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10 Best Procreate Glitter Color Palettes, Free and Paid

Using the best Procreate glitter color palette will ensure a wonderfully color coordinated artwork with elegant sparkle.

In the same way, nothing is more frustrating than seeing a ‘flat’ (despite the glitters) work of art because of mismatched colors.

A meticulously coordinated color palette do inspire artists to create art.

This is why we have searched the online market to give you the best Procreate Glitter Palettes from both paid and free sources.

If you want to know what are the best options for the Procreate glitter color palette in the market, then this is for you.

Here’s our top 10 Procreate glitter color palettes. 

1. 10 Best Procreate Glitter Color Palettes

glitter color palette procreate

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Add sparkle to your artwork by using these Procreate Glitter color palettes.

Choose from these ten best hue collections.

You have many colors to choose from to create your glittering colors.

The collection features hues such as old and rose gold, cosmic, silver, and many more.

Delightful Design has curated the 300 hues for your glitter projects.

Moreover, they are all unbelievably free to download.

Further below, you will also find the ultimate Procreate Glitter Toolbox with additional color swatches.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Wide variety of choices
  • Ready-to-use with Procreate
  • FREE
  • Instant download

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2. Gold Silver Copper Swatches

glitter color palette procreate

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This Palette is so cheap it seems like it is almost free. 

It is one example that not all good things are expensive.

What I love about this palette is its cartoon-like effect. 

This is best for those who do cartoons and animated comics. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Affordable price– For an amount of less than a dollar, even kids can afford it. 
  • Uniqueness– This is the only Procreate palette that I have seen with a cartoon-like effect. 
  • Simplicity– The colors are so minimalistic, and you can categorize them into 3: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. 

If you want to add a cute but elegant vibe to your work, then this is the palette for you.

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3. Procreate Silver & Gold Custom Color Palette No. 3

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Art Station offers Gold and Silver color palettes.

It offers 30 gold hues and another 30 for the silver.

Another set of colors called Purple Galaxy is also available in 30 hues.

With these choices, you can definitely create your own sparkling nebula or galaxy!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • No cost – This palette is free of charge.

Who would want to spend money if you can get what you need for $0.00?

  • Variety of color hues– You get 90 color swatches in total!

This is more than what your imagination can handle!

Such variety you need in creating your magical cosmic vibe in your work.

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4. Three Metallic Color Palettes

procreate glitter brushes

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With Procreate Glitter Toolbox, you can take glitter to a whole new level. 

It is beauty, elegance, and magic all in one.

“Procreate Glitter Toolbox” is fantastic! 

You will not only get a Procreate metallic palette.

But you will also receive custom glitter brushes, stamp brushes and glitter textures. 

As to the metallic palette, you will get the hard-to-find iridescent glitter.

In addition, you can also avail of unlimited one-on-one support.

All your questions regarding the product will be answered fully.

With all these, you are definitely getting more than what you paid for.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Variety of sparkle brushes– You’ll get 17 styles of glitter brushes
  • One-on-one support- It is said that a day with a good teacher is better than a hundred days with good books. 

This will allow you to skip reading the manual and get on with it.

  • Future updates– There is nothing consistent in this world but change. 

By this, you can be sure that this tool will be up to date always. 

Therefore, you will never get tired of using it.

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5. Galactic & Gold Palettes

procreate glitter brushes

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Reach for the stars and go for the moon! 

The Galaxy Alcohol Ink is the Procreate Palette of the universe. 

Its galactic and elegant effects will surely take your breath away. 

The good thing about this Procreate palette is that, unlike other palettes, you can use it just like the traditional watercolor. 

It is very flexible, making it easy to work with.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Adjustable transparency– You can adjust the transparency to make it thicker or thinner for a magical look. 

Imagine creating a light curtain effect covering a lady with sparkles all over her. 

Amazing right? 

  • Wide range of texture– You can create splatters, solid or flowing shapes depending on what you need. 

I am an artist who gets bored of using just one medium at a time. 

With this Procreate Palette, you will not get bored as it’s like using different mediums with its textured brushes.

  • Two exciting glitter palettes– You can choose between Galactic and Gold. 

It is one package for all your Procreate needs. 

If you are the person who wants a do-it-all product, then this is what you are looking for.

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6. Sparkly & Metallic Color Palette

procreate glitter brushes

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Courtney Carver once said, “So, in fact, narrowing down our choices means less overwhelm and more creativity.” 

The truth is less is more.

The less time and effort you spend on menial tasks, the more you have for more important things.

Sparkly has two types of brushes, one specific for drawing and adding Sparkle to your work. 

 I choose Sparkly as it is compact with different colors and textures while eliminating repetitive effects.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Minimalist brush set– Having too much stuff at hand can sometimes be overwhelming. 

