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habit tracker notion template

10 Best Notion Habit-Tracker Template Options

Build new habits using a Notion habit tracker template and be on your way to success and happiness.

Habit trackers are there to motivate us to reach our goals and achieve a happier life. 

One of the most famous quotes about happiness is: “There is no way to happiness — happiness is the way” by Thich Nhat Hanh.

If our goals are the final destination, then our habits are the way. 

Effective habit- building templates is a way towards happiness.

It is much more productive to let your goals be a consequence of your habits, focusing on changing what you do daily for a better tomorrow.

So, here are some of the Best Habit tracker Template options for Notion for a better life. 

1. Digital Habit Tracker 

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This visually satisfying template will cover all your habit-tracking needs and more! 

It’s easy to use, while still having a lot of details for maximum personalization. 

It offers an automated dashboard, with separate daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly habit trackers! 

But it’s not all about data; our mind works best with images, so the featured Vision Board view will keep you inspired through the rough patches.

Choose the images you love most related to the goals you set, and they will give you the necessary boost on that occasional lazy day.

You can also keep track of where the journey will bring you by always having an eye on your goals.

Daily chores will feel easier and more satisfying when checking out boxes in the included to-do list. 

The synced calendar will make this option perfect for years to come; no need to fill dates manually or change the template each year.

All is centralized to have everything you need in one place, made to be as easy to use as possible.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Aesthetically Appealing and motivating
  • Extras such as goals and to-do lists will keep you going
  • In-depth view will give enough detail

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2. Habit Compass 

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Do you want to keep track of your habits and be able to easily add new ones and remove old ones?

This template was created exactly with that in mind.

It is normal that during your habit tracking process you need to make changes.

For example, removing a habit that is already a part of your routine without you even thinking about doing it.

This process can often mess up the tracking system and impact other habits, thus limiting your possibilities, or even ruining the record of your past performances.

This tracker combines flexibility and the ability to track the data in the future, allowing you to add and remove habits with as little friction as possible. 

Another great feature of this template is the ability to link your habits to your life visions and goals through the vision board.

This will help you to stay on track in your journey towards the identity of your dreams.

Also, a problem that might occur often when using other templates is the difficulty to track actions that are not performed daily.

Here the designer made sure to be able to follow the weekly, monthly, and yearly statistics of such habits as well, and easily see which habits are not working out.

Fully customizable to your needs, this tool is a great option for all who want to create a new identity for themselves without burning out.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Link habits to your life visions and goals
  • Huge flexibility and customization
  • Follow weekly, monthly, and yearly habits

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3. French-English Habit-Tracker 

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There aren’t many bilingual Notion Templates out there.

So, if you are a French speaker, or want to improve your French skills while also having more control over your lifestyle, go for this great template.

Simple yet detailed, it allows you to configure your habits daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

You can duplicate the habits that automatically appear in one table to another each day, hassle-free. 

Often it can be hard to see the big picture, but here you can follow your progress and engagement through the calendar view.

There are times when some habits seem to click right away in our daily routines; others can be a source of a bigger struggle.

That is a perfectly normal part, no need to be too hard on yourself.

It might be a sign that some new habits might need a little tweak, or are altogether not part of what you truly want. 

They might be what society’s standards push you towards, not your own.

For this reason, the statistics available in this tool will be very helpful!

They will show you what works and what does not, so you can adjust and find where to focus your attention more.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • French and English versions
  • Calendar view with detailed statistics of your overall results
  • With video tutorial

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4. Ultimate Habit Tracker 

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This template is perfect for those who are motivated enough to work on many aspects of their life at once.

It features an unlimited amount of habits to add to the list!

Be careful not to bite off more than you can chew, though. 

It is said that it’s most effective and with the most chance of success to start changing our lives through small steps, one after another, and to add new challenges as we go. 

If you want to start going to the gym, you can set a goal to first simply go there and sign up, then try out a few machines and workouts, and so on.

For this reason, in this template, you can write down all your goals as well, and mix them up with your habit-forming to maximize success.

Decide how often you plan to go to the gym during the week, or avoid junk food, and let the tool compare automatically the results with your goals. 

Motivational phrases will celebrate your achievements, and give a boost when the goal isn’t quite reached.

Your progress will be very simple to follow thanks to the compact monthly and weekly views and recaps.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Visually pleasant, with images for each month 
  • Personalized weekly and monthly objectives
  • See your progress and goals for years to come

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5. Habit Scorecard System 

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If you are looking for a template that tracks your habits and measures your progress, this is the right pick for you.

The Habit Score Tracker system allows you to do a weekly review of your progress by automatically calculating the results for you.

It’s based on the research and concepts from the popular book ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear.

Which makes it even more effective in building your new habits with ease. 

Thanks to its reliable score system, improving your lifestyle will feel like playing a game.

This is an indispensable part of creating new habitual pathways in the nervous system.

It’s been proven that for a habit to become subconscious and automatic, some kind of reward must be received at the end of each performed action.

So you can treat yourself to a snack or an episode of your favorite tv show, but simply seeing a perfect score in your task-tracker already works wonders.

