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10 Best Hipster Fonts (Expert Picks)

If you want to be a trendsetter and attract future customers, you might want to check these 10 Best Hipster Fonts!

Using a hip looking font in your ads or text can get you some much needed customers.

Therefore, it is essential to spend time on choosing the font that works with your product, ads, etc. 

For your convenience, we collated the 10 best hipster fonts.

All you need to do is to go through our list and download one (or all)!

1. Treadstone

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Number 1 on our list of 10 Best Hipster Fonts is the Treadstone.

RookSupplyCo surprises us once again with its versatile fonts, adaptable to various styles.

This Canadian company, which has been in operation since 1985, is used to creating designs with strong lettering and clear messages, and this time is no exception!

This time it presents 8 font families.

All of them perfectly accompany backgrounds with strong images, but where it always manages to highlight the text with its informal, but clear style.

While the 8 font families maintain the same line of style, you can choose from several options depending on what you need.

This includes logos, vintage stores, retro bars, or any brand that wants to give a strong message, hard but softened with its pleasant style.

The 8 fonts have been adapted to be used in many languages.

Aside from that, it also contains more than 180 taps and comes in OTF/TTF format.

Well, everything said before, this font leaves a hardcore touch but in its right measure.

Those old metallic details are ideal for eye-catching backgrounds combined with white letters that highlight your message.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It is an excellent combination of modern and classic design.
  • Lots of personality and character, to give a strong message that gives power to your brand.
  • Supports multiple languages and characters.
  • Provides the opportunity to show many details that give personality to the concept.
  • Ideal for titles or names to highlight.

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2. Thistails

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From the modest and creative studio Pana Type, direct from Indonesia, comes Thistails.

This brand has accustomed us to present designs that are imbued with the details of Southeast Asia: a fresh, youthful, simple, and cool style.

An almost minimalist font, but very artisanal, handwritten, giving that homemade and a little retro touch.

It also comes in two presentations, normal and rough.

Its retro vibe gives it an ideal banner style, wherewith very few details manage to give an image and a clean and clear concept, without ever losing the style

This font gives a touch of a handwritten letter, so it is ideal for menus, for its clear and legible style.

It is also ideal for simple logos or even writing on clothing fabric.

Both fonts combine perfectly.

Thistails font is available in Script and Display Sans serif and can be used in more than 30 languages.

This leaves us with an exquisite font, which seems to be painted on an old oil painting, conveying wisdom and antiquity in the concept it is trying to convey.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Two typefaces are available in the same font.
  • An old-school style, always respectable.
  • Thistails font is highly legible and minimalist.
  • It’s ideal for multiple and varied uses.
  • This font supports more than 30 languages, providing many more possibilities.

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3. Hipster Style

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NEWFLIX.Bro, a young and simple company, with varied styles but all aiming for a clean and clear style.

The simplicity of this company allows its fonts to be chosen by multiple users with totally different objectives, they really help to bring a project to life.

Hipster Style is a font with two variants, Script, and Sans.

Both styles are clean, monoline, rather minimalist in their image, with a vintage and modern touch combined to perfection, a total hipster as its name suggests.

Also, both fonts are ideal for retro clothing brands, vintage logos, healthy products, or highlighting some text in a simple image.

A good suggestion may be to use this font on a background of pastel colors, warm to the eye, with white letters.

The combination of these two details will send a soft and friendly message.

It is a font that supports several languages without a problem.

Aside from that, it also includes different styles such as bold, bright, thin, regular, etc.

This font also has both numbers and punctuation and includes several glyphs.

The package includes 12 variations of the font.

All of these variations have the same characteristics of elegance, informality, but seriousness to give a finished final concept.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A handmade style, irresistible to many of us.
  • It has a monoline style.
  • Hipster style is ideal for modern, easy vintage logos.
  • It also supports multiple languages.
  • This font allows the possibility of using different styles to express the same concept.

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4. Hipster Script

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Straight from the southern hemisphere, more precisely from Buenos Aires, the famous award-winning company Sudtipos presents this spectacular font.

The company has a wide variety of fonts, but all of them keep that Argentinean stamp, bold but conservative in some details.

It is a font that seeks to merge the characteristics of the manual with the digital.

The final result provides a clear style that simulates brushstrokes and a manual touch but in a digital format.

With two recognized awards won, this font is ideal for any vintage product, and as its name suggests hipster.

It is also possible to be used by anyone who seeks to bring the past time to the modern, combining both with artistic touches.

This is a regular font, which supports several languages, and can be used for the creation of documents to be printed, static images (JPEG, TIFF, PNG), and logos.

This font presents two versions, quite different from each other because although they keep the same font style and general idea.

One has a very vintage and retro touch, and the other has a more modern and artistic touch.

In any case, both can be combined for different aspects of the same project.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It is a multi-award-winning font.
  • Hipster Script font bridges the gap between the manual and digital world.
  • It has a relaxed hipster effect.
  • The licenses are applicable to all types of devices.
  • It includes two versions of the font: vintage and regular.

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5. Running Hipster

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Hanoded, a small company founded by a traveling artist who makes all his fonts by hand.

They use common materials such as crayons and brushes, giving a handmade, unique, and personalized touch to each of their creations.

This company was founded by somebody who, like many of us, was looking for a font for his website that could convey everything he wanted, so he learned to design.

Running Hipster is an informal, simple, and very clear font.

Its tall and slender letters give style to any sentence that intends to make use of it.

Its free and relaxed style allows the font to be used for practically anything: menus, logos, blog phrases, writing on clothes.

In short, your imagination is the limit.

This font goes with everything!

The font has two styles, regular and italic.

