how to find paypal api credentials

How To Find PayPal API Credentials: Updated 2022 (Username, Password + Signature)

Are you searching for ways on how to find Paypal API credentials?

Your API credentials for PayPal are hidden away slightly.

And I’ll show you exactly where they are located.

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. So, first thing to do is , go to Paypal, and go up to the top right hand corner, and go to Account Settings.
how to find paypal api credentials

2. Once this is loaded, you will go to API Access, Update.

how to find paypal api credentials

3. Now, we just scroll down and go to Manage API Credentials.

4. And then finally, all we need to do is click Show on each of these (API username, password and signature).

And that’s it.

That is how you find your API username your API password and your signature for Paypal.

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