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15 Procreate Tattoo Brushes (Free & Paid Options)

15 Procreate Tattoo Brushes (Free & Paid Options)

Looking to design your dream tattoo with paid and free Procreate tattoo brushes?

But can’t get a realistic look with the standard Procreate brushes?

We rate and review the best Procreate tattoo Brushes add-ons.

Scroll down and enjoy browsing through the different paid and free Procreate tattoo brushes.

Procreate Inks Tattoo Brush Bundle

free procreate tattoo brushes

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The top pick of our line-up is these custom brushes.

This essential collection will allow you to design your dream tattoo.

The brushes were designed in collaboration with professional tattoo artists.

They emulate actual tattoo tools.

The pack comes with different kinds of brushes needed to make fantastic tattoos.

You’ll get drawing, shading, and lining tools.

To make it easier for you, your kit comes with detailed instructions.

This product is an instant download pack. 

Hence, you can create your tattoo right away.

Pros & Benefits

  • Unlimited one-to-one support
  • Comes with three skin textures in different tones, which are tileable 
  • Includes a manual shading brush

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Tattoo Art Procreate Brush Kit

free procreate tattoo brushes

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The Seamless Team created this kit. 

This set has been featured in the Procreate’s Designer’s Brush Treasure Chest.

So, now you know that this set has gotten the nod from the professionals in the field.

It’s a set of 32 vintage-style brushes created with traditional tattoo designs in mind.

Upon purchase, you’ll get various brushes, including stipple, shading, and line art brushes.

In addition, you also get two vintage papers. 

Pros & Benefits

  • Wide variety of brushes
  • Quality recognized by professional artists
  • Purchase includes shaders and vintage papers

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Tattoo Art Brushes – Procreate

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If you’re a fan of Jerry Sailor tattoos, you need to get these brushes.
The Artifex Forge promises that you can create tattoos in a la Sailor’s style.
Moreover, the brushes are perfect for making authentic stippling textures and ink outlines.
The purchase of this pack includes 29 brushes and a PDF reference guide.
The creator claims that the original Illustrator version of these brushes has sold over a thousand packs!
This means quality is guaranteed for these Procreate tattoo brushes.
Note that you can only use this pack wilt Procreate 4.1 and above.
In addition, the brushes work best with Apple Pencil.

Pros & Benefits

  • Comes with specialized brushes for tattoo making
  • Get free products upon signing up for the creator’s newsletter
  • Goes with detailed instructions for loading and using the brushes

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Tattoo Brushes for Procreate by EasyProcreate

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The Procreate Tattoo Brush Set by EasyProcreate was made by a tattoo artist for fellow artists looking to elevate their digital tattoo designs.

This set includes dot, stipple, grain, and stipple shadow brushes providing you with a range of tools to achieve a variety of tattoo styles.

But these brushes aren’t just for tattoo designs.

Their high level of detail also makes them great for creating posters and clothing prints.

Whether you’re inking skin or designing for print, these brushes will help you achieve precise and professional results.

Add the Procreate Tattoo Brush Set to your digital toolkit today.

Pros & Benefits

  • Created by a tattoo artist
  • Instant download
  • Highly detailed for precise and professional results
  • Great for creating tattoo designs, posters, and clothing prints
  • Compatible with Procreate app

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Drekkye Tattoo Art Brush Kit

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Introducing the Tattoo Art Brushkit by Drekkye, a collection of 27 brushes inspired by traditional tattoo art.

This comprehensive set includes inkers for line work, shading brushes, and stipple brushes to fill in your sketches.

This set gives you a variety of brush types to choose from, including dot liners, lazy stipplers, wet ink liners, strong ink liners, caligraphy liners, stipple liners, and many more.

You’ll have all the tools you need to create a wide range of tattoo designs.

Plus, the kit includes 3 paper textures to add an extra layer of realism to your art.

Whether you’re an experienced tattoo artist or just starting out, the Tattoo Art Brushkit by Drekkye has everything you need to bring your tattoo designs to life.

Pros & Benefits

  • Collection of 27 brushes inspired by traditional tattoo art
  • Instant download
  • Includes inkers for line work, shading brushes, and stipple brushes to fill in sketches
  • Variety of brush types
  • 3 paper textures included

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Magic Needles Procreate Brushes 210 Tattoo Brushes

procreate tattoo brushes

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This sixth set in our list of paid and free procreate tattoo brushes are a must-have.

Now, you can have all the brushes you need to complete your tattoo brushes arsenal with this pack.

