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free sleeping eye mask mockup psd

10 Best Free Sleeping Eye Mask Mockup PSD

Have you ever tried a free sleeping eye mask Mockup PSD?

Did it help you?

Sleep is one of life’s aspects that is so crucial in maintaining a healthy mind, body, and soul. 

For those who have trouble sleeping, this sleep mask is a natural and non-addictive means to help you sleep longer.

Unlike taking prescription pills, herbal supplements, or alcohol to calm down nerves, this sleep mask is not habit-forming or does not alter behavior.

The brain is at its rested mode by blocking out any light, which allows you to go into a deep Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep.

You can make the free sleeping eye mask Mockup PSD a personalized unique item and use it as a gift.

Here we have below 10 best websites for sleeping eye masks:


The free mockup PSD sleeping eye mask from emphasizes the importance of sleep.

The design shows a nice set of eyes printed on a flesh-colored fabric.

You can use it for free by downloading it and then edit it in Photoshop.

You can also choose to change the mask’s fabric colors, border, and the elastic strap.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • You can simply download the design from the website
  • Design can be edited and customized according to your preference so it looks unique and not like the rest
  • Colors can be changed depending on the body, the borders, and the elastic strap, making it easier to match the eye color to the fabric


This website has a wide selection of fonts and designs that are offered for free.

You can find some ideas and decide what you want to create out of the suggestions.

They offer wonderful designs with short quotes and encouraging words.

It also reminds the person using to leave all issues, problems, and obligations for the next day.

You can easily download the free sleeping eye mask mockup in the PSD template.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • The website has encouraging and positive reminders
  • It’s a counter-insomnia tool in taking the mind out of worries


This website offers sleep masks designs for free.

You can choose front or half side designs.

There are calming designs that will suggest relaxation and preparation for sleep.

You could use the moon and stars to depict the serene night scene, which will send the signal that it’s rest time.

Another theme to choose from are font words such as relax, calm, meditate, chill, and sleep to signal the end of the day ritual.

You can check out the templates by downloading the free high-quality PSD mockups found on the website.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • You can download front and half side designs
  • You can use this for a gift item where you can customize the name of the person or the brand
  • It’s easy to download with specific dimensions for your guidance


This website offers you to personalize your sleep mask.

Using your design showcases your artistic ability placed into a functional item.

You can use your own picture, whether it’s from your own past experiences or travels.

All you have to do is replace the design with your own by getting inside PhotoSmart’s smart object.

Word of reminder, you’ll have to check the file format if it’s compatible with the Photoshop.psd file.

Please take note of the dimensions, which are 3840 x 2160 pixels, to ensure it doesn’t come out pixelated.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • The format is prepared for you to use your artistic creation giving you the decision to use it for personal use or for a company logo
  • You can use your chosen graphic art or a photo from your collection
  • You can use the name of a brand and offer it as part of their marketing giveaways if they don’t sell it on retail


There are a few sleeping eye mask mockup sets that is giving for free to it’s users.

With various designs to choose from, the pack includes 2 PSD files with specs of 1500 x 1500px 300 to guarantee clear printing.

Using Smart Objects in Photoshop can interchange the colors and designs to fit into your taste and edit according to what your plan entails.

You can choose from the 4 different kinds of neutral shade, custom color, and neutral and white.

You’ll find nicely organized layers in all-out creative mockups, which you can derive ideas for your designs.

In case you decide you want to supply on Amazon, then there is an option to use the white background.

The website allows you to monetize your designs and sell on other virtual platforms.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Avail generous designs and colors for you to customize using your preference
  • You get 2 PSD views files that you can interchange and choose from for more design ideas and inspirations
  • The option to turn this into a business with the ready offer of a white background that you can use


High-quality PSD mockups template can be customized on this website.

If you want to go with the night theme that signals the brain to slow down, you can choose a moon and star design.

If you like a more proactive reminder about the next following day, then you could choose morning themes to remind you.