With two types of brushes and 40 metallic colors/textures, you can focus more and still enjoy the varieties of quality glitters and sparkles.

  • Low pricing– For just $10.00, you can say that this is a good palette for less.

How is that for value for money?

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7. Gold, Dark Gold, Brown & Neon Multi Color Palettes

procreate glitter brushes

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Nothing can be more breathtaking than seeing a beautiful fireworks display shining and teasing your eyes to amazement.

I love them, especially during the new year celebration, but I have not tried lighting one myself due to safety hazards. 

With Procreate Glitter Brushes, we can now enjoy magnificent fireworks and sparkles without the danger of being burnt or the smell of smoke. 

Glitter is the Procreate palette of all occasions. 

This is so, be it Christmas, New Year, birthday, Valentine’s day, and more. 

The best thing about glitter is its vibrant sparkles that are so magical it looks surreal.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Variety of textures– It has 20 different textured brushes that you can choose from. 
  • Organized palette– The colors are organized per gradient with shades of each color. 

You can even make a piece in one color. 

Who would have thought that there could be 30 shades in 1 color?

  • Low price– If you’re on a budget, then this one’s for you. 

This is one of the cheapest ones I can see in the market.

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8. Procreate Gold and Silver Swatches

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There’s a reason for its name, “Best Glitter Brushes for Procreate.” 

The details are so vivid that they look like they are actual glitters. 

It’s like playing or working with glitters without the mess.

The good thing about this is that it has 60 gleaming brushes and eight opaque brushes.

You can use all of them not just for lettering but also for outlining your designs.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Appealing aesthetic– Looking at the brushes, you can say that they are actual glitters.  
  • Authentic sparkle:- You get a color palette with hues that enable creating realistic effects. 

I would say use this palette for a more natural vibe.

  • Simplicity– It’s so easy to use that you can never go wrong.

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9. Procreate Glitter and Metallics Color Palette

procreate glitter brushes

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Not all that glitters is gold. 

Sometimes, they are Procreate palettes. 

If you are looking for varieties of metallic hues, glitters, and gem palettes, then “Glitter and Metallics” is the one for you.

I also love this palette because it has different brush textures, from solid to the purest powdery form.

You can use the solid brush for linings and drawing while the fine brush for the outline and designs.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Brush control– You have control of where the glitter will come to. 

This is best used for calligraphy, where control is everything. 

With this palette, you can get the smooth lines you are looking for.

  • Variety of textures– You can choose from liquidy, solid, or powder form.

I can imagine drawing pixie dust flowing endlessly with this palette.

You can create anything you want. 

Just let your creativity take you. 

  • Assorted carefully collate metallic and glitter colors– You get 30 colors that work well with the pack’s brushes

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10. Cool & Warm Liquid Foil Color Palettes

procreate glitter brushes

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El Dorado, the City of Gold!  

This is what will first come to your mind when you see this Procreate palette.

They say that even the city chief is gold, or rather, he bathes himself in gold dust.

It is elegant and magnificent in every bit. 

You will love Liquid Foil because of the range of brush types you can use not just for lettering but also for designing and drawing. 

The details on each brush are so intricate that it looks like art by itself. 

This means lesser effort will be needed from you.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Color variety– The motto of this palette is “The more, the merrier.” 

How do 60 colors sound to you? 

You will have the color you need for every project.

  • Unique design– Having many colors is one thing, and each brush’s different texture separates this palette from the others.

My favorite is the liquid gold that looks like a flowing stream of gold. 

Magnificent indeed!

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Runner-up: Rainbow Gold, Silver & Rose Color Palettes

procreate glitter brushes

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Say goodbye to boring letterings and calligraphy because the best glitter lettering Procreate palette is here. 

It is not a jack of all trades, but it is an expert in lettering.

It is specifically made for lettering with 36 glitter Procreate lettering brushes and six black paper textures. 

You will never go wrong.

The best thing about this palette is it is particular and organized, eliminating those effects you don’t need for lettering. 

This means you will have less time wasted in choosing and more on doing your art.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Convenient– Brushes are added into one brush file, so you will not have to download each brush individually. 

This saves both your time and effort.

  • Organized palette– All colors are sorted per shade, so you will need less effort finding the shade you want. 

Plus, you can customize your gradient for more efficient work. 

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Final Thoughts

You can find many good choices for the Procreate glitter color palette in the market.

Some will be packed with various colors, textures, and effects, while others will be simple and minimal. 

Some palettes are bright, magical, and surreal, while others look more realistic.

Other palettes cost a lot, while some are cheap, if not free. 

Whichever palette it is, the best will still be the one that suits your needs as an artist.

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