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how AI will affect jobs

How to Thrive in the AI Revolution (Adapt or Die)

“How AI will affect jobs” has become an increasingly pressing question in our rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Artificial intelligence is changing the world as we know it.

Here’s how you can not only protect your position in the oncoming AI Revolution but even thrive from this brilliant new technology.

The Story of Quickvid

One evening, Daniel Habib, a software engineer at Meta under Mark Zuckerberg, opened up YouTube after a long day’s work.

He saw a few viral videos pop up on his front page.

how AI will affect jobs

The videos had basic editing.

But they all had something in common.

They were short in length, similar in style, and were all clips from longer format videos.

A light bulb shone in Habib’s head.

What if YouTubers could use a piece of software that would instantly cut apart their videos into bite-sized clips and edit them to maximize engagement?

Ever the innovator, Habib set to work immediately.

He quit his job at Meta and founded Quickvid.

It’s a startup dedicated to offering this exact service by incorporating AI into its systems.

Maximizing the Value of AI Services

But why did Quickvid see such rampant success and not its competitors?

The answer lies in how Habib took advantage of the new AI wave to maximize the value of his services.

Just as so many entrepreneurs have done in the past.

Artificial intelligence is being used in ways most of us would never even have dreamed of.

For example, Descartes Underwriting, a Paris-based tech startup founded in 2018, uses AI to corroborate data from satellite images and radar to predict climate trends.

What used to take weeks of analysis can now be done in mere minutes.

The ability for AI to take vast tracks of data and repurpose it into interesting insights or new pieces of content is at the very heart of this new revolution.

How AI Will Affect Jobs

AI has been making great strides in other sectors, often at the cost of human labor.

In India, Suumit Shah, CEO of Dukaan, claimed that he had effectively replaced 90% of his customer service staff by incorporating a chatbot into the company’s systems.

Despite the online backlash, the results in customer satisfaction levels are through the roof.

how AI will affect jobs

Shah thought of innovative ways to incorporate AI into existing business processes.

Consequently, he was able to gain a significant advantage over not only his competition but also his existing processes.

Of course, this was not without controversy.

But as they say in publicity, there is no such thing as bad publicity, and people will always oppose the advent of new technology.

Adapting to Change

When a new piece of technology is invented in society, there are those who refuse to adapt to the times and swear by the old ways.

These people can’t keep up with the high pace of demand and eventually fade away into obscurity.

Think of it this way.

Before the 1970s, farmers used pigs to hunt truffles.

Their pigs would go out into the forest looking for the truffles hidden in the dirt.

The pigs were great at picking up the scent of the fungus but were hard to train and would end up eating the truffles before the farmer could pick them himself.

So, farmers then decided to use a new technological revolution.

They trained dogs instead.

Anyone who stuck to using pigs found themselves at a significant disadvantage.

History tells us that when humans go up against innovation, they never win.

The trick to fighting new technology is to not fight at all.

Adapt instead, collaborate, and look for opportunities.

Embracing AI

So, by now we know how AI will affect jobs.

Hence, if you want to guarantee your future in the coming AI Revolution as best you can, you’ll want to emulate the great entrepreneurs and innovators.

Furthermore, you need to find a way of benefiting from this incredible tech rather than being afraid and rallying against it.

This is the great AI Revolution; you can either get left behind or you can become rich.

Incorporating AI into Business

Ikea recently realized that 47% of their customer complaints and queries could be handled by an AI named Billy rather than their call center staff.

It decided instead to retrain its workers as design advisors, something that AI currently cannot compete with.

Ikea saw the value of their workers but knew that their old jobs were inefficient.

So they decided to retrain them in a way that they would retain their unique human elements.

If you are a business, you can do the same: incorporate AI into your systems.

You can start to automate things like emails, customer outreach, and even project tracking.

Of course, the key aspect is to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Individuals and AI

If you’re an individual afraid of AI, then focus on putting out the very best pieces of work that you can.

You can look to collaborate with AI tools, but remember you are the creative director.

AI is a multiplier and will only enhance the skills that you already have.

So, if you are an excellent writer, this will make you more efficient and increase your productivity.

AI as an Enhancer

AI should be viewed as an enhancer, not a replacement.

If you have no idea about effective communication, it’s not suddenly going to turn you into the next William Shakespeare.

Instead, it will enhance the skills you already possess.

The Success of Quickvid

This brings us back to Daniel Habib from Quickvid.

The key to the company’s success doesn’t just come from the power of AI but rather from the ease of use on the customer’s end.

Quickvid’s interface is simple to use and clear, making it easier than ever for customers to create short-form content.

Final Thoughts

If you can’t beat them, join them.

Right now, AI is a powerful tool that we should all be welcoming with open arms because it’s here to stay.

Those who fear the advent of its new capabilities and its potential to destroy jobs will be the ones who lose their jobs.

The best workers are always those who aren’t afraid to rethink their strategies to incorporate more efficient weapons in their arsenal.

Think about AI in the same way.

There’s no denying that programs like Chat GPT and Mid-Journey are incredibly powerful tools, and there’s no shame in worrying about the future.

The future is unpredictable.

But if you want to guarantee your future in the coming AI Revolution as best you can, you’ll want to emulate the great entrepreneurs and innovators.

Moreover, you also need to find a way of benefiting from this incredible tech rather than being afraid and rallying against it.

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