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Harry Potter By Balenciaga: Magical Tutorial! (FULL FREE)⚡

Create your own Balenciaga viral fashion film with our Harry Potter by Balenciaga tutorial.After watching the video, you’ll be able to take any film genre and turn each of the characters into top fashion icons.

You will give them ostentatious, fantastic costumes, and animate them with synthesized AI voices to make them say anything to do with being a fashion model that you like.

We’re going to use a number of exciting AI tools and coalesce them effectively together in this Harry Potter by Balenciaga tutorial.

Generating Prompts with ChatGPT

harry potter by balenciaga tutorial

The first tool we’re going to use is ChatGPT, and we’re going to use this to generate prompts that we’re going to put into an AI art generator called Midjourney.

To do this, first, we have to prime ChatGPT so it understands what an AI art prompt is and how to be a Balenciaga fashion designer.

You explain the context of what a prompt is and how you break a prompt up into different parts.

I tell it that prompts involved describing the content and style of images in concise and accurate language.

It is useful to be explicit and have references to popular culture.

I’ve now informed my dear friend ChatGPT that he is a Balenciaga fashion designer.

I want him to take 12 characters from Harry Potter, including Dobby, Harry, the Weasley twins, Malfoy, Hermione, Hagrid, and Dumbledore,.

He will design ostentatious, elaborate costumes for each of them and a style of a Balenciaga high-end fashion show.

I want him to then output 12 prompts.

Each prompt describes one of the characters with a medium-shot composition only showing the upper body.

Moreover, each will have a character having a neutral expression, and with a scene from Hogwarts as the backdrop.

And with just a flick of a switch, ChatGPT will output you perfect prompts.

A couple of notes here are that I specifically asked for medium shots and for neutral facial expressions because this is key for a later stage of the process.

You can do this with absolutely any type of film franchise or TV show.

Some of my favorites include Lord of the Rings, The Office, and Star Wars.

Generating the Images Thru Midjourney

harry potter by balenciaga tutorial

The next step in our Harry Potter by Balenciaga tutorial is to come into Midjourney, which is an AI generator.

And once you’ve made an account, all you have to do is type in forward slash imagine (/imagine)  into the text input box and paste in our prompt.

I’m going to add a couple of extra words here to slightly fine-tune and refine it for my own taste.

They are Daniel Radcliffe, high cheekbones, and 1990s, and 35 millimeters.

This defines the focal length of the camera that will be used to capture the scene.

This will also ensure that we get some resemblance to the actual actor who is playing Harry Potter.

You’ve got to love a few ’90s aesthetic to give it that slightly vintage Noir feel.

Once you’ve done that, go ahead and press enter, sit back, relax, and have a sip of coffee.

It’s my favorite part of these AI processes – and you can go ahead and repeat the process for all of your characters, for everyone who’s going to be involved in the show.

I definitely want to put in Malfoy.

I think Malfoy is a perfect character for this.

Now the next step is, once you’ve generated your AI art, you’re going to need to upscale these inside of mid-journey.

And to do that, you simply have to press the corresponding U1, U2, U3, or U4 number for either the first, second, third, or fourth image.

So, I’m going to upscale the second one of the Weasley twins, and then we have the Weasley twins.

The next step is to click on open in the browser, enlarge, right-click, and go to save image.

So, let’s take a look at some of the images that I’ve got out here.

Upscaling the Images Thru AI Upscaler

harry potter by balenciaga tutorial
Now we have our images generated and downloaded.
We’re going to upscale them using an AI Upscaler.
This allows us to massively increase the resolution.
We’ll have a nice high-resolution output.
So go to
Make an account.
You can use a free account and go to Upload Image.
From here, we’re going to select all of our images.
Wait for them to process and then we select how much we’d like to upscale them by.
You have the option of selecting 2X or 4X.
I suggest that 2x is enough for our project today.
Go ahead and do this for all of our images.
Now another key tip to really enhance the level of your Balenciaga fashion shoot is to make sure that you are framing and cropping the images that you’ve upscaled.
So there is a certain shot size that works best when we come to animating.
And it’s this medium shot where you’ve got the whole of the head inside of the screen.
You’ve got room to still zoom in so you can see what I’m doing I’m working on a free tool called Figma.

