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graffiti tags font

10 Best Graffiti Tag Fonts (Expert Picks)

Graffiti tags font adds urban vibe to your text.

But before anything else, let me ask you a primordial question.

Firstly, do you consider graffiti as a form of art and think that it should be promoted?

Have you thought of making this happen by creating your own graffiti project? 

If yes, then you’re at the right place, take note of the best graffiti tags font suitable for graffiti art. 

Designing graffiti means a lot of colors and shapes that will catch people’s eyes.  

Originally and generally, graffiti is art seen on walls. 

But lately, it has become a trend to put graffiti on posters, magazines, or various graphics. 

This form of art will give your designs an urban style, which attract people of all ages.

But this style specifically targets the younger population. 

So, if you’re looking for this kind of effect, then this list will make your job a lot easier. 

1. Graffiti Alphabet

graffiti tags font

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Graffiti Alphabet is an awesome font designed by Ravi, owner of the FontWorks Foundry.

It is the best typography for projects that include graffiti designs. 

The font is carefully created to capture the urban style.

It is easily readable, so it makes it perfect for different purposes. 

Mainly, you can use it for magazine titles or posters.

The font is best if used in comics, for example, names of heroes, or similar stuff. 

Another great use would be in designing slogans for clothes, especially street fashion designs. 

Recently, the urban style has become the most wanted trend around the world.

If you design clothes, then decorate clothes with some cool lettering using this font.

Also, you can use the Graffiti Alphabet to design a logo. 

The font has five different weights and it includes support for most of the Latin languages. 

With its shapes, this font will give an artistic look to your designs and it’ll make the colors more vivid. 

The graffiti fonts give you the freedom to experiment and try different versions of your projects.  

You can get the font with only one click, and automatic installation, so you won’t waste your time at all. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • The urban style of letters 
  • Suitable for clothes 
  • Perfect for different kinds of printed materials 
  • Support for Latin languages 
  • Vivid colors 

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2. Better Times

graffiti tags font

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Better Times is a hand-written brush font designed by Sam Parret.

It is one of the greatest fonts to help you create graffiti designs. 

Decoratively designed and it’s easily readable you can use it even for longer texts.

This style will do amazing things with titles or subheadings. 

The features allow you to use it with brochures, magazines, posters, and handwritten quotes. 

You can use it on product packaging or clothing, and it’ll also look great on a logo. 

Also, you can use it on websites, its aesthetic beauty will give it an urban effect.  

The shape of the letters gives you options to experiment with the font. 

The features include a wide range of layout options that include all-caps and lowercase letters. 

Also, by downloading this font pack you get three font files – Better Times, Better Times Alt, and Better Times Swash. 

These allow you to use different kinds of uppercase and lowercase characters, punctuation symbols, and numerals. 

You may opt to customize your letters, so they won’t look the same each time.

This allows you to create more interesting content in the same project. 

You get a set of 20 hand-drawn swashes which allow you to underline the text uniquely. 

Better Times has multilingual support for most of the Latin languages. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • 20 hand-drawn swashes 
  • 3 font files with different features 
  • A great number of layout options 
  • Suitable for promotional materials and branding 
  • Multilingual support

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3. Have Heart

graffiti tags font

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Sam Parret created this font. 

Designed in a way that allows you to create an amazing hand-lettering style effortlessly. 

It’s a readable font suitable for titles and headlines, it is a decorative style font. 

Not suitable for longer text since the shapes aren’t made for writing paragraphs.

But this font works well as urban slogans and mottos. 

However, you can find the use of the font in different projects.

Projects like promotional material, brochures, flyers, greeting cards, invites, websites, or newsletters. 

It’ll also look great on a logo design or a branding name.

Especially if you’re creating something for the young population. 

The set includes 2 hand-made marker pen fonts.

Each set consists of upper and lowercase characters, punctuation glyphs, and numerals. 

Have Heart supports international languages and Latin languages. 

What is more, you get a set of 12 hand-made swashes suitable for underlining texts. 

A great number of layouts give you the freedom to introduce something new to your projects. 