With an astounding number of 210 tattoo brushes, you’ll have every brush you need to create the most fantastic tattoo.

However, based on the reviews, you might need some technical know-how to be able to download all the brushes.

This pack includes a shader, liner, and stipple brushes.

If you’re aiming to make tattoos full-time, then you need to check this pack.

Pros & Benefits

  • Offers a wide variety of tattoo brushes
  • Creates realistic-looking tattoos
  • Ready-to-use with Procreate

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Moon and Stars

free procreate tattoo brushes


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This one right here is excellent for astronomy freaks.

If you like the stars, the never-ending sky, zodiac signs, the galaxy, etc., there won’t be a better deal for you.

This set includes 70 stamps and brushes, which is a decent amount.

Moon and Stars include Zodiac stamps, Crystal stamps, Moon phases, Crescent moons, and the list continues.

Each Zodiac sign has its own meaning, and most people love having ‘ a thing ‘ for them.

If you’re curious about the exact numbers, there is a detailed view of the description of the product.

You can adjust the size of these stamps and brushes.

Most of this set does a great job at background detailing.

The artist paid great attention to the details in this set.

All of these are small but detailed to the maximum.

For a decent amount of 9$, all of your galactical desires will be satisfied. 

All of these moon phases, zodiac stamps, and crystals are used to decorate original drawings and graphics.

But they are also used as tattoo motifs.

Pros & Benefits

  • Galactical vibe 
  • More uses to it
  • Zodiac lovers adore it

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Free Mini Pack Tattoo Brushes for Procreate

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Introducing the Mini Tattoo Brush Set for Procreate by RoDiiaz.

These free Procreate tattoo brushes include all the essential brushes you need to create tattoo designs in the Procreate app.

With this selection of tattoo brushes, you’ll have everything you need to bring your tattoo ideas to life.

The brushes have been carefully crafted by artist RoDiiaz to mimic the feel and behavior of traditional tattooing tools, giving you a realistic tattooing experience.

Whether you’re an experienced tattoo artist or just starting out, the Mini Tattoo Brush Set for Procreate by RoDiiaz is the perfect addition to your digital toolkit.

Compact and easy to use, it’s perfect for artists looking to create high-quality tattoo designs from their iPad.

Pros & Benefits

  • Free
  • Good starter set

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Skull Brush Pack

free procreate tattoo brushes

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This pack is for the more hard-core type.

It’s some sort of a rebellious symbol.

Some people see it as a symbol of mortality and death, but it’s not always that morbid.

They can also stand for sanguine ideas and make the most of the drawbacks.

Note for you guys.

These skull brushes are just outlines.

You have to do the fun part of coloring and shading the skulls.

This is precisely what you want, right?

But, they’re also great for people who want to learn how to draw skulls or practice shading.

With this set, you will be able to hone your artistic skills. 

It is recommended to only adjust the size function.

Leaving a review after buying this set means that you will get one BONUS skull stamp.

The price tag is 13.56$ for 21 Tattoo style skulls.

Keep in mind that you’re going to save a lot of time using these skull brushes,.

Trust me, it is worth it.

They’re all quality brushes.

Pros & Benefits

  • Massive timesaver
  • Quality brushes
  • Sought for in the tattoo industry

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The Jungle

free procreate tattoo brushes

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These brushes will make you feel like you’re part of “The Jungle Book,” and that you’re Mowgli!

No, but seriously, these brushes will give you the Amazon jungle vibes. 

These are good for all sorts of other things, too.

It’s suitable for tattoos, kid illustrations, comics, and some realistic drawings.

These brushes are also useful to practice shading.

They do an excellent job with that.

The width and the color of the brush can easily be adjusted and modified to whatever you like.

For 10$, you’re getting 20 of these multifunctional brushes.

Use these exact brushes to ease yourself while creating wildlife.

These brushes are compatible with Procreate version 5.0 and higher.

Pros & Benefits

  • Amazon and wildlife vibe
  • Multifunctional
  • Great for people who want to let their hand just do the work

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Demonic Ink

free procreate tattoo brushes

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If you like this kind of ink, then what’s stopping you?

This set of tattoo brushes is entirely free for everyone.

Why wouldn’t you try using them when there’s nothing to lose?

By looking at them, I got a bit of a dark aura from it.

But these brushes are very artistic and original.

These are only tattoo brushes.

But that shouldn’t be a problem as that’s precisely what we’re looking for.

