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how to delete iMovie files

Delete Your iMovie Library in 10 Seconds: Remove iMovie Files on Your Mac Now

If your iMovie Library is taking up an ungodly amount of space, I’m going to show you how to delete iMovie files quickly and easily.

Quick Guide

Firstly, open up Spotlight by holding command space and search for movies.

how to delete iMovie files

Then, click Enter.

And you will see a little library show up.

how to delete iMovie files

iMovie Library is what we’re looking for.

So, you right click on this and click on Show Package Contents.

Inside here, you’re gonna have all of the files that you need to delete.

Oh my gosh!

That’s it!

You can simply go through all these files and delete them.

Make sure to empty your bin.

There you have it!

That’s how to delete your iMovie library files.

Boom! Boom!

Final Thoughts

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