The installation of the font is easy and it can be achieved in a few steps. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • 12 hand-drawn swashes 
  • 3 font files with different features 
  • Different sets of characters, numerals, and punctuation  
  • Suitable for promotional materials and branding 
  • International languages support

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4. Amsterdam Graffiti

graffiti tags font

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Jesse Kuiper designed Amsterdam Graffiti. 

One of the most revolutionary fonts used for designing with urban and street style. 

This font depicts the art that you can see on the walls of the street.

The style will amaze you with all the features that go with it. 

The design of the font gives letters a sharp and strong form.

It is perfectly readable and can be used for different types of graphic designs. 

Firstly, you can use it to make stunning titles of magazines or comic books or awesome slogans. 

Also, it’s suitable for promotional materials, especially if it has urban and street content.

The letters of the font have that effect to spot people’s eyes. 

The font contains different characters, glyphs, and numerals, it supports over 70 languages. 

It’s suitable for most Latin languages, but you can also use it with the Cyrillic alphabet. 

The font is available for free for personal purposes only.

Contact the font designer personally if for commercial use. 

By using this font you’re going to get the feeling that you’re creating graffiti by yourself

Therefore you may discover new talents within you. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • 400 weights 
  • Support of 72 languages
  • Latin and Cyrillic alphabet 
  • A different set of characters, numerals, and punctuation 
  • Free for personal use

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5. Kulture

graffiti tags font

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Firsty, the Kulturë Type Foundry created this font. 

Secondly, it is inspired by the street slogans and signs seen everywhere around us. 

In addition,the font contains modern letters in different shapes, which makes the content readable.

But the style of the typeface isn’t suitable for long text. 

Thirdly, the font looks revolutionary, and it isn’t something you see in the world of technology. 

Moreover, the shapes of the letters look like they have been hand-drawn.

Fourthly, this style gives it its uniqueness and makes it stand out.  

By the nature of the font, it’s clear that it can be used mostly for promotional materials. 

Fifthly, you can use it to design a logo or a brand name, and it’ll look especially good on clothes. 

Also, you can use it to create an album cover because the font is quite artistic. 

Whatever purpose you can be sure that you’ll get a blend of unique shapes and vivid colors. 

Sixthly, this typeface uses sans serif, and it has different layouts that you can use for your designs. 

It supports both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet and covers most of the languages.

Lastly, it is an awesome feature of this font is that it’s free both for personal and commercial use. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Suitable for promotional materials 
  • Perfect for logos and brand names
  • Latin and Cyrillic alphabet 
  • A different set of characters, numerals, and punctuation 
  • Free for personal and commercial use

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6. Black Archer

graffiti tags font

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The Black Archer is one of the greatest graffiti fonts designed by the DUMANDI Foundry. 

It’s the most authentic font that is readable, and at the same time decorative and artistic. 

Popular for its use in posters, quotes, brochures, and other promotional materials. 

Also, it’s used in creating logos and brandings, as well as product packaging and cards. 

This font looks cool on different party invitations, especially an artistic character. 

It does magic to clothing when it’s used in street-style clothes for the younger population. 

Also, on album covers and other materials that come with the album.

The Black Archer is a brush font with included layouts of shadows and lines.

The font style leaves an authentic feel, and original. 

It supports most of the languages, and it covers the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet. 

You can choose different styles of the font – Bold, Italic, Regular, and make your designs unique. 

There are different kinds of characters, punctuation glyphs, and numerals. 

The font is free for personal use, while the commercially-licensed version is affordable.  

Pros & Benefits:

  • Included layouts for lines and shadows 
  • Covers most of the languages
  • Different styles 
  • Contains sets of characters 
  • Free for personal use 

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7. Fresh Paint

graffiti tags font

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Matthew Napolitano from the Graffiti Fonts Foundry created Fresh Paint. 

It is specially created for creative individuals who want to experiment and try new things. 

A hand-drawn font, easily readable, and with strong and sharp shapes.  

The font is a combination of creativity and urbanism, depicting street culture with vivid colors. 

