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how to create a handwritten font in procreate

How to Create a Handwritten Font in Procreate

Learn how to create a handwritten font in Procreate and personalize your projects. 

Watch our tutorial now!

Transform Your Handwriting Into a Font (a Step-By-Step Guide)

Did you know that you can make your own beautiful hand-drawn fonts in Procreate?

Here’s one I made earlier.

You can even sell these ones online.

This is Creative Market and there are some absolutely stunning fonts here.

Let’s see this one of my favorites is, sweet apricot.

But how do you make your hand-drawn font?

I hear you cry!

Step 1: Download the Font Template and Insert it into Procreate

So, the first thing to do is to download the font templates that I have included in the link in the description.

You will insert this as a photo.

Make sure you fit this to the screen.

Step 2: Create New Layer and Start Writing Your Letters on the Template

Afterward, create a new layer and select your brush.

I’m gonna go with a calligraphy pen.

And here we have a box for all of the main characters you will have in your font.

So it goes through all of the alphabet, and some of the central punctuation.

And now, all you have to do is go through each of the boxes and draw in your font.

Step 3: Save the Image & Export it as PNG

You will go and export this image so go to share, and come down to PNG.

Export that and make sure you save this image.

Step 4: Make an Account at

Next up, go to

Make an account, sign in, and go to the MyFonts tab.

Step 5: Upload the Template and Press “Add Characters to Your Font”

Next up, go to the upload template.

From here, we select “Choose a file” from your photo library and select the font that you have just been drawing.

Upload the template and wait around for a little bit.

Be patient.

There you go!

Once these have come in, we can double-check that all of the characters are in the right place.

Press add characters in your font.

Step 6: Go to “Build Font” and Name Your Font

Now, we go to “Build Font”.

Give your font a name, “Mr. Font”.

And then press build.

Step 7: Download the Font and Go Back to Procreate

Now, we can see our font and we have the opportunity to download it.

how to create a handwritten font in procreate

Press download.

We can check that it’s downloaded in our downloads tab up here at the top.

And now we can go back to procreate.

Step 8: Import Font by Tapping on Add Text

And we can import our font.

how to create a handwritten font in procreate

So we can go to add, and then come to add text.

And double tap on the text.

how to create a handwritten font in procreate

Press on the font name, come along to import a font, and search for our new font, which is ”Mr. Font”.

how to create a handwritten font in procreate

Double tap on “ Mr. Font”.

how to create a handwritten font in procreate

Wait for him to import, then come down here in the front panel, and we can adjust some of the typographic settings and have a look at our new font which you can play around with creating quotes or other things that you can do with text.

how to create a handwritten font in procreate

You might want to make a logo, you might want to write a poem.

There we have it!

That’s how to make your own fonts.

Thanks for watching.

Feel free to share the font that you created below.

Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe.

Let me know what you think of this video.

All feedback is appreciated.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, you can make your own font in Procreate by watching our tutorial.

It is surely fun and exciting to personalize your projects and some artwork by using your own font!

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