Aside from that, it also supports multiple languages and combines uppercase and lowercase very well.

An exquisite font, which offers harmony, an organic and fresh touch, but as the designer himself clarifies, this font is not tied to any particular concept, and its lovely design can be adjusted to almost any concept.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s a very stylish font with tall, and slender letters.
  • This font includes two font styles.
  • It is handcrafted and out-of-the-box creations.
  • Running Hipster font supports multiple languages.

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6. Youth Touch

hipster fonts

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Youth Touch is designed by Herofonts.

This company is dedicated to the creation of commercial concepts, therefore their fonts and designs always aim to help your company sell more, through typography and image that sells your concept.

This font could not be more aptly named: a youthful, bold, and informal touch, but with charm, ideal for combining casual images with powerful messages.

An ideal font for any product or brand that targets a millennial age range.

This font aims to break away from the classic style and send a relaxed but targeted message.

It is a TrueType format, with 314 characters and 302 taps.

With all the above mentioned, we can confirm that it is an excellent option for business.

Youth Touch font is a young font, not very classic, and its design of letters as optical illusions, which together with the right images can make your concept take off.

Pros & Benefits:

  • You can get it for free for personal use only.
  • It is a trendy model, a style that never loses points
  • This font has a regular type style, ideal for titles or highlighting a name or concept.
  • It has an optical illusion effect.

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7. Meshroom

hipster fonts

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The emerging Indonesian Atasi Studio creates this charming retro font.

It is an independent company, which does not have a single design line but is rather varied.

A particular font, with a psychedelic style that undoubtedly points to the retro ’70s.

The font allows to mesh a little structured and informal design, but with a very legible and clear font style.

Along with its retro and disco touch, it makes it ideal to be used in brands or themes about music stores, retro parties, or any vintage product that wants to give a crazy touch.

It has a wide range of characters and supports several languages.

The font seeks to inspire a concept of mind-expanding, which can be a perfect combination with contrasting images.

Pros & Benefits:

  • You can get it for free for personal use only.
  • It has a disco and psychedelic model.
  • This font is ideal for combining various colors.
  • Meshroom Font supports multiple languages.
  • It has a very unclassical design and more crazy ones.

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8. Fowler

hipster fonts

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From the creative and relaxed designer, Mr. Typeman, comes this particular style with a lot of character.

This designer has a style of few colors, rather plays with black and white, where many times through this light and even minimalist style, he manages to give a lot of value to the font.

A font to highlight a youthful, reflective, and hipster message, with an informal but correct style.

Ideal for those who are designing a travel blog, or who want to sell a product or idea related to moments of reflection.

As technical features, it supports Latin and Cyrillic.

In conclusion, Fowler perfectly represents the essence of this artist.

This font has a very ornamental and non-linear design, ideal to combine with very few colors, and soft images or watermarks.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It has a relaxed and hipster style.
  • This font can be accompanied by images or opaque backgrounds and still be readable.
  • It supports Latin and Cyrillic.
  • Fowler font is ideal to combine with gray, blue, and white colors.

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9. Banshee

hipster fonts

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From the relaxed Creatype Studio, this font is as unique and exclusive as all their designs, leaving a handwriting style.

Most of its fonts are letters with a lot of design, artistic finishes, and a lot of brush touch.

Banshee is audacity in a design; a format that could seem messy, but as whole leaves a total concept, relaxed but with a lot of strength: a signature style.

It is a dry brush format style, ideal for extreme sports brands, phrases in photographs, or any product or brand that wants to highlight a street concept, daring, and different.

This is a truestyle format that supports 54 glyphs, is adaptable for 114 characters, and can be used for several languages (19).

As a suggestion, since it is a font with such a heavy design, it can look great if the letters are combined with a color that contrasts with a different background.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It is a brush script, which provides an irresistible design.
  • This font is perfect when seeking to highlight names or brands with strong style.
  • It is very easy to install!
  • This font has a  sophisticated and modern style.
  • Banshee Font supports multiple languages.

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10. Steelworks Vintage

hipster fonts

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Last but not least on our 10 Best Hipster Fonts is the Steelworks Vintage.

Burntilldead is a group of designers who seek elegance and style in the simplicity of fonts.

From this idea comes Steelworks Vintage.

This is an author with intense art, who in his designs plays a lot with vivid colors, strong images, and a lot of detail in each creation.

One of the favorite font styles for handmade enthusiasts: a messy, handmade, simple style with a truly inspiring vintage touch.

This font is ideal for any brand that wants to highlight an old but cool style, with touches of brush and a very retro vibe.

Perhaps for menus, artistic presentations, or any product that intends to give a handmade and personal image.

The font contains a variety of glyphs, uppercase, lowercase, and supports many languages.

This font is like a cold style of metal is perfectly mixed with a much warmer style that brings the vintage touch, an ideal combination.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It has a good display.
  • This font is a hand-drawn brush.
  • It is ideal for black and white contrasts.
  • Personal and commercial use is allowed.
  • This font supports multiple languages.

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Final Thoughts

We have delivered the 10 Best Hipster Fonts as we promised, haven’t we?

Throughout the article, you can see how these best hipster fonts with similar characteristics or styles can nevertheless be so different, based on the smallest details that change everything.

These details are the ones you have to discover to find your perfect style.

Always remember that the cliché that a picture is worth a thousand words will be eternal and always valid.

So, choosing the font to represent that idea or concept you have in mind is not an easy job.

We hope we have been able to help you or guide you in this search.

We have found it to our advantage.

Our favorite?


An exquisite vintage style, simple but hard, concrete, and artistic at the same time.

It serves to express a concept clearly but without leaving aside the exquisite metal style design.

What about you?

Which one have you decided on?

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