It is suitable for magazines, posters, and newsletters because these letters look great in titles. 

Furthermore, with this style, you can create logos, product packaging, and cards. 

This is a great font for creating an authentic name or slogan of a certain hero. 

The colors and the shapes can be perfectly aligned with powerful characteristics.  

You can use Fresh Paint in regular, bold, or italic style.

Besides, can be switched between the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet. 

The font can be used for personal and commercial purposes. 

Fresh Paint is worth trying because it will give energetic traits to your designs. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easily readable 
  • Strong shapes and forms 
  • Energetic sets of characters 
  • Latin and Cyrillic alphabet 
  • Suitable for logos, brand names, and promotional materials 

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8. Dim Basic

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Graffiti Font Foundry created Dim Basic. 

It is considered to be one of the best fonts which makes your content interesting.  

The font is readable and legible.

Comes with a series of characters and alphabets in different shapes and styles. 

Dim Basic can be used for various purposes, from logos to clothing prints and slogans. 

The brand names look awesomely great with this font, as well as the logos. 

People use this font on street-style clothes, by putting prints on it that look cool. 

The font has been spotted in the music video “Broken People” by Logic & Rag & Bone Man.

Use it in whatever projects you can think of, and it’ll look amazing, urban, and creative. 

Includes 88 characters made by the artist “Dim One” A.K.A. “Triangulum” of San Jose California.

The only disadvantage of the font is it is not free for use. 

The font works both on Windows and Mac, and you can install it in a few steps. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Readable and legible 
  • Suitable for logos and brand names  
  • Suitable for clothing prints 
  • Latin and Cyrillic alphabet 
  • Creative and urban style 

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9. DHF Dexgraffiti Return

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Dexar Harry Anugrah made this font. 

The designer works for the Dexar Harry Font Type Foundry.

It is quite the revolutionary font among the graffiti fonts on the market. 

Its style is unique, legible, and readable, plus it’s decorative and creative.

The style makes it’s content interesting and fun. 

Best for designing logos, brand names, and slogans, giving a unique and distinguishable style. 

It’s also good for promotional materials like brochures, flyers, posters, or quotes. 

You can also use it in magazines or newsletters, for titles or headlines, making them easily spotted. 

The font works as well on clothing and product packaging to achieve the urban and street style. 

The font includes different sets of characters, numerals, and punctuation glyphs.  

It supports most of the languages out there, with Latin and Cyrillic letters. 

The price of the font is reasonable, so you won’t waste a lot of money.

The font is suitable both for Windows and Mac. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Readable and legible 
  • Suitable for logos and brand names  
  • Best for promotional materials
  • Supports most of the languages 
  • Works with Windows and Mac

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10. 1968 GLC Graffiti

This is a grudge and hand-written display font created and published by the GLC Foundry. 

The unique shapes of the letters give the content a great style.

While at the same time making the content readable, but cannot be used for long text. 

Great for titles and headlines, making them noticeable and catchy. 

This font closely resembles the graffiti letter on the walls of the street.

The font will also look great on websites that want to represent something creative and artistic. 

The combination of interesting shapes and vivid colors will look awesome on your design.

It can be used in music as well, like album covers and music videos. 

1968 GLC Graffiti includes a lot of characters, numerals, symbols, and punctuation glyphs. 

The font uses the Bold style, making the letters look strong and sharp. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Uses bold style 
  • Covers most of the languages
  • Latin and Cyrillic support 
  • Different sets of characters 
  • Personal and commercial use 

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Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, this list of the best graffiti tags font would be helpful to you. 

The graffiti fonts are the most creative and catchy style out there.

The typeface brings a great uniqueness to your content and any project needs. 

As you can read from the above, you can use the fonts in making your content urban and artistic. 

Even though the choice is tough, one of my favorite fonts from the list is Have Heart.

The font includes a lot of features that give you a lot of options. 

It’s very artistic and you can use it in different kinds of designs.

Especially it looks good on clothes when printed. 

Found the artsy side of you, create your own graffiti art now! 

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