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free procreate skin palettes

Top 10 Free Procreate Skin Color Palettes

These 10 free Procreate skin palettes will definitely save you time choosing skin colors.

By taking the guesswork out of painting, they streamline things so that you can focus your attention on finer details and complete your work sooner.

The creators of these color palettes have put considerable time and effort into compiling these masterpieces!

They are happy to give them to you at no cost! 

Since you can get these palettes for free, please consider referencing the creators when you post your work online.

The original creators would surely love being acknowledged and others may be inspired to do more for the digital art community.

Scroll through the list of free Procreate skin color palettes and become inspired to improve your art game by leaps and bounds!

Free Procreate Skin Palette by Delightful Design Studio

skin jones

Download Now!

The first product I chose to feature is quick and easy to download from this very site.

You don’t need to browse any other websites and concern yourself with ads and cookie requests popping up.

Furthermore, you can have this color palette installed in just a few easy steps.

Available from our freebies category you’ll simply add it to your basket, and then proceed to check out.

And you may also download the software onto your preferred device to start making use of the 30 colors provided in this palette.

Moreover, it’s so simple to use that you’ll be well on your way to fleshing out your artwork within minutes.

If you enjoy using this skin color palette then head over to the Freebies section for other great products like the lip color and hair color palette!

Lastly, see what’s available in the shop to suit all your digital art needs.

Pros & Benefits

  • It is available on this same site for easy access.
  • You can acquire many other products alongside this one simultaneously. 
  • The 30 colors in this palette provide a good variety.

Download Now!

5 Skin Color Palette Procreate by Artsydee

Download Now!

This set of color palettes neatly separates the different skin tones into palettes that can suit 5 different skin types.

It provides for deeper skin tones, softer golden skin tones, rich and natural olive tones, fair skin tones, and pale skin tones.

So if you only need one of these palettes they’re downloadable separately.

In addition, if you would like to create a group of people in your art with different skin tones, then the 5 palettes can be downloaded as one.

All instructions are neatly included for downloading and utilizing your new palettes.

And lastly, you can find the FAQ at the end of the page in case you have any queries.

Pros & Benefits

  • Palettes are downloadable individually or bundled.
  • A good range of skin tones is available.
  • Instructions for download are included.

Download Now!

Skin Color Palette for Procreate by Emy

Download Now!

The creator of this palette used a cute stamp design for the layout of this one.

Since she’s used 30 colors it’s not too difficult to find the ones you’ll need.

They’re spaced out neatly for comfortable use.

I like the way that the different shades of each color are placed adjacent to each other so highlights and shadows are easy to find.

When I used this palette I found that some of the colors were suitable for hair too, but I’d recommend finding a palette specifically suited to hair instead.

If you also have a Windows PC like me and enjoy using this palette, Emy provides instructions on how to use this palette for other apps too.

Pros & Benefits

  • There’s a charm to the design style chosen.
  • The webpage includes instructions on using the color palette for other apps.
  • Colors are well-spaced out for ease of use.

Download Now!

Haze Long Procreate Easy Color Palette

easy skin tone pallate

Download Now!

If you are an artist that’s struggling to figure out where to start, which brushes to use, and how to layer shadows and highlights, this palette is for you!

This one comes with a link to a Youtube video that talks through and shows step-by-step how to create the above portrait.

Also, the speaker even goes into detail about how to choose the right colors for your needs and gives advice on figuring out which skin tones to use.

Also included is a link to a YouTube video showing you how to install the software if you’re more of a visual learner.

This will help every user start with this color palette easily.

Pros & Benefits

  • There’s a YouTube video demonstrating how to use the palette.
  • It has a simple layout to locate all you need easily.
  • There’s an option to donate and support the creator with the pay-what-you-want feature.

Download Now!

SkinTone Palettes by H. D. Harris

Download Now!

H. D. Harris has shared this palette in 3 parts since the colors are for skin tones ranging from bright and pale skin tones to deep, dark tones.

Since Procreate has a limit of 30 colors in a single palette, they won’t fit into 1 file.

This is why they’re separated into 3 ranging from lighter to darker tones that can be displayed together as in the picture above.

I’ve enjoyed using this palette for the richly natural tones,

This palette doesn’t try to fill space with colors for lips and hair.

It just focuses on providing a range of all the tones you could need for vibrant skin with shades and highlights.

Pros & Benefits

  • There’s a large variety of skin tones.
  • Your attention will be focused on filling the need for skin only and no excess.
  • It has a simple page with download links and no ads.

Download Now!

Free Procreate Palettes by Kia Designs

free procreate skin palettes

Download Now!

Kia designs have shared a small selection of downloadable color palettes.

This also includes this Skin Tone palette available by download from their site and all free to use.

The website is small and easy to navigate, and the palettes available are arranged gorgeously with these eye-catching decagon shapes.

The arrangement of the colors is clear and straightforward to understand.

Furthermore, they’re ordered from light to dark tones on the palette as you’d expect, so finding your color is never difficult.

With a palette size of 30 ranging from pale to dark, this palette is suitable for simpler paintings with less shading and highlights.

Unless you’re confident in picking the accompanying colors for those yourself.

Pros & Benefits

  • It has eye-catching palettes with a clever organization for ease of use.
  • A few other palettes by Kia Designs are available alongside this one.
  • It has a delightfully clear and clutter-free website.

Download Now!

Free 20 Skin Palettes by JaneV

free procreate skin palettes

Download Now!

Finding this palette set by JaneV was a godsend!

