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glitch fonts

10 Best Glitch Fonts (Expert Picks)

VWhat are glitch fonts or glitch art, as others would call it?

Well, it’s a unique style of typography where digital glitches are presented in an aesthetic manner as part of the typeface style.

Visually, glitch fonts (and art) are designed intentionally with distortions on the images.

This kind of graphic style reminds people of the eighties when the digital industry is not as good as it is today.

Glitches, at that time, appeared quite often during viewing time.

Glitch fonts can be used for science-fiction and technocentric-themed projects, aiming at a futuristic or retro style.

Note that it can also be used in any project as long as it captures the message of the designer. 

So, here is a guide to some of the best glitch fonts in the typeface industry.

I will also be including other details like where you can get them and their distinctive characteristics.

1. Glitch

glitch fonts

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Picture Pop Studio created Glitch.

Caroline, a designer from California owns it.

This font shows a simple glitch effect on the letters.

The letters appear with a horizontal cut at the middle,.

This cut resulted in a flaw in the alignment of the letters because the upper half (or lower half) is slightly slanted to one side .

Because of its simple Sans Serif typestyle, it’s suitable for anything.

This includes branding, logos, invitations, marketing materials, themed events, and more.

It is available in uppercase letters only, with glitch alternates.

The same goes with the numbers, punctuation marks, and other characters.

It is compatible with different programs useful for typography like:

  • Cricut Design Space
  • Silhouette
  • Microsoft Word
  • GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Many more

Also, it is downloadable in TTF and OTF file types.

You can purchase it at Etsy, both for personal and business use.

There is no need for credits to the designer. 

However, reselling and claiming the font as your own is prohibited.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Readable San Serif typestyle
  • Can be used for marketing materials and merchandise 
  • Commercial use is allowed

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2. Fault

glitch fonts

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MediaLoot, Inc. created Fault in 2018.

Medialoot offers a web collection of high-quality graphic design resources available for anyone with online membership.

It was established in 2012, and is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Its fuzzy glitch effect is focused on the outline of each letter or character, specifically the left and right outlines.

It shows thin horizontal distortions that approximates an unfinished look.

Inspired by science fiction movies and games, the font is ideal for different projects like:

  • Gaming effects
  • Music visuals
  • Movie posters

It is probably based on a Sans Serif-type style, making it a legible display font, even with its detailed graphical effect.

The font package contains uppercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and other typical symbols.

Moreover, it is downloadable in the OTF file type in Creative Market.

Licensing is available for desktop, electronic publication, and application.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Convincing, detailed, glitch text effect
  • Suitable for science fiction and gaming themes
  • Created by an established graphic design source
  • Legible font typestyle

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3. Felix

glitch fonts

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Khurasan crafted the Felix font.

He is an independent graphic designer and illustrator based in Aceh, Indonesia.

This font features a Sans Serif type style in bold and italics.

It is perfect for large-scale visuals, like posters, banners, covers, or even logos and merchandise.

The font’s legibility and boldness makes it very noticeable.

The package is a duo font.

So you get the Felix Regular and Felix Clean fonts. 

The Felix Regular contains the glitch effect, while the Felix Clean has no glitch effect.

The package features uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, common symbols, and multilingual support.

Also, you can buy the font package at Creative Market.

Both the Regular and Clean versions are available in TTF and OTF file types.

License purchasing is available for desktop, electronic publication, and application.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes two styles: Regular and Clean
  • Perfect for large-scale graphics
  • Very readable typestyle
  • Has multilingual support

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4. Real Young

glitch fonts

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Created in 2019, “Real Young” font is another typeface by Khurasan .

He’s the same independent graphic designer and illustrator based in Aceh, Indonesia who designed the Felix font as well. 

This futuristic-looking unicase font has few glitch effects with just a couple of small streaks.

The streaks appear at the upper left and the lower right in each letter.

