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10 Best Fonts for Headstones (Expert Picks)

So, what is the best font for headstone?

Using the most suitable font for a headstone ensures the proper homage to our departed loved ones.

Death is unfortunately inevitable and with it comes the sadness of holding a funeral. 

Funerals evoke a certain heaviness in the hearts of the people left behind.

Furthermore, we need to compose the message on the headstone.

Therefore, the best font for headstone must be used to complete its look and feel.

Note that the headstone’s layout, design, and inscriptions will determine the size and font of the headstone.

This article will guide you through ten fonts that are especially ideal for headstones.

1. Calistoga

best font for headstone

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Firstly, the Calistoga font was designed by Christin Gregersen under Sage Studio.

Christin Gregersen is the founder and owner of Sage Studio.

Secondly, the company elevates its brand through strategic visuals and design concepts.

Thirdly, the inspiration is drawn mostly from architecture, art, and the natural world.

Fourthly, the typeface is a handwritten serif with an organic look that gives a personal touch.

Moreover, the design is simple and elegant with clean lines and slim serifs, and legible.

Fifthly, the font is available in uppercase only and available in OTF and WOFF format.

Lastly, note that the purchase contains numbers and basic punctuation.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Comes with a free set of bonus illustrations 
  • Available in regular weight 
  • Uniquely organic and handmade appearance

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2. Manhattan

best font for headstone 

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The Manhattan font was designed by Jen Wagner Co.

A company established by Jen Wagner, a typeface designer based in Nashville.

The style of her fonts originated as a passion project.

The Manhattan font is very minimalistic, easily readable, and elegant.

The font is a dramatic serif with sleek lines and balanced forms. 

The typeface is an all-caps font perfect for inscriptions, classy yet simple look.

However, the design of the font requires it to be used on a finer grade of stone.

The font supports non-English characters, available in regular weight, and in OTF, WOFF, TTF.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Pairs well with many other fonts
  • Supports non-English characters too
  • Legible when engraved onto a headstone

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3.  Hallelujah

best font for headstone


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The “Hallelujah” font duo was designed by Rachel Irving, in 2019.

Rachel is based in Sheffield, UK.

The designer is known to donate 10% of every sale that she acquires to Compassion UK.

The typeface is handwritten with delicate romantic features. 

The design was inspired by a Christian verse scripture.

The font is perfect to emanate love and compassion for the dead.

The style can be a bit difficult to engrave but designed to have large spaces between letters. 

Also, the font presents a more feminine appearance of the headstone.

The typeface contains upper and lowercase, numbers, and punctuation.

In addition, it comes in TTF and PDF format and is available in a regular weight.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Large spacing perfect for any type of headstones
  • Perfect for individuals who want to present their love and compassion
  • Inspired by a Christian verse 

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4. Cinzel

best font for headstone 

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Firstly, the Cinzel font family was designed by Natanael Gama.

Natanael is the principal designer of another very popular web font family, the Exo. 

Secondly, the typeface was inspired by first-century Roman inscriptions.

The style conveys elements from the Latin alphabet and has a contemporary feel.

Thirdly, the Cinzel font comes in uppercase letters suitable for headstone inscriptions.

Moreover, this font is easily readable it does not contain elaborate curves.  

Also, the font only comes in uppercase letters and supports non-English letters.

Fourthly, it contains numbers, basic punctuation and also supports six different weights.

Lastly, the Cinzel font is also free for personal use.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Font pairs well with many other fonts
  • Legible and stylish 
  • Free for personal use

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5. Marcellus

best font for headstone 

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The Marcellus font was designed by Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute.

The Astigmatic is an institution based in Las Vegas, USA founded by Brian Bonislawsky.

The style of the font is a flared serif inspired by classic Roman inscriptions.

Certainly, the typeface is a legible yet elegant style, ideal for the elderlies that have passed.

The font comes in upper and lowercase and contains numbers and punctuation.

Also, the font supports non-English letters and comes in a regular weight.

