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how to get featured on behance

How To Get Featured On Behance

Thinking on how to get featured on Behance?

If you happen to be like me, then you have probably been trying to get your projects featured on Behance for a while now. 

The competition is stiff, especially with thousands upon thousands of new projects being uploaded daily. 

However, all hope isn’t lost, as many of us still have a chance at being featured on Behance. 

We know that by merely uploading work, we are already entering into the competition pool. 

Many of us are talented and want to showcase our work for the world to see, but we’re not sure how to do it on this platform. 

Fear not, as we’re going to reveal tips on how to get featured on Behance so that you can expose your creative talent for all to see.

A Refresher On What The Behance Platform Is 

Before we can look at how we can get featured on Behance, we should refresh our platform’s memories. 

Most of us use this platform regularly, but some might not be as familiar with Behance. 

That’s why it’s essential to dive back into the nitty-gritty of what Behance is so that we can use the platform better. 

Who knows, you might have missed something, and this is why you’re struggling to get featured. 

As we know, Behance is one of the leading platforms for showcasing and discovering creative work. 

We showcase our work by creating projects and uploading them to the Behance platform in the hopes that it will get featured. 

When we reference projects, we’re talking about a grouping of images or other digital content.

So if you’re uploading your work one piece at a time, this could be why you aren’t getting featured. 

To keep up on the trends and new talent, we can follow our favorite creators, and they can, in turn, follow us back.

On our “for you” page, we can see the projects from those we follow. 

In your feed, this is where you will see if you have any projects that are featuring.

You should also notice a small badge in the corner of your project cover. 

Should you not have been paying attention to this, you could have had your projects featured without you knowing.

Don’t stress.

Now you know to look for this feature icon so you won’t miss out in the future.

How Can You Make Your Project Feature Worthy On Behance? 

As most of us are aware, all members on Behance have the chance of being featured on any of the Behance curated galleries. 

The curators of