Because of its square Sans Serif typestyle and bold feature, its design is ideal for large-scale visuals.

These visuals include posters, banners, or even logos and merchandise.

The font package is available in two versions, Real Young and Real Young Italic.

It provides uppercase letters, non-glitch alternates, numbers, common characters and symbols, and multilingual support.

Both versions are available in TTF, OTF, and JPG file types.

You can download it at Creative Market, Font Bundles, and The Hungry Jpeg.

Furthermore, license is available for desktop, electronic publication, application, and Web font.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes two styles: Regular and Italic
  • Perfect for large-scale graphics
  • Readable, modern, futuristic typestyle
  • Has multilingual support

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5. Banner

glitch fonts

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Jan Koller crafted Banner.

She works for the URW Type Foundry GmbH, a subsidiary of Global Graphics PLC, based in Hamburg, Germany. 

This font is retro and technocentric because of its pixelated design.

Moreover, it has an appealing unfinished look.

Ideally, this typeface is best for animated web banners.

It is best used at 80 pixels without antialiasing.

Antialiasing is a method of eliminating jagged edges on curved lines to add smoothness and realism to a digital image.

This procedure is done to preserve that pixelated technical and display style.

There are 24 styles available in the Banner family package: Regular, Regular Outline, Regular Out Top, and others.

You can choose from outlines, dotted, dashed, solid-colored, patterned, gradients, and many others with their variants.

These varied designs can save you time from modifying too much if you use this font family.

It features an italic style for uppercase and lowercase letters, with numbers, punctuation marks, and common symbols.

This typeface can be bought at, with license purchasing for desktop, electronic publication, and Webfont.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has a retro digital design 
  • Ideal for animated web banners
  • Available in 24 fascinating styles

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6. Linotype CMC-7

glitch fonts

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The Linotype Design Studio designed this font.

This studio belongs to the Linotype Foundry.

This foundry has over a century of producing and marketing licensed quality fonts, based in Berlin, Germany.

The font looks like a Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) barcode.

It has unevenly weighted vertical lines, but still forming legible letters and numbers with a technical style.

This  font is typically used on checks and different banking needs.

But you can use this font for other technical or display graphic works.

Its design gives you the vibe of the outdated technology that is part of the glitch effect.

The font package is available in only one style, with uppercase letters, numbers, and just a few punctuation marks.

You can download the typeface at

License is available for desktop, digital ads, Web font, mobile application, electronic application, and server uses.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unique primitive design 
  • Best for checks and other banking needs
  • Created by an established typeface foundry

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7. Son of A Glitch

glitch fonts

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An Irish designer, Darrell Flood (also known as “Dadiomouse”) crafted Son of a Glitch.

He also owns Hawtpixel.

It’s a small design studio for fonts, logos, print-on-demand designs, and gaming projects.

He is currently based in Nara, Japan.

The glitch effect appears in the middle portion of each letter.

You will notice the Glitch running through the letters, similar to what happens to old “box” televisions.

Remember the time when you need to fix the antenna of an old TV for a better signal.

Others would even smack the side of those vintage televisions.

This typeface seems ideal for digital projects, games, logos, or printing on merchandise. 

Besides the modern and bold unicase font, its family package is available in regular and italic styles.

In addition, it also has numbers, punctuation marks, and other typical symbols.

Also, it is compatible with Microsoft and Mac.

It provides support for 24 languages and 119 characters.

It is available in the OTF and TTF file types.

You can download it for personal use at Font Space. 

For a commercial license, you can purchase one from Creative Fabrica.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The package is available in a regular and italic font family
  • Ideal for digital projects like gaming
  • Visually appealing for merchandise printing
  • Has multilingual support for 24 languages

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8. Electric Shocker

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Chequered Ink Ltd. made Electric Shocker. 

It’s a foundry established in 2015 by Dan Johnston and Allison James.

They’re located in England and Wales , respectively.

You’ll see a mix of Geometric Sans Serif and Decorative Style of the typeface.

