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how to export color palettes

How to Export Color Palettes and Install Them to Procreate

Hello and welcome to this video by me, Samson Vowles where I will explain how to install Color Palette files into Procreate.

1. Find Color Swatches/Palettes

Now, the first thing you must do is find some color swatches.

how to export color palettes

I offer over 100 for free on my website (click here)— anything from landscapes to skin tones to metallics.

And once you’ve downloaded these, all you have to do is select the swatch you’re looking for and transfer it to the device, which you’re using Procreate on.

So let’s go with City Jaunt.

2. Right Click and Share

And then you can right click this and share.

how to export color palettes

You can share in any way you like to your device.

I will show this example using AirDrop.

3. Share the File Using Any App Like Airdrop

There is Airdrop.

how to export color palettes

Then we will share it to my iPad.

We get that delightful sound as it is imported, and immediately installs itself onto the app.

4. Check the Procreate App for the Exported Color Palette

And then you can go into your color palettes, scroll right to the bottom, and there you have it!

There’s the City Jaunt right there.

Now this is a lovely palette for creating some warm autumnal hues.

And if we wanted to share this with someone else and say we made some changes to it, and you want to give it to a friend.

5. On the Palette, Swipe Left to Either Share or Delete It

You just have to swipe it to the left like this.

And then you will see that you can either share or delete it.

And share.

It is exported.

And now you have the option to send it to another device.

So, I will resend this back to my computer, using AirDrop.

And there it is, the delightful sound.

And that color palette lands on my desktop.

6. Rearrange Palettes by Holding Them Down and Dragging Them Up or Down

Another cool thing you can do with the swatches is you can rearrange them by holding them and dragging them up and down.

Final Thoughts

And that is your tutorial, your tutorial on perfect color swatches.

If you’d like to download over 100 for free, you can check out the link in the description (or click here).

Thank you and goodbye.

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