You can always use them to create your style.

That’s precisely what the creators of these brushes tell you to do.

This is amazing considering the amount of work the artist put into them.

Everything is free!

This is to help everyone who had the same problems as him.

I recommend these brushes if you’re an ornamental type of person and like abstract drawings.

These brushes are also available with Procreate 5.0 versions and higher, of course, also with Procreate Pocket.

Pros & Benefits

  • Completely free
  • Artistic, ornamental, and abstract
  • Uniquely beautiful

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Peony Tattoo Set

free procreate tattoo brushes

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This Peony Tattoo Set is all about flowers and leaves.

Girls are looking for these tattoos all the time.

These are stunning!

People who adore Flora and Fauna will be in love with this.

There’s no doubt in my mind about that.

The tattoo artist paid fantastic attention to detail on this set.

These brushes tell a lot about him as an artist. 

There are a lot of different meanings when it comes to beautiful flowers.

Each flower has its own meaning and symbolism.

Some may symbolize fortune and prosperity.

Some epitomize joy, purity, and positive vibes.

They also manifest abundance and happiness.

All of these symbols are a big come-on for a lot of people.

Combining one set with another is also a fantastic idea.

These branches would look amazing next to a bird holding them with her clutches.

A pigeon with an olive branch, a symbol of peace– it would be a fantastic combination!

Once again, for 8.58$, you’re getting 50 Procreate Tattoo Brushes.

These are compatible with Procreate version 5.0 and higher.

Pros & Benefits

  • Great to combine with other brush sets
  • People who love flora and fauna will adore this
  • Girl customers will love these flowers

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Dots and Lines

free procreate tattoo brushes

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Dots and lines can be easily used to decorate some of your illustrations, comics, and, cartoons with dot grids and halftone.

And, needless to say, why we’re all here actually, these Procreate brushes are also appropriate for tattoo motifs.

You will find here dots of all styles, shading, polka dots, great textures, and zigzag waves.

This is a decent amount of variety.

These brushes look very well-organized and very detailed.

You need to pay just under nine bucks to gain access to precisely seventy of these Procreate brushes usable for your tattoo art.

Not a bad price for a decent amount of brushes and the variety you’re gaining from it.

These brushes are compatible with Procreate 5.0 version and higher.

Pros & Benefits

  • Multifunctional
  • Well-organized and detailed
  • Decently priced

Download Now!


free procreate tattoo brushes


Download Now!

As you can see, Karina Yordanova created fifteen tattoo stamps just to improve our lives that much.

They are straightforward to use and will assist you with your brush needs more than ever.

These should look amazing on the skin, just like the picture.

It’s that easy.

Just place it where you want to see it.

It will work all the magic by itself with little to no work for you.

These are not that expensive.

They are reasonably priced just under seven dollars.

If you wish to get a closer look at the brushes, Katarina asks you to check her Instagram.

Pros & Benefits

  • Easy input
  • Reasonable price
  • Satisfactory customers, fantastic reviews

Download Now!

Whip Shading

free procreate tattoo brushes


Download Now!

If you feel like using a more traditional technique, this is what I would prescribe for you.

These brushes can help you see how a design will look before putting it on the skin.

They will demonstrate precisely the methodology of whip shading in digital form.

For instance, this Procreate set will allow you to use this excellent method of whip shading.

This will also aid you to regulate the shadows of pre-tattoo.

I advise you to adjust the Streamline function.

But you may use them as you wish.

This is just a piece of advice from me. 

This is a fifty-seven-brush set consisting of the small, medium, and large brushes.

These tattoo brushes have been cautiously tested by some of the best tattoo artists.

All with positive feedback.

Pros & Benefits

  • Makes procreate look realistic and fun
  • Will make shading very easy for you
  • Apply it to see the pre-tattoo results

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Runners-up:Stipple Studio

free procreate tattoo brushes


Download Now!

Ingrown precision stipplers are great for acquiring cognate expertise.

They’re very well organized in four brush groups that are easy and quickly selectable.

Four styles of pen tips are available: Round tip, Rough tip, Bleedy tip, and Blatty tip.

These are fast and easy to use.

You’ll enjoy coming up with graphic art with ‘perfect imperfections’.

All brushes are ready to address any stippling mission, from some elusive edge shading to vast unified fades and gradients.

If you wish, turn on the bleed settings, this will make no dot look like another dot, so you can get real results.

You can combine these dots with masks to fill large areas in seconds.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of sizes, from 0.2mm to ultra-thick pen tips.