With 20 palettes for different skin types, this free download proved to be a 1-stop-shop for any character I could make.

The ordering is a little all over the place but any colors you need are there.

And these are perfect if you are considering the tones you wish to use, highlights, and shading.

Lastly, getting used to find the shade you need takes a short while!

And with such a variety of choices, I’ve elevated the detail in my character design immensely.

Pros & Benefits

  • It includes a multitude of colors and shades.
  • There are choices for any shade of skin.
  • Comes in 3 groups: dark, pale, medium, and light

Download Now!

Skin Tone Palettes by ArtHayley

free procreate skin palettes

Download Now!

You’ll find inspiring 8 palettes that elevate your artwork with a plethora of shades for shadows and highlights to enhance your characters.

Moreover, each palette consists of 30 colors.

As you can see from the linked page, this pack has also received 59 five-star reviews!

This will certainly prove an essential part of your artsy tool belt.

Lastly, feel free to provide a fair payment or download this free of charge!

The web page uses the pay-what-you-want feature.

Pros & Benefits

  • This palette provides 210 colors.
  • You have different choices of skin tones, shades, and highlights.
  • Pay-what-you-want allows you to support the artist if you enjoy the palette.

Download Now!

Vector Portrait Tutorial with Download Link by Moss Journal


Download Now!

Next on our list of free Procreate skin palettes provides another video tutorial for painting skin tones.

In addition, it includes vector portrait skin painting.

This video also dives into methods of creating highlights and shadows that will help you to up your game in digital art.

Moreover, the video is under 20 minutes and talks about how best to use the palette provided.

It has tips and advice and a calm soundtrack playing throughout.

Lastly, I’d recommend watching this video especially if you’re new to painting skin as the advice holds true for use with many art mediums.

Pros & Benefits

  • It has a short informative video tutorial.
  • The free palette set is provided through the Dropbox link.
  • This set includes simple step-by-step instructions work for many art mediums.

Download Now!

Skin Tone Palette Message Board on Procreate Folio

Download Now!

All of the above free Procreate skin palettes are fantastic for most usage scenarios!

But, sometimes what you’re looking for may be hard to find.

Do yourself a favor and browse through this message board of different people’s skin tone palettes that other Procreate users have shared.

If you’re a bit more tech-savvy and know how to create your own skin tone palettes and share them, then this is the place to do it!

Users have written a few words about why they’ve made them, and their uses, and shared them for others to benefit from them too.

You may even find inspiration for a new character to paint just from browsing through what others have created…

Pros & Benefits

  • More palettes could come as people post their creations
  • Links to palettes are freely available to download and use.
  • Builds community and engagement for creative minds

Download Now!

Runners-Up: Crystalhawklee 39+ Free Color Palettes for Procreate

Download Now!

The Crystalhawklee 39+ Free Color Palettes for Procreate are a must-have for any digital artist!

This pack includes 39+ color palettes for Procreate users, but that’s not all!

The pack also includes JPG files with every palette included, making it easy for non-Procreate users or users with older versions of Procreate to use the palettes.

Simply save the JPG pictures and import them into your drawing program.

Then, use the eye dropper/color picker to manually pick the colors from the picture.

With this pack, you’ll have access to a wide range of color options to take your digital art to the next level.

Grab yours now!

Pros & Benefits

  • 39+ color palettes for Procreate users
  • JPG files included for non-Procreate users or users with older versions
  • Easy to use
  • A wide range of color options to enhance your digital art
  • A must-have for any digital artist!

Download Now!

Adeline & Co Skin Tone Procreate Color Palette

Download Now!

Introducing the Adeline & Co Skin Tone Procreate Color Palette.

It is a versatile collection of 30 skin-tone shades that will take your digital art to the next level.

Whether you’re an artist, designer, or illustrator, this palette is perfect for commercial use, so you can use it in your projects and sell your creations.

The best part?

You can download it for free and use it an unlimited number of times.

Get your hands on this must-have color palette today and elevate your digital art skills!

Pros & Benefits

  • 30-skin tone color palette
  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Free to download and use unlimited number of times
  • Perfect for artists, designers, and illustrators
  • Elevates digital art skills

Download Now!

Procreate Skin Color Palette Bundle by Faye

Download Now!

The Free Procreate Skin Color Palette Bundle by Faye is an easy-to-use collection of skin tones that makes creating stunning artwork quick and easy in Procreate.

With a total of 150 colors, (5 procreate skin tone color palettes), this bundle has everything you need to achieve realistic and diverse skin tones in your artwork.

Ranging from light to dark skin, it includes both human and animal skin tones.

For even more diversity, check out its premium version with 810 colors!

Insert $0 to download it for free, but all donations are always welcome.

They will help Faye create more free resources for artists to enjoy.

So download now and start creating beautiful and realistic skin tones in your Procreate artwork!

Pros & Benefits

  • Easy-to-use skin tones color palette bundle for Procreate
  • Quick and easy way to create stunning artwork
  • 150 colors included in the bundle
  • 5 procreate skin tone color palettes
  • Ranges from light to dark skin
  • Includes both human and animal skin tones
  • Free to download

Download Now!

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for specific skin tones with matching shades and shadows for your next portrait, then these free Procreate skin palettes are perfect for you.

The tutorials included with some of these top 10 skin tone palettes may even help you build an understanding of how to expand your artistic skills!

And maybe you’ll take a page from the books of these generous artists and share what you create to help others on their artistic journey.

I look forward to seeing the people you paint and the characters you create in the future!

Thank you for reading this article and happy painting!

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