Moreover, it is free for personal use.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Pairs well with many other fonts
  • Perfect for a traditional-looking headstone
  • Supports Latin script and can also be expanded 
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6. Oranienbaum

best font for headstone 

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Firstly, the font was designed through a collaboration between Pospelov and Lemonad.

Oleg Pospelov is the main designer and Jovanny Lemonad is the art and technical engineer.

Moreover, they are both Russian-based designers, they created this font in 2012.

Secondly, the typeface style is based on Bodoni architecture from the 20th century.

Indeed, the design has an extravagant look with contrasting geometry between angles and lines.

Thirdly, the font is perfect for traditional headstones due to its legibility.

Fourthly, the typeface set contains upper and lower case, numbers, and punctuation.

Finally,  it supports other languages and comes in regular weight.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Pairs well with many other fonts, namely Pacifico and Quicksand
  • Perfect for writings with other languages
  • Free for personal use

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7.  Orpheus Pro

best font for headstone

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The Orpheus Pro family was published by Canada Type.

While it was designed by Patrick Griffin, Kevin Allan King, and Walter Tiemann.

The Canada Type is a Canadian foundry established by Rebecca Alaccari in 2004.

The Canadian foundry is run by her and the famous Patrick Griffin.

The Orpheus Pro fonts were adapted from the original Orpheus font design by Tiemann.

At this time, the other designers made different elaborate styles.

The font style is appealing with a modern feel, perfect for headstones that need character.

The typeface comes in upper and lowercase and supports four weights and styles.

Also, the font contains more than a thousand characters and an OpenType Latin alphabet. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Very youthful and it stands out
  • Contains different styles 
  • For younger and elderly individuals

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8. Archeron Pro

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The font was designed by the creative designer, Olivier Gourvat, under Mostardesign.

Olivier Gourvat is a graphic designer that founded La Boissière-d’Ans, France.

The design is very elegant and sophisticated, ideal for designs with bold architectural features.

The Archeron Pro font contains upper and lowercase letters and supports alternative glyphs.

The typeface also supports a variety of non-English characters, numbers, and punctuation.

Also, the font also contains 18 fonts with a wide range of different weights.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Support more than 120 languages 
  • Contains a stencil style with six additional fonts

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9. Coronet

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The Coronet font was designed by, Monotype founded by, Tolbert Lanston.

The font is a calligraphy typeface with baroque models and contemporary elements.

The style is elegant with clear strokes and elaborate curves, a very lively character.

The Coronet font is perfect for headstones that need a fancy and artistic vibe.

The font family contains two different styles, regular and bold weighting.

Also, it contains upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and basic punctuation.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Adds a romantic and artistic touch to the headstone inscription
  • Supports numerous characters and non-English letters

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10. Snell Roundhand

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Firstly, the designer of the font was Matthew Carter.

Matthew is a British font designer.

Secondly, Charles Snell originally developed the style inspired by the Puritan.

Moreover, the typeface is a modern classic that is elegant, that will make headstones timeless.

Indeed, the font is ideal for the elderly, however, a fine grade stone is needed.

Thirdly, the Snell Roundhand comes in three styles and weights, regular, bold, and black.

Fourthly, the font contains big and small letters, numbers, and basic punctuation.

Lastly, it contains non-English characters and is available in OTF and TTF format

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Free for personal use
  • Supports different languages from all over the world
  • Looks like a handwritten script

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Fonts for Graves & Tombstones Final Thoughts

Indeed, choosing a headstone inscription is an emotionally taxing process.

Certainly, this can only turn into a comforting experience once the inscriptions are beautifully presented.

So again, the best font for headstone can surely help individuals overcome such ordeal.

Without a doubt, inscriptions are intended to last to commemorate the dead. 

After all the fonts above, my personal favorite has to be the Hallelujah font.

Moreover, the font has a peaceful quality that will resonate with the wordings of the inscription. 

Finally, I hope this article provided you with the necessary insights about headstone fonts. 

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