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hot to download GIF from Dribbble

How to Download a GIF from Dribbble

Looking up how to download GIF from Dribbble?

You will be pleased to know it is super easy.

All you need to do is right-click and press “Save Image As”

That’s the easiest way, however, there are a few other methods we can use in certain circumstances.

Let’s go learn in this article how to download GIF from Dribbble.

About GIF

GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) is among the most commonly used graphic formats intended for the exchange of digital photos via the Internet

Although pictures of this format are widespread on the Internet, we should not forget that they have a limit in terms of colors and that the range of colors is limited to 256. 

Simultaneously, the resolution of photos in GIF format is also limited to 65,536 × 65,536 pixels.

GIF-tagged files are eight-bit. 

Given the color limitations of this format, it often happens that when you convert photos from other forms to GIFs, the number of shades is significantly reduced. 

A significant positive feature of this format is that GIF files don’t take up much space, are easily compressed, and can reduce large format photos to the optimal size.

Besides, there is the possibility of inserting a transparent background. 

The GIF format is not recommended for some more serious photos.

If you want to maintain relatively high image quality, it takes up little memory space.

Creative Ways to Use a GIF

There are many creative ways to use GIFs:

Expressing emotions: GIFs can be a great way to show how you feel, whether it’s excitement, happiness, or even frustration.

Adding humor to a conversation: GIFs can be used to add a touch of humor to a conversation.

Enhancing a social media post: GIFs can be used to add movement and interest to a social media post, making it more engaging for your followers.

Illustrating a point in a presentation: GIFs can be used to illustrate a point or concept in a presentation, making it more visually appealing and easier to understand.

Creating a mini video: GIFs can be used to create a short, looping video that tells a story or conveys a message.

Adding personality to your email signature: You can use a GIF as your email signature to add a little personality to your communication.

Creating a banner for your website: GIFs can be used to create a banner for your website that draws attention and helps to promote your brand.

Creating a reaction GIF: You can create a GIF of your own reaction to a particular event or situation, which can be shared and used by others to express similar emotions.

About Dribbble

As a community of designers who share their work on this platform, Dribbble is one of the sources you can reach for in the absence of inspiration. 

It is an excellent resource for all designers and a particularly good source of inspiration for web design.

Dribbble is currently one of the most popular online communities for designers and illustrators. 

The service has managed to capture some of the most appealing parts of the creative process. 

These include finding new sources of inspiration, seeking feedback from fellow designers, and looking on upcoming colleagues’ projects.

The concept behind Dribbble, however, isn’t new. 

Dribbble is a free platform on which you can create a portfolio.

Unlike Behance, you can upload screenshots of your illustrations such as logo designs, icons, etc.

With the pro version, you can also post videos, set the “Hire me” button, sell ready-made works, and much more.

“The name Dribbble came from the double metaphors of bouncing ideas and leaking your work”, says Dan Cederholm, co-founder of Dribbble. 

Early on, there was no intention of making the sports metaphor so ingrained. 

Still, as we were creating the experience, things started to fall into place. 

Many concepts from the basketball world just worked.

Dribbble is therefore wise to create your recruitment committee, which each user can access to find a new job. 

It’s just a database that points to other entries, but it works at a basic level. 

Now, business ads are also placed on this platform.

To publish your work, you need to get an invitation from a designer who already has a profile on Dribbble.

Getting Into Dribbble

Social networks help a lot to get the call for Dribbble.

You can get it from the Facebook group “Graficki & Web dizajn“.

In this way, Dribbble prevents the site from spreading too fast and tries to keep the posts’ quality high.

You have several options on how to describe yourself to register. 

It can be by being a designer, being someone looking for a designer, or being motivated to learn about design. 

After getting into it, you can now search for any GIF and save it.

However, the question remains whether we can use the GIF that we downloaded for commercial purposes. 

The answer is: we can’t.

If you don’t have a license, you cannot put it on Instagram, Facebook, or other networks, or platforms. 

Although you can use them if you have permission to do so.

You just can’t take advantage of someone else’s hard work. 

Yet sometimes it’s not so bad to use an idea for your new inspiration. 

The Grand Picasso was not ashamed to admit that he liked to steal ideas from other eminent artists.

Art history proves that borrowing from other artists is quite common. 

Of course, we don’t mean plagiarism, but numerous examples where new styles, ideas, and works are created to upgrade existing elements. 

Imitation has led to pictures becoming more creative and for artists to relax and develop their unique style.

Copying someone else’s work of art, or studying it in detail, encourages creativity in a drawing.

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you would have already known how to download GIF from Dribbble.

It’s easy, isn’t it?

The only hard part is getting into Dribble.

But with enough connections and perseverance, you can make it happen!

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