how to add custom fonts to iMovie

How to Add Custom Fonts to iMovie in 5 Seconds. Add Your Fonts Now!

This is how to add custom fonts to iMovie very quickly.

So, you might be adding some titles to iMovie.

And you’re looking at a font and you’re thinking, well that is pretty damn restrictive.

What To Do

  1. All you got to do is scroll right to the bottom and click on Show fonts.
how to add custom fonts to iMovie

2. And then all your favorite fonts will show up.

how to add custom fonts to iMovie

3. You can then search for something a little bit cheeky, something a little bit unusual.

And then you simply select it.

Make sure, now here’s the trick, that you’ve selected the text first.

And then you can see.

It’s now visible.


There we have it.

4. And now you’ll be able to find this font again in the menu, within iMovie.

So that’s it.

That’s how to find fonts in iMovie.

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