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free procreate metallic, gold & silver color palettes

10 Best Free Procreate Metallic, Gold & Silver Color Palettes

Do free Procreate metallic, gold & silver color palettes excite the artist in you?

Think copper, bronze, gunmetal, pewter, and the classic gold and silver, all for free! 

In this article, we’ll give you both free and paid color palettes to get you going.

Indulge your inner artist without spending that much.

Table of Contents

Procreate Metallic, Gold & Silver Color Palettes

1. Bajwa Store

free procreate metallic gold & silver color palettes
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The Bajwa Store has a rich and concentrated 20 color gold palette guide for the Procreate app. 

The gold palette has a wide selection of different shades from the lightest champagne color to a dark agate goldish brown.  

But what’s different with this color palette is the way the golden colors reflect the light giving it shine. 

So if you were to design for jewelry, clothing, shoes, or bags, this would be a perfect guide for your shading scheme.

Gold is synonymous with the 50th year, so there are many occasions to use the color gold for different celebrations. 

It can be used for the :

  • 50th year of a person’s birthday
  • The years’ service to a company
  • The years of being a member in a certain club
  • Much-celebrated Golden wedding anniversary

If you want step-by-step instructions on how to create and mix the colors to come up with the palette there is a guide that you can follow.

Use the Youtube link

Watch the different creative ways and techniques on how to play with the different shadings of the gold palette. 

As for the gold gradient, you’ll have to make a choice guide and stamp it before you start painting each color. 

You can also use a gaussian blur to smoothly blur the shades to make your creation harmonious and spotlight the subject. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes with a step-by step instructions on how to mix colors
  • Includes 20 color gold palette guide
  • Offers product support
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2. Jenny Golan Studio

free procreate metallic gold & silver color palettes
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Jenny Golan Studio’s theme is gold, rose gold, and silver gradient for this palette, which makes it appealing to the feminine market. 

You’ll appreciate that you can easily download this in any iPad model as mixing gold doesn’t require any pressure sensitivity. 

Just remember that this is a palette and the desired effect will depend solely on how you mix and paint the colors together.

You’ll want to use a regular monoline brush for each gradient of color to get the texture desired.

Using the magic wand in Procreate and gaussian blur to blend gradually the different metallic gradients that you want. 

If you add some white shades, you achieve the highlights and create the sparkle on the surface of the color shade.

As an unwritten rule, the metallic shades, as well as gold and silver, will look great on a dark or black background.

This is because the shine will pop from the iPad screen.

You’ll want to use this palette for different designs whether it be for fashion, for jewelry, for home decors, and even for stationeries. 

Inma has 3 Procreate metallic, gild and silver palettes included with 73 total swatches. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Feminine appeal
  • Not pressure sensitive
  • Compatible with any iPad
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3. lnma

free procreate metallic gold & silver color palettes

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A bit more flexible on the type of market you want to attract, the gold, bronze and rose gold 

swatches allow you to play with the color combinations. 

You’ll have to refer to the many color swatches and do proper mixing so that the bronze gradients, rose gold gradients, and golds can be achieved. 

But remember that the gradients are just for color guide and reference which you have to mix yourself because this is not included in the set.

With the many choices of 73 color swatches included in the set, you can mix the lighter shades with the darker shades, as well as come up with a middle hue.

If you need assistance or more instructions, you can request for an instructional video guide from the seller to work on the gradients. 

You’ll have to download the files in the Procreate app in the iPad and tap the metallic file once it is saved in the downloads section.  

When you’ve done this, it will automatically send to your  Procreate app in the iPad and ready to use.

At the moment  Etsy can’t download the digital file directly to your Procreate app.

So, it’s best to sign on Etsy in the mobile browser or a non-mobile computer.

The palette is very versatile and can be used for any design, lettering, or as a highlight in the dark background.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Wide variety of choices
  • Versatile
  • Easy to download and use
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4. Metallic Textures Bundle

free procreate metallic gold & silver color palettes

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The Metallic Texture Bundle is a comprehensive bundle toolkit sold at a discounted price.

This bundle includes a range of different metallic hues including brushed metal, foil, antique metal, bokeh, and glitter in addition to a variety of metallic colors such as gold, rose gold, champagne gold, silver, black, and copper.

Amazingly, you get a total of 14 brushes.

These designs are ideal for use as backgrounds in a variety of projects or for creating metallic text effects using clipping masks.

It’s user-friendly both for a beginner and a professional graphic artist.

It gives a complete range of varying shades from the lightest hues to the darkest shades. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Wide variety of choices
  • Comes with updates
  • Responsive artist
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5. Opal Yagley

free procreate metallic gold & silver color palettes

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The Shiny Metallic Procreate Color Palette of Opal Yagley has 30 colors.

It’s made of ready to use gradients of gold, silver, and rose gold shading combination.

You’ll see the lightest shade of champagne gold to actual yellowish hue to a dark agate gold shade.

For silver, it starts with the lightest silver like a stainless shiny shade to a grayish hue to dark pewter almost dark not quite black shade.

The rose gold starts with a light pink blush shade to a pinkish rose hue to an old rose and cerise shade. 

You’ll appreciate that the metallic palette is easy to use with a ready metallic gradient included in the kit.

It’s relatively easy to download the swatch through Safari where your file goes straight to the download file folder.

When you click and choose the Opal Yagley file, you have to open the file in the Procreate option.

Then, it will automatically install the palette in your Procreate app.

You’ll find that as long as you have the Procreate app, there is no special iPad model to access this palette. 