If all of this feels overwhelming to learn to use, have no fear because this template includes an easy video tutorial that will help you each step of the way.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Satisfying like playing a game,
  • Motivating to see your tangible weekly progress 
  • Based on concepts from ‘Atomic Habits’ book by James Clear

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6. Daily Checklist tracker 

habit tracker notion template

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Do you love the feeling of checking the box on your to-do list? 

Then set your habits and tick them off!

This Notion habit-tracker template will turn your whole screen into a checklist. 

Just like in the previous option we had a scoring system to give us a rewarding feeling, here it’s guaranteed by putting ‘done’ next to your task.

This can be so rewarding that using this habit-tracker will become a habit itself! 

Maybe you will feel too lazy to get up early and go jogging.

But, the one empty box among hundreds of checked ones might be just what you need to get up and get going. 

Feel the satisfaction of hundreds of checks unfolding before your eyes, reminding you of your success. 

With the whole year on one page, do your best to keep in line with the daily habits you set and see the big picture of your progress.

Warning: highly addictive for true perfectionists!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Minimalistic one-page design to keep you focused 
  • Full-year view to keep track of your overall performance 
  • Simple and hassle-free

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7. Light Modern Beige Habit-Tracker 

habit tracker notion template

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Are you tired of the Notion templates that lack an aesthetic character to them?  

What sets this template apart from the rest is its pleasant beige theme, with matching graphics and icons.

It’s also very simple to use and hassle-free with the dates for the whole year 2022 already prefilled. 

It is said that a month is enough to form a new habit, so you can work on your habits day by day, and see how well you did each month. 

If you notice things to improve, you can write them down in daily comments and even keep a journal about your quest for improvement. 

Featured in this download you will find valuable tips and tricks for Notion, and even links to free Notion templates.

Bonus: Monochrome lovers will also find a version with a black and white minimalistic interface, but with the same technical characteristics.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Aesthetic and straightforward design
  • Monthly view of your progress and comments for each day
  • Automatic calculation of checked boxes

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8. Goal Setting Habit-Tracker 

habit tracker notion template

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Do you want a simple but effective habit management tool? 

This template, created by studykween, is one of the most popular choices out there and is a reliable option.

Write down an unlimited amount of habits and get down to work right away, no time wasted on distractions.

Track all your habits in a daily, monthly, or yearly format for maximum results.

The calendar overview will give you an idea of how you’ve been doing overall.

So, you can adjust your set goals to be more realistic if you see yourself struggling with keeping up.

Comment on each day to help yourself be successful and motivated.

As mentioned earlier, rewards are a very important part of creating a habit, but so are the so-called ‘cues’.

Cues are the actions that trigger the automatic behavior, which then leads to the reward.

For this, you can simply open this template every morning before starting your planned routines.

And, after some time just using this tool will become a trigger to begin a productive day!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Customizable pages
  • Track progress
  • Unlimited habits

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9. Simple Habit Tracker 

habit tracker notion template

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Are you just starting in the overwhelming world of planning your lifestyle? 

This free template created by Thomas Frank is thought just for you. 

It’s intended to be as simple as possible, while still being highly efficient.

The most important part of bringing change into our lives is to do the first step and start with the most simple actions.

Let your first action be downloading this awesome and easy template to begin organizing your plans for your best self.

It’s a worksheet-style tracker based on weekly cycles, with checkmarks for your daily activities. 

Once you have used this template for a couple of weeks, check out your progress in the weekly log with summaries for each period. 

Also, you can change your planned habits each week by clicking on the new weekly habit tracker’ on the dashboard, which makes your journey very flexible.

This way you can experiment with different plans for every week and see what fits you best.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Easy to use
  • Fexible
  • Available for free

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10. Custom Habit Tracker by Notion 

habit tracker notion template

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The last option on our list is another free habit tracker notion template directly from Notion’s creative hub. 

It’s a list-based tracker where you can customize and add the available columns with activities for the preferred time period.

This one is also very simple to use for beginners, all you need to do is write your habits in the list and start checking them off as you succeed in your daily plans.

What’s unique about this template is the ability to count the checked boxes and the unchecked ones.

And also, even the respective success percentages relative to the overall number of days can be counted.

This gives a great and easy way to keep an eye on your discipline as you go and to feel the rewards of your work.

Talking about discipline, the internet can be a very distracting place where hours can go by as if they were minutes.

For this reason, this template has another awesome feature which is the screen time tracker on the spreadsheet.

It will be helpful in being more disciplined and more self-conscious about the amount of time you spend in front of the screen.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Easy and free to use
  • Useful statistics of checked/unchecked boxes with percentages
  • A screen time tracker to keep you focused

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Final Thoughts

Discipline and goals are fundamental concepts for our growth.

But if we were to compare our life to a car, discipline would be the steering wheel, and our goal would be the destination on the map.

What is fundamental for the car to keep going is fuel, and what fuels success the most is a strong desire.

It might be the desire to buy that cool motorbike and go for a road trip around the continent.

Or to finally have your own place to call home for decades to come, or simply to be more influential in the world.

Whatever it is, I wish you to find the fuel to get there, and I hope that the habit tracker notion template listed in this article will help you on your journey. 

What habits do you dream of making your own? 

Find them yourself by using this habit tracker notion template.

Please share in the comments below!

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