You will also observe a strip of glitch passing across the center of the letters horizontally.

With an appropriate background (and probably other elements), you can use the modern font for any digital project with an electrifying or technocentric theme.

The font features both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and other characters.

It offers multilingual support for 24 languages to sum up a total of 100 characters.

In addition, it is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista, together with Mac OS X.

This typeface is available in OTF file type for personal use and downloadable at Font Space.

However, for commercial use, you can purchase the license at their website, the Chequered.Ink.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Legible modern design
  • Suitable for the digital industry (games, animation, etc.)
  • Has multilingual support for 24 languages
  • Updated as of 2021
  • Compatible with Microsoft and Mac

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9. CF Glitch City

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“CloutierFontes designs CF Glitch City” font.

It’s an online archive of a wide variety of downloadable typefaces,.

Steve Cloutier, located in California, U.S.A., founded this shop.

This unicase font features a bold decorative type style.

It has many intentional flaws appearing like the solid color of each letter was not finished rather rushed .

You will see dents in each letter and the streaks outside the letters.

Since this typeface is decorative, it is very suitable for display purposes, like paper and digital marketing materials. 

The readable bold uppercase font style makes it ideal for large-scale projects.

Somehow, the font gives a nasty or aggressive vibe. 

Together with its bold format, it can be used for powerful propaganda or projects with a series of ” action” scenes as part of the genre.

The font family package contains two versions, the Regular and Accents Version.

The Regular version has around 72 characters, while the Accent Version has an additional feature for multilingual support.

Both versions are available in OTF, TTF, EOT, SVG, and WOFF file types.

You can download them for personal use at Font Space.

Meanwhile, you can purchase the commercial license at the CloutierFontes website.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Readable bold font style
  • Great for paper and large-scale digital materials
  • Its powerful vibe is helpful for similar propaganda and projects
  • The Accents Version has multilingual support

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Designer David Libeau, a French font artist, designed Hacked. 

To visualize better, the unique design is like a mix of the effects from our previous fonts.

For example, you get a few outline glitches of the “Fault – Glitch Font” by MediaLoot and the small glitch streaks of the “Real Young Font” by Khurasan Studio.

Of course, that is just a comparison from the other fonts we mentioned in this article.

If you are familiar with the Ubisoft game, Watch Dogs, this font is a recreation of the game’s logo.

The glitch effect on this typeface is not that enormous that it covers too much of the letters.

So it is suitable for any project with a gaming, digital, modern, or technology theme.

It could be digital artwork, display material, or even printing on merchandise.

This unicase font features only uppercase letters, numbers, and some common symbols.

It has multilingual support for 24 languages, with a total of 239 characters.

Being under the Creative Commons, you can download the typeface for free at Font Space.

The commercial use is permitted as long as there are credits to the author, David Libeau, and credits to the “Hacked” font itself.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • A simple, versatile glitch design
  • Perfect for gaming projects
  • Has multilingual support for 24 languages
  • Creative Commons License

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Final Thoughts

Glitch font is a happy accident or a controlled imperfection that evolved into art for digital trends. 

As long as it is properly used, then a memorable visual is created.

Some also perceive this type of style as a ‘glorified mistake.’

Since it is about “faking” a glitch, it should appear natural.

You may have noticed that most glitch fonts are based on simple typestyles.

Effects are just added to these fonts.

All these make it more realistic since fonts before were not fancy or embellished.

In a way, we tend to appreciate those that are realistic or natural rather than those perfect and flawless forms of art.

In my opinion, the best glitch font from those ten styles would be the Banner font from URW Type Foundry. 

Because of its 24 Banner family fonts, you could already choose your preferred design.

Plus, the variety of versions are already great!

What more, if you add your modifications, then you can even create an excellent nostalgic glitch design.

After going through these great typefaces, hopefully, most of your expectations towards glitch fonts were met.

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