beautiful details to your creation, increasing your creation’s perfection.

This set also includes a color palette that provides two different shades of silver, gold-rose, and gold, each shade lighter than the other.

The color palette also provides plenty of space for you to add your own set of colors to the palette and make use of them at your own will.

It has a simple installation process that includes you downloading two files, one that contains the color palette and the other a file that contains all the brushes.

Pros & Benefits

  • Has a straightforward installation process
  • Allows you to add your own choice of color
  • Makes a beautiful metallic stroke with a subtle texture for an excellent finishing effect

Download Now!

Metallic Type Brush (Updated with 3 More Brushes Added)

 Download Now!

The Metallic type brush is a type of brush compatible with the Procreate app for iPad.

It’s a unique type of brush; it’s one of a kind as it provides some effects and texture to your creations.

Each of the brushes in the set gives a shiny metallic look with high-quality luster to your creations, making them perfect.

The set contains 13 brushes that provide excellent texture and give a perfect metallic shiny look to your creation.

These brushes give a shiny metallic look and exhibit high-quality luster that makes your design unique and makes it the design everyone wants to view.

It also has an additional three brushes that improve the perfection of your creation and also increase the flexibility of working with several brushes hence, making a total of 16 brushes.

It also has an instruction guide in the form of a simple instruction card to guide you in using the brush for the best result.

In addition to the package, it has three bonus lettering guides all for the price of 8.80 US dollars.

To get the best result from the brush set, you should read and follow the instructions in the instruction leaflet, and you can also add some creative changes to make your creations unique.

Pros & Benefits

  • Has three bonus lettering guides
  • Contains a brush that gives a shiny metallic look
  • A unique brush with high-quality luster

 Download Now!

Procreate Brush: Free Metallic Glitter Brush

Download Now!

This option for free Procreate metallic brushes is suitable for your sparkly projects.

Add some sparkle to your digital art with the Glitter Brushes!

This set of 2 brushes, fine and chunky, is perfect for creating glitzy and glamorous pieces.

With a wide range of sizes, they can be easily adjusted to suit your needs.

Optimized for use with Procreate and the Apple Pencil, these brushes are touch-sensitive, providing a seamless and natural feel to your artwork.

Best of all, they are free for personal use.

So why wait?

Download the Glitter Brushes by catsy_artsy now and start creating dazzling digital masterpieces.

You can show your support for the author by purchasing their products on Gumroad.

The brush also requires a Procreate app to work.

Pros & Benefits

  • Has 2 metallic glitter brushes in 2 sizes
  • Perfect for creating glitzy and glamorous pieces
  • Wide range of sizes with touch-sensitive stylus
  • Optimized for use with Procreate and Apple Pencil
  • Free for personal use

Download Now!

Glitter, Sparkle, Shimmer + Free Metallic Textures and Brushes (free)

Download Now!

It helps add metallic features to your designs to make them stand out among other creations.

It adds certain textures to the designs to make them look good.

The package includes different graphics tools.

The set contains 50 glitters, gold foil texture and shimmers, sprays, splatters, and 17 several brush strokes.

The 50 glitter, gold foil texture, and shimmers help give it the color and shade of color you desire.

The six brush strokes help reveal the colors in a lovely way.

The splatter brush gives it a splatter color effect making your design exceptionally good-looking.

It also has sparkle, dust, and glitter brushes that help give your design a sense of beauty.

Some Considerations:

To make use of the brush, you’ll need an Apple pencil or a stylus.

You can as well make use of your finger.

It works on the Procreate app and is only compatible with iOS and iPad.

This set provides a free trial for beginners and amateurs.

It also has a free instruction or training video that helps put the user through.

Moreover, it also provides two months of free skillshare.

It helps improve the user’s ability and also generates optimism in the user to create beautiful designs.

To enable the smooth running of the app, it will require you an Apple iPad, an Apple pencil or stylus, and a procreate app.

All these are needed to help the smooth running of the brush.

You can make use of the brush to create different designs, including limited palette designs, acrylic landscape designs, and lots more.

The more the user’s creativity and expertise, the more beautiful the design turns out to be.

Pros & Benefits

  • Provides a free trial for beginners and amateurs to help their improvement
  • Contains many graphics tools that help beautify your designs
  • Creates unique designs and helps make them one-of-a-kind

Download Now!

Procreate Gradient Brush Set

Download Now!

Paintings of nature like the surface of the water, the sun rising over the horizon, the constellations of stars, the clustering of clouds in the sky, the view of mountains and trees, etc. can be made possible with the use of the Procreate gradient brush set.

The Procreate gradient brush set can make your life bright with paintings with vivid colors and different shades of colors.

Procreate gradient brush set is an incredibly colorful set with 30 gradient stamps in high resolution and various metal brushes, rays, and radiation.

It has a sound organization system as they’re organized in the quick-select group, from radial to metal-styled so you can easily choose the appropriate one.

This set allows you to choose easily from different types of rounds, from half round to linear and blend or diagonal ones.

This brush set helps improve the text’s quality using specific methods that make the text look stylish, trendy, and bright.

You can use the gradient to create a spectacular background by fixing the layer (block alpha channel) or using a clipping mask.

