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free square sticker mockup

10 Best Free Square Sticker Mockups. Test Out Your Sticker Designs Today

Ever wondered where you can get the best free square sticker mockup yourself?

Do you see a lot of colorful square stickers popping out everywhere? 

Picture yourself about to enter a storefront and noticing a bright-colored sticker either near the handlebar or at eye level.

How about the times when you are lining up in the aisle of a grocery store then glance at the square stickers on the side of the counter area. 

Or when you dine in a restaurant and notice the logo or a set of words in a glass coaster? 

Square stickers are subtle signs that advertise a product, a business name, or a logo for brand familiarity.

It’s an effective way to grab your attention and with a few short words, remind you of something important.

It’s a powerful campaign tool for different purposes but since the size is small, it is usually tolerated and not considered offensive. 

Here we have below 10 websites where you can download the best free square sticker mockup for yourself or for your business.


The free mockup download from offers many choices for your own square sticker design.

It’s an easy PSD download that you can use for your group or organizational campaigns or personal endorsements.

A simple 3-word message or a familiar logo printed on the square space would be ideal for the sticker to pass off as subtle and inoffensive.

You can change the color background to follow the theme or the organization’s chosen identity color. 

For example, when a group takes a stand on a certain issue and needs to get the message out then the trusty square sticker is a handy tool. 

Let’s say it’s about equal rights employment for all genders and you want to create awareness.

The same stickers can be used as bumper stickers of cars, in the casing of mobile phones, or on the top cover of a laptop. 

If you are fortunate to get some business owners to join the cause, then the square sticker would look great on the entrance door.

Some would even go as far as sticking it near a cashier machine or behind the counter for good visibility. 

2. has a photorealistic transparent PSD sticker mockup that you can download for free. 

This mockup square sticker template is perfect for your logo design or brand name. 

The typography design is realistic and has a professional feel to it with its high-resolution pixels. 

What’s good is the mockup template is fully editable so you can revise the background’s color and the sticker itself. 

You can also do away with the format and just put in your logo inside the specified smart object.

You’ll need to go through the two layers because it has one for the background and the outer for the sticker format.

The square sticker can come in different square sizes that’ll be useful in the surface area you have in mind. 

The square sticker is a cheaper alternative to direct printing on an item as the goal is to make your brand visible.

This is a great way to place your brand on items that you either want to sell or use for a solid color background. 

If you have your sticker design or logo, you’ll need to upload it to the template that is part of the mockup. 

Depending on the side of the graphics and font, you can edit as you see fit.

You can use it for private parties or catering to make your brand or logo visible in a traditional way. 

The stack design should catch the eye, not the usual square design as it shows dimension.

At a glance, this would be noticeable and draw the eye to the brand, logo, or the 3-word saying that fits the square template.

Its unique layout is different from the rest of the square templates and can easily be downloaded for ready use. 

3. offers various choices for square sticker mockups that you can use for different campaigns. 

The result is a photorealistic image that is professionally made and something worth putting in a public space.

If you are looking for a means of extra exposure, then the square sticker is the best way to catch a possible customer’s attention. 

Some would place their sticker strategically in a phone booth where the brand or logo with a telephone number for visibility.

Others like an organization or a group would want to use the square sticker for a meeting, event, or conference.

You’d write down the event name, date, and place in a creative and fun way then stick it into a public place for full exposure.

If it’s a campaign for a cause, then maybe a catchword or two with the organization’s color to distinguish where the stand is coming from. 

You’ll find it easy to merge your design by uploading it into the mockup template and choose your background color to customize it. 

No need to worry even if you’re not an expert, as the template is user-friendly and adapted into the design.

4. offers a free PSD square sticker mockup template for your advertising or decorative use. 

When you print the template, it has a black line border where you can place your logo in the center place of the blue background. 

Its full layered PSD file dimension is 4000 x 3000 pixels with a size of 38 MB file download for Adobe Photoshop 2020.

You’ll need to get into Smart Object to do editable content and size fonts for the square sticker.

This is a cost-effective branding tool that you can download with a simpler template that you can put to use.

If the job is for a small business owner who wants to announce an opening or promo, then this is what you should offer.

The square sticker in the blue background is an attractive and bright-colored item that stands out in any space.

The sticker will surely stand out on a shop door or by the side of a cashier or laptop stand.

Percentage discounts, buy one take one, extra discount after purchasing how many items are perfect word content that you can put in the square stickers.

Short event announcements such as inventory sales, clearance sales, and holiday sales can show the sticker scattered all over the mall area.

5. offers free download on square sticker mockup templates.

You’ll need to use the PSD smart objects templates to upload your logo or content then edit here to customize your sticker. 

You’ll like the high-quality resolution of the template as well as the smart layers enabled to fix up the content on the font, the color, the size, etc. 

Since the template allows many editable changes on all visible sides, you can use this both for personal and commercial use. 

Take note that the mockup template is minimalist styled stock photography that makes it easier for you to play with the design.

You can use a stylized font in a background of whatever color you choose and adapt it to different products. 

Think stickers placed in juice bottles or sport’s flask that will carry the logo design or brand name of a fitness company.

What about the sticker used for a mirror and compact powder case for a cosmetic brand for beauty and wellness?

Or the square sticker placed in the back of a mobile phone or computer for a software company? 