Pros & Benefits

  • Bleedy settings for realistic and organic dots
  • Quickly deal with the smallest and most significant problems

Download Now!

Rose Set

free procreate tattoo brushes


Download Now!

This rose set is perfect for some girls who just love flowers.

Or anyone that just want’s to express their love to someone, this may be a symbol of respect for them.

Roses are compound flowers, making it a bit of a complicated tattoo.

There are also more meanings to this beautiful flower.

Roses can symbolize promise, aspirations, and new beginnings.

But, combining other sets with this, or drawing them yourselves, thorns can be a healthy and beautiful contrast.

Thorns symbolize endorsement, erosion, and thoughtlessness.

Also, the color of the rose can change some things.

Yellow roses can symbolize mature love, delight, and a shield against jealous people. 

This is a set of 30 rose stamps, but there are also 20 leaf stamps.

Once again, one of those that will save you a bunch of time.

Quality is superb and magnificent, and the selection doesn’t go lower than that either.

It definitely will help you as there is a variety of different roses that anyone can enjoy.

Just over 15$ is the price for this set, but if you require some entirely large roses, these are the best of the lot.

Procreate version 5.0 or higher is required to download this set.

Pros & Benefits

  • Love symbol
  • Time-saver
  • A wide selection of roses and leaves

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Spitshading Set

free procreate tattoo brushes


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This set is some sort of exponential watercolor.

This is a little more expensive set, but the quality of the game is second to none, and it’s made of pure love.

Using this toolkit can help you break free from the monotonous default digital look.

You can trade that to get more of an authentic and conventional watercolor inventive.

There is a set made for both beginners and professionals as well.

All of the brushes, layers, and papers are tagged.

Clearly, you should be able to work right away, with no stress at all.

It includes a tutorial that will help people that need guidance on how to use this new set of brushes.

Coming in at almost 35$, it’s going to make you extra cash for the quality you’re about to get out of it.

Pros & Benefits

  • Usable both for beginners and professionals
  • Tutorial available
  • Clearly labeled brushes,
  • Use this set with ease
  • Quality product

Download Now!

Geometric Universe


Download Now!

This is another one that could apply to those who love astronomy.

But also great for people that suffer from OCD.

This set can fulfill both of those needs without breaking a sweat.

These are very good to be used as background details.

This is a set that consists of Zodiac signs, galaxies, constellations, and all of that astronomy stuff.

Once again, many people are obsessed with Zodiac signs.

Sets like these are precisely what you need to make your customers happy.

Fifty brushes for the price of around 8$ is also a decent amount.

These brushes are compatible with Procreate version 5.0 and higher.

Pros & Benefits

  • Great for astronomy and Zodiac obsessed people
  • Works well as background details
  • OCD Friendly

Download Now!

Dreamcatcher Brush Set


Download Now!

The Dreamcatcher brush set is a perfect way to put together all the details and create something beautiful.

Beads are great for religious people.

They can symbolize invocations, contemplation, and deep spirituality.

This doesn’t mean that only religious people love these; you can have a belief in something without being that religious.

But ribbon tattoos have different meanings.

They’re mostly used for symbolizing awareness.

For example, black ribbons mostly symbolize mourning for your loved ones.

It can also be a symbol of patriotism.

Look like a real artist using these, combining elements and symbols with seeing which one works with which.

This exact set includes:

  • 15 Feathers of different styles
  • Ribbons
  • Beads 
  • 14 Frames 

This set provides some compelling and symbolic meaning, which is what people always want and crave with tattoos.

Using this set, combining new stuff, and all that will help you become a better artist.

You will learn new techniques, and improve yourself.

The set costs 9.25$. 

The chance of being able to practice your artistic skills with this set is priceless. 

This set is compatible with Procreate version 5.0 and higher.

Pros & Benefits

  • Powerful and symbolic meaning significant for tattoos
  • Chance to learn and improve your technique
  • Heterogeneity of styles

Download Now!

Final Thoughts

The choices for paid and free Procreate tattoo brushes are abundant on the internet, depending on what you seek.

If you are striving to become and improve as a professional tattoo artist, then this is the article to read.

I am sure of this.

These are the best options for paid & free procreate tattoo brushes to help you become the tattoo artist you have always wanted to be.

If you wish to give your clientele their symbol of hope, happiness, joy, mourning, or whatever they like, this will aid you massively.

Know of one that is not on the list and should be?

Let me know in the comments below.

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