It creates perfectly smooth shadows and 3D volumes by using the desired direction to show the shadow accurately and using volumetric images because they excite the imagination and look familiar and real to the human eye.

It also provides a tutorial to follow to make use of the collection set perfectly well.

Pros & Benefits

  • Good and perfect lettering design
  • Has a tutorial
  • Spectacular background

Download Now!

Runners-up: Metallic Gradients on iPad Only

Download Now!

The procreate color palette is a collection set that costs as low as 1.64 US dollars.

The metallic color palette for the procreate app helps you build rose-gold, silver, and gold gradients.

Making use of a regular Monoline brush to paint each gradient’s color onto your canvas is advisable as it helps bring out the effects you desire.

The Procreate color palette gives a pretty design if the tools and effects are used correctly.

Making use of the magic wand tool in Procreate and Gaussian blur helps you blend and achieve a perfect metallic gradient effect.

You can add some bright white highlights to create extra sparkle and make your creation in letter form because the metallic gradient effect looks excellent in that form and is active, uniquely when placed on a dark or black background.

It’s compatible with the use of the Procreate app on the iPad, and the color palette can be installed easily on any iPad model, and it doesn’t require pressure sensitivity.

The color palette contains different colors that, when combined with creativity, bring out a design that looks gorgeous and perfect.

The palette also has color swatches perfect for creating metallic gradients if you place it rightly, size, and blended to get the desired effect.

It’s straightforward to install and use accompanied by the instruction guide, and you can bring out the best of your creativity with a metallic gradient.

Pros & Benefits

  • Adds extra sparkle to artwork
  • Provides room for creativity
  • Helps create a unique set of design
  • Not expensive and effortless to use

Download Now!

Full Foil Metallic Glitter Set

Download Now!

Full foil metallic glitter set is the perfect set for you if you love trying new procreate brushes and always want to stand out online in designs, you can be sure not to be disappointed.

The full foil metallic glitter set meets every user’s expectation and even surprises them with the effects and tools it has; 13 brushes.

It’s fun to make use of a full foil metallic glitter set, and it’s a very creative and unique collection that includes the metallic set, glitter set, and glossy set.

The metallic set includes foil and glitter brushes.

It’s good to give effects to designs and lettering, which is best when used with darker colors or darker backgrounds.

The full foil metallic glitter set brushes are good in designs and lettering and are only compatible with the procreate app for iPad pro.

They won’t work with Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or any other app.

It has a brush set that every user wants to use because it’s easy and straightforward to use.

Each of the brushes has perfect qualities that are suitable for designs and lettering.

Pros & Benefits

  • Has different tools that help bring out the desired design
  • A very creative and unique collection
  • Has different sets that perform several roles

Download Now!

House of Glitter Brush Set

Download Now!

A must-have for all glitter aficionados is the Procreate HOUSE OF GLITTER brush set.

Your Procreate projects will gleam with the help of this large collection of 46 brushes.

You’ll have endless opportunities to make lovely and dazzling patterns with this set.

Please be aware that in order to use these brushes, you’ll need Procreate 5, an iPad, and either the Apple Pencil or a compatible pressure-sensitive pen.

These brushes cannot be used with Photoshop or other programs because they were created specifically for Procreate 5.

This collection comes with two color palettes and 46 gorgeous glitter brushes to further improve your artwork.

The Procreate HOUSE OF GLITTER brush set is the ideal addition to your toolbox, regardless of whether you’re an artist, graphic designer, or simply enjoy creating.

Add sparkle to your art by using these glitter brushes.

Pros & Benefits

  • Adds a stunning sparkle to your art
  • Ideal for artists, and graphic designers
  • Specifically created for Procreate 5
  • iPad with Apple Pencil or another compatible pressure-sensitive stylus compatibility
  • Opens up countless opportunities for producing beautiful designs
  • A wonderful addition to your toolbox

Download Now!

Procreate Brushes Sparkly Metallic Effect Brushes

Download Now!

The Procreate Brushes Sparkly Metallic Effect set brings your illustrations to life!

For all your sparkling needs, this comprehensive brush set comes with 40 metallic brushes, a basic brush toolset, and a metallic color swatch.

This set offers everything you need to add a dash of glitz to your artwork, from foil textures to confetti sparkles.

Take your works to the next level with this gorgeous set, available just for Procreate.

Pros & Benefits

  • 40 Metallic brushes
  • Basic brush toolkit
  • Includes metallic color swatches
  • Adds metallic and sparkly, glittery elements to your illustrations
  • Includes everything from Foil Textures to Confetti Sparkles
  • Enhances the look of your illustrations with a touch of glamour
  • Compatible exclusively with Procreate

Download Now!

Final Thoughts

In the saturated market of digital artistic brushes, the free Procreate metallic brushes make creativity a lot easier.

Creating designs and editing graphic paintings can be done on the Procreate app.

Metallic Procreate brushes are compatible with iOS.

Moreover, they’re outstanding at creating perfect designs with exciting effects.

Each collection set includes brushes and color palettes that you can use to create beautiful designs that will stand out.

The list highlights some of the best paid and free Procreate metallic brushes in the digital world.

You should consider the use of Procreate and enjoy exploring your creative talent.

For more interesting reads like this article on paid and free Procreate metallic brushes, do check out these articles below.




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