You can send queries to the maker for questions on shading or gradient effect through her email. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ready to install
  • Artist open to answering questions
  • Includes Metallic gradient palettes
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6. Liquid Amethyst Art

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Liquid Amethyst Art offers a gold and pearl color palette which is perfect for the feminine and ladies market.  

This would be a perfect palette for designs on jewelry, home items, dresses, and fashion accessories such as handbags and shoes.

You can also use this for stationery designs, social cards, stickers, and other edging details on your design creation. 

You’ll enjoy blending the softness of rose gold metallic to splashes of gold and highlighted by pearl color for the shiny effect. 

Included in this set are 30 harmonious colors in the gold and pearl color palette for the Procreate app in the iPad. 

Before you purchase, you’ll need to check if the IOS in your iPad Pro is compatible with Procreate 4 and higher versions.

It’s important to consider your software before purchasing so you don’t buy something that isn’t compatible with your iPad. 

You’ll need to download the ZIP file and go into the Procreate app to unpack the swatches file into the iPad before using the palette.

Another added bonus is you can import palettes into Procreate by searching for the procreate art/handbook/colors/colors-palettes.

Having access to download this gives you a whole wealth of ideas.

Then, you can explore when designing or conceptualizing using the gold palette. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Feminine appeal
  • Includes 30 handpicked colors
  • Artist open to answer questions
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7. Things Unseen Design

Download Now!

Although this says it is a metallic glitter brush pack, this kit includes a 21 color Metallic palette.

You’ll find the metallic glitter palette ready to use as it’s included in the pack and ready for download.

Most of the other metallic palettes will require you to do your blending to reach the desired shade and texture. 

For this palette, there is no need to mix and create the effect of the glitter finish.

It’s already made for you as a straight file into your Procreate app. 

This saves you a lot of time and effort so you can go straight into shading your art and your creations on the desired shade and texture.

You’ll enjoy getting yourself started on the metallic palette and see how the shiny and glittery finish makes a difference in your designs.

Try your hand in using it as an outlining of a design subject or maybe use it for highlighted words in your design. 

You can also use it for edging designs on your artwork or maybe emphasize a subject in a dark background.

Remember that you need to have the downloaded Procreate App in your Apple iPad with the latest IOS 10 or later versions for this to work.

Since the iPad IOS doesn’t require a higher version, this becomes applicable to those who have an older iPad model and not necessarily the iPad Pro.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ready to use- no need to mix
  • Includes 21 color palettes
  • Commercial license available
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8. Mini Trezo Design

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The Mini Trezo Design has 3 main elegant selections of the metallic line of bronze, pink gold, and champagne. 

You’ll notice that the 3 metallic lines each have 30 colors grouped in a swatch for your easy soft blending in Procreate.

Since the three lines are all beautiful, you have to make a decision to pick which palette to use. 

On a blank page, set the brush on the large soft airbrush then gradually work through the palette that you’ve chosen. 

Make sure you pass the airbrush in the palette slowly so you don’t miss any shade.

Then draw vertical and horizontal stripes across the blank page, using the move tool to ensure the stripes are filled out on the page.

Next is the blend tool for the gradient bond brush which you will use to slowly blur each of the edges where the stripes meet each other.

You can apply the gaussian blur and opacity tools to set up the metallic palette choice you have used for the design.

The theme of the three palettes is subtle and romantic.

The 3 metallic palettes of bronze, rose gold, and champagne is closely harmonized.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Offers a subtle and romantic color theme
  • Includes 30 colors
  • Artist open to answering questions about the product
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9. Georg’s Procreate Brushes 

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Georg’s Procreate Brushes offers a free download of the metallics-gold, metallics-Pantone earth, metallics-silver. 

You’ll want to use the wide selection of metallic palettes in gold, silver, and earth tones.

These include bronze, gunmetal, champagne in a dark background so the design floats on the screen.

As compared to basic colors, the metallics accentuate or highlight an item or subject. 

When you use this palette, it’s the quickest way to make your work stand out and pop on the screen as the shine grabs the eye’s attention.

The color gold, silver, and metallics are always attached to glamour, elegance, and excitement. 

You’ll be able to use this palette for home decor, jewelry, fashion accessories to name a few.

Some have used this palette for the wristband of a stainless steel watch, or a set of bracelets in different gold color shades.

Some have used it for a season’s Fall to Christmas collection for dresses, shirts, or any other apparel.  

You can’t dismiss gold, silver, and metallics as a fad.

In fact, these palettes are considered a timeless color scheme that can be used anytime and for almost everything.

Using the Procreate app in the iPad, you can add the glitter, shimmer, and foil textures that are also available for free.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free!
  • Versatile
  • Wide variety of colors
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10. Watercolor & Metallic Brushes

Download Now!

Everything you need for your creative workflow is here.

I’d like to introduce you to the extremely realistic and adaptable Watercolor and Metallic Brushes for the Procreate App.

The feel of the metallic palette will not be altered if you can follow the suggested palette and texture. 

The ideal combination of realistic watercolor illustration and abstract art!

This kit includes 21 metallic brush sets.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Wide variety of colors
  • Completely ready to paint
  • 6 color palettes
Download Now!

Final Thoughts

Did the free Procreate metallic, gold & silver color palettes excite you?

Try them and feel the joy of using something nice but costs nothing.

On the serious side, designing with the right color palette will spell the difference with the overall result of your work. 

You must consider what the subject is and what market demographics you want to attract.

For the feminine and ladies market, you’ll want to use the hues of rose gold and bronze.

This is because they come out softer and has a romantic feel.

For the more masculine market, you’ll want to stick to the palette of golds and copper.

They are colors of royalty and exudes power and strength.

As for the very neutral silver palette that compliments any color, it gives the whole color scheme the shine and glitter to make it stand out.

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