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how to create noise in procreate

How to Create Noise in Procreate For Added Dimension to Your Art

In this video, you will learn how to create noise in Procreate.

How to Create Noise in Procreate: 3 Simple Steps

1. Go to Adjustment Section

All you have to do is come into adjustments section and you come down and tap on noise.

Then I suggest you use the pencil version.

This allows you to add noise in specific parts of your drawings.

Here, I am going to add it to this beautiful bird.

You can see that it instantly adds a beautiful noise.

You can just select parts that you want to add the noise to and there we can see it gives a wonderful grainy effect.

2. Edit the Noise Parameters

We can edit the different parameters of using noise here.

You can increase or decrease the turbulence, you can add or reduce the octaves.

This is the intensity and the scale which is the size of the noise.

I like it quite small.

3. Choose the Effects

You can also change the effects from clouds to billows to ridges.

I am going to stick it on billows.

And there we have it!

Final Thoughts

And that is how you create noise in procreate!

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