There are endless possibilities that you can use this free mockup square sticker for advertising needs and requirements. 

6. has one of the biggest collections of free mockup sticker templates to choose from. 

You’ll find the template has a smart object that you can upload your logo or brand or content on for your design creation. 

The different layers of the smart object allow you to adjust or edit the designs according to your chosen font, background color, and even size dimensions.

It’s so easy to use that all you have to do is just drag and drop your design and you have a photorealistic sticker. 

You can choose different colored backgrounds to suit the brand colors or event theme. 

You’ll like the high-resolution mockup with dimensions of 4000 x 4000 pixels 300 dpi which gives a higher quality of the print. 

This is ideal for commercial purposes that involve branding and product presence in a certain target market. 

You’ll get to use the square stickers for corporate giveaways such as coffee mugs, travel flasks, clear notebooks, or even mobile protective casings.

You can also use the sticker to spread brand familiarity by strategically placing stickers in public areas that are easily seen.

Not only do they allow you to use the square sticker mockup template for business or commercial use, but they make sure you are getting premium quality for this.

7. is offering the free download of the square sticker mockup in PSD format for your creative design needs. 

The white background on a square mockup allows you to design freely without being restricted by the template. 

You’ll find it easier to make designs without having to deal with useless elements that you ignore because of the easy format. 

If you’d like to see new ideas, there are 50 stickers that you can get inspiration from or even use to showcase the brand or logo. 

You’ll discover that the template allows you to upload your design and edit in different sizes, types of design, and different fonts. 

If you need to design for promotional items or corporate giveaways, then this will be perfect for your design needs. 

In the case of promoting a newly opened fitness gym or spa, you’ll want a whole range of items to go with the branding concept.

Starting from the water jugs, to string bags, to yoga mats where you can put the sticker in a plastic casing organizer. 

There might also be a juice bar section where freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juices are served in plastic containers with the sticker brand for takeaway. 

The easy and editable square sticker mockup template gives you the freedom to design or create according to your client’s needs and requirements. 

8. offers the rounded square sticker mockup template set in layered PSD through smart object insertion. 

You’ll realize this has a different feature from the rest of the square stickers because it has two different paper curls.

When you upload your logo or brand, you’ll get to edit through smart objects ready and revise the size, font, and color of your design.

You’ll use the same feature of smart objects to choose your customized background design. 

The free zip file download includes 2 mockup PSD files using the Adobe Photoshop CS 5+ program.

You’ll appreciate the photorealistic quality of 4000 x 3200 pixels, giving you a high-quality resolution of the printed sticker.

This will be perfect for your personal use but also business branding as it doesn’t require any license for commercial use. 

If you’re in a rush, you can replace the current artwork by using the smart layer to reach the presentation deadline. 

You’ll find it easy to use the 2 mockup PSD files for your design needs as the template is user-friendly and adaptable to Adobe Photoshop. 

That means any logo or brand or even wording that you want to fit into the square sticker is easily done with your choice of color background.

9. presents the free download of the square sticker mockup template.

You’ll like this easy download that is compatible both in PSD and PNG format where you can use the smart objects in Photoshop to edit the main design.

Your designs can be editable in different sizes, desired font, content, and background color for your customized creation. 

If you’re designing for an online marketing brand, then this would be an ideal fit for your client.

You’ll want to use bright and happy colors to attract the ones who will see the sticker in public areas on a gray, white, or dark surface.

You should also use catchy short phrases for content that can interest the onlooker and make contact for inquiries.

If you’re designing for an online seller or service provider, the square sticker is a useful way to advertise the website.

When you upload your artwork or design into the template, the printed result will come out in a high-quality resolution.

Using the logo or brand name or even a catchy phrase and working into the mockup template as long as it can fit within the limited space of the sticker.

The best part about it is you get to explore customized design using a free mockup template for the square sticker. 

10. is offering this free square sticker mockup template if you agree to register and give your email address during the free download.

You’ll notice the amount of U$ 0.00 in the register sheet as a free download, so you’re sure that you won’t have to pay for it.

You’ll notice this template is adaptable for both bright and dark designs so you have full control over the lightness, reflections, and shadows. 

Kind of like working on a painting where you want to give a 3D effect or the play of light when it hits a certain spot. 

You’ll then need to use smart objects in the editable PSD file to change the color background, font, design, and even content. 

You create your unique ideas and use the mockup template for the square sticker using Adobe Photoshop basic skills.

The transparent HD images allow you to merge your design so the sticker result comes out unique and customized. 

You also have a choice to use the 4 different angles which are part of the mockup template and something you should consider for the desired effect. 

The square sticker can be used for personal and commercial use but not for reselling or redistributing. 

When you do the free download, it will only be used in a single commercial project whether you are a blogger or have a 3-man creative agency.

Final Thoughts

The square sticker is one of the most effective tools in advertising your brand, logo, message.

Note that is an affordable choice to direct printing on promotional or giveaway items.

Using the best free square sticker mockup for branding purposes will save you time and money without sacrificing quality work. 

As businesses thrive with strong branding, the sticker is able to get the message across with its compact size in different locations. 

Its impact is a stronger awareness of a brand that earns customer following and loyalty.

The same goes for its brand logo when people become recognize it because it is situated in different public areas that people pass through. 

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