Using Figma

Figma allows you to create slides and crop images.
All you have to do is press the F key, select presentation, go down to slide 16×9, and tap on that.
And now we get a canvas frame to work on.
You can go ahead and paste in your images by dragging and dropping them onto the screen.
Once they’re in what, I suggest you do is to resize them so that they are bigger than the canvas.
And then you want to position them.
So, for example, you want to make sure that you’re getting as much of the head in as possible.
And I like to center my subject.
So you can see here I’ve cropped out the edges of this version of Dobby.
And the same here with the edges of this part of Lucius.
This really helps us when we go into the next stage when we are animating our images.
This is because it’s important to have the right composition for the software to work effectively.
And the next step is we’re going to generate AI-powered voices.

Getting Audio for Characters from YouTube

So to do that we have to go to YouTube.
Have you heard of YouTube?
It’s a video-sharing site and we’re going to find good clips of our characters speaking.
So I’m going to start with a Malfoy.
Now, we’ll take this link.

Downloading an MP3 with YTMP3

The next step in our Harry Potter by Balenciaga tutorial is to go to a YouTube to MP3 converter.
I’ll link to all these tools in the description below so you can follow along for the fun.
And then you simply paste the link.
Select the MP3 download and I suggest selecting the highest quality MP3.
You’ll have to go through a few ads.
Now we have a sample of Draco Malfoy’s voice.
What we have to do is we have to edit it to make sure we have a consistent usable piece of audio.
We have to remove some of the background noise and make sure he’s the only character speaking.

Editing Audio with Audacity

You can do this using a free tool called Audacity to easily edit the sound clip.
Clipping out the parts that you don’t want.
Audacity is a free tool that’s wonderful for editing audio simply and quickly.
We can quickly edit to clip out the parts that are irrelevant.
Once you’ve got the voice, go to
And we’re going to go to speech synthesis.
And here we’re going to name them a Malfoy.
Then you can drag and drop your voice.
A couple of notes for selecting your audio is that it’s really important to have high-quality audio without any background sound other characters speaking or music.
It’s definitely a case of quality over quantity.
Go ahead and add voice.
And it’s now uploaded.
You can go to Use.

Generating Script with ChatGPT

From this point in our Harry Potter by Balenciaga tutorial, now you can put in your script.

And for this, I will go back to my dear friend ChatGPT.

We’re going to ask it to go through some of the most famous parts of the film and replace subjects with things to do with being a Balenciaga model.

So I simply asked ChatGPT, ‘Please take famous lines from Harry Potter that Malfoy says and replace them with things about being a Balenciaga model.’

Here are some replacements: “My father will hear about this.– My agent will hear about this.

Creating Voice with Elevenlabs

In this step of our Harry Potter by Balenciaga tutorial, we can take one of these lines, go back to Elevenlabs, paste it in, and go ahead to generate the voiceover.
‘My agent will hear about this Potter.’
Here are a couple of tips for getting the most out of Elevenlabs.
The first thing to do is to go to the second drop-down menu which is voice settings.

Stability Option

You’ll have two options here to play around with:  the first is stability.
Moving the slider towards more Stable means that you’ll have more consistency between your voice generations.
But it may become a little bit monotonous.
Whereas being more variable can give you more expressive variety between the variations when you generate your audio.

Clarity+ Similarity Enhancement Option

The next option is Clarity and Similarity Enhancement.
You should set this to Low if there are still some background artifacts in your audio.
So if you have some sound effects or door slamming or other rustlings or ambient noises, you can set it to High.
If you have really good clean audio, the settings I found to work best vary between speakers but at the moment I’ve got them set on 82 and 95.
The next tip I have for you is to sound out and write down in syllables if you want the pronunciation to be a little bit different.
So for example, here I’ve spelled out Pottah to be Pottaj instead of Potter.
So I will just show you how that changes.
I’m not sure if Capscut has an effect but I have a feeling that an exclamation mark does change the intonation Potter.
This is great if you want to add that vocal intonation that can really lift your work to the next level.
One thing that you can bear in mind is you can regenerate the voice a number of times.
Each time you get a different iteration from elevenlabs.