Make sure that you have an available 63.07MB with a dimension of 5000x500px when you download.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Choose from the mockups template for your uniquely designed sleep mask that is offered for free
  • You have online free templates that are ready to use
  • The downloading of dimension guide makes it easy to do placement on the front view


You can easily download the PSD for free along with the Photoshop fabric mockup Sm1 font backside.

You will enjoy it along with the other mockup templates.

In addition, Free graphic resources are also available.

What’s nice is the designs are available for the front side and the backside of the sleep mask.

This dual template allows a table-top view of both sides of the mask, allowing an exciting front and back decor.

In a way, it becomes reversible in which you can use depending on which side you choose.

You can get free PSD graphics, PSD mockups, photoshop templates, PSD GUI, and PSD icons along with the mockup template.

There are also free web graphics, text fonts, and effects, and vector graphics that you can use for the sleep mask.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Dual side mockup templates that can be used for both the front part of the mask as well as the backside of the mask
  • There is a variety of PSD graphics and text fonts that you can combine making the sleep mask a personalized and unique piece 
  • The mask is reversible and can be used on either side

8. also offers a free download of the sleeping mask mockup.

This iconic design is one of the most popular mockups PSD used for personal and for commercial use.

The high-quality templates offer handpicked free mockups for your presentations to stand out.

For example, a simple shape of a closed eyelid in gold print depicts secure and peaceful eyes.

With this graphic alone, it conveys a peaceful slumber, a final shuteye, a time to close your eyes to sleep.

You can explore the many other print Photoshop mockups that you can creatively edit and adapt to your design.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • The sleeping eye is one of the most popular PSD mockups for the sleep mask design
  • There are no limitations to use what you have downloaded so you can use it both for personal and commercial use
  • There are other high-quality templates and Photoshop print mockups offered in the download


You can download the sleep mask PSD mockup half side view for free from

You can choose different designs and customize half side view PSD templates.

There are many choices to pick from the Yellow Images newest packaging mockups making the mask unique and attractive.

PSD Smart Objects templates enable smart layers and allow you to choose which side you will print on.

The mockups have a high-quality resolution that will avoid pixelated images or text fonts in the sleep mask.

There are various PSD designs and sketch formats available that you can use for personal or commercial use.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • You can use this for your design or it can be used for personal or commercial use
  • A wide array of designs to choose from by simply logging into Yellow Images for the news packaging mockups
  • The room to explore and make designs that are unique adding value as a customized and not generic mask


The website offers free mockup templates that you can use for personal or commercial use.

If your designs have photorealistic elements with high-quality pixels, then this is perfect for you.

That means having your creations or personalized branding with a customized layout to print on this sleeping mask.

Your graphic design works realistically come to life with a clear picture-perfect image that captures the right colors and precision.

You can change the sleeping eye mask color, background, and fonts using the smart object with a simple click.

You can use your personalized design, making the sleep mask a unique and customized item.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Unique and customized sleep mask PSD design by applying your graphic art or your creation
  • There are no limitations for using the free template mockup whether it be for personal or commercial use
  • The template allows you to change the sleep eye mask color, background, and own design

Final Thoughts:

The above list of free sleeping eye mask Mockup PSD all offers good and beneficial qualities.

But if you want to narrow down your choices, the best way to choose is to determine what, how, and when you need the template.

If you want your mask with a personalized graphic design and artistic creation, you should choose,, or

If you want to put a logo or a brand on the sleeping mask and choose the half side or the front view part, you can select from,,

There’s also an easy and direct mockup template that is ready to use on the sleeping mask, and you can get it from,,

If you want to use both sides of the mask, both the front and backside, you can use

The sleep mask is like any other clothing item you use in your bedroom’s privacy, but you use this item for a more extended period.

While you can choose to use the plain generic fabric, you can likewise select a sleeping mask with a unique and personalized design.

Using either font words or images that are soothing and calming makes you want to rest and have a long sleep.

It’s similar to unwinding, where you either listen to soft music or meditate or read to relax.

The mask gives a positive vibe because there is something to look forward to.

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