Animating with

Now we’re going to use a tool called d to animate our images and synthesize the audio with the still image.
Once you come into D-id, what you need to do is choose a presenter.
You have to press ADD and make sure that we’re using a medium shot, and that the character has a neutral facial expression with their mouth closed.
Their minimal head size has to be within the image of 200 pixels.
And there needs to be good even solid lighting.
So you click on this and select an image that will work well.
I’ve selected this one of Malfoy, and uploaded him.
And now you come across the right-hand side where it says Audio and upload the audio that we have already synthesized.
Finally, we go to the top right-hand corner and generate this video.
‘My agent will hear about this Potter.’
Now we can go back into a level amp and we’re going to try out a different character.
So I will upload our beautiful Hermione in her absolutely grotesque black Balenciaga dress.

Using Pauses to Do the Non-Talking Characters

Now, in this step of our Harry Potter by Balenciaga tutorial, we can put what people are doing a lot, that is having these dramatic pauses inside their videos.
To do that, we have to do is click on the Stopwatch in the sidebar which will add a half a second pause.
So you can do this a few times and then go ahead and generate the video.
Here you can see we have a pretty lifelike-looking Hermione.
You can download all of your assets.

Downloading Music Thru

harry potter by balenciaga tutorial
The next step is to go and find the music that everyone is using for this which is available to license from Epidemicsound.
Here is also a copyright-free alternative that you can use.
You want to cut in from about 33 seconds.

Putting It All Together with Capcut Mobile

harry potter by balenciaga tutorial
Finally, we’re going to take everything that we’ve created and put it together.
For that, I’m using a free editing software called Capcut.
It’s available on your phone or on your computer.
I’m going to be using it on my phone because there are a couple of extra features that are not available on the computer version.
But you can use any editing software you like for this final step.
We make sure that we send our videos to our phones, as well as the music.
Then, we go to New Project, select the clips, order them, and put them in.
What you can do now is, you can go into the clip, go to Split, which is the first option then click on the joining square.
Then we’re going to change the transition to the Camera Flash which is the cool effect that everyone is using.
Choose light and then go along to Flashes.
Tap on the Tick.
Now we’re going to Audio, then go to the second option which is Effects.
You can search for Camera.
Camera shutter 2 works best for this.
Click on the plus (+) and now you have the camera shutter and the flash effect.
Make sure to align it in the right place for each of the transitions by selecting it and dragging it around.

Adding Ken Burns Style Zoom

Finally, we’re going to add a Ken Burns Style zoom to the video.
This will give it much more velocity inside the scene.
So you can simply add a keyframe using the diamond keyframe edition.
Then you scroll along to the point where you want to zoom in.
You can expand the size of the clip by pinching it and positioning the eyes in the center of the screen.
Then you have your Dynamic Zoom.
There is another excellent feature available in Capcut that you can use to vary the type of animations that you’re creating.
This is only available on the iPhone app version but I will show it to you quickly.
All you have to do is go to New Project, go to your photos, and select the image you want to work with.
Go to Add, select the image in the timeline, and scroll along at the bottom to Style.
From there, you’re going to scroll all the way along, until you find two options.
The first is called 3D Zoom Pro and the second is called 3D Zoom.
I’ll show you 3D Zoom Pro.
You select on this and the image generates itself into a video where we get a pretty tantalizing 3d effect on our image.
it’s essentially a more three-dimensional zoom effect.
You can either play it, as a unit or you can even play it in reverse.
But I enjoy using this to spice up the variety of animations we’re working with.
Go to the top right-hand corner and export the entire video.
You are done.
That’s it!
Harry Potter for Balenciaga.
Let’s take a look at the whole thing uncut.

Final Thoughts

All the tools in this video on Harry Potter by Balenciaga tutorial are available to try for free.
However many of these platforms vary their free offering.
So I’ll try to lay out a couple of alternatives for every tool in the description below.
I’ll also provide all of the prompts I’ve used for free.
I love the way that we are advancing technology at the fastest rate in the history of humanity.
And the most exciting thing to do is to change Harry Potter into a Balenciaga fashion shoot.
Humans, I adore you.
The internet is the true reflection of society.
We are monkeys who like to look pretty.
Thank you for watching.
I hope you enjoyed this video.
If you did, why not watch the next one for more on the state of AI?
I also have a number of AI courses available in the description below.
There is a special discount for you.
For more on AI, check out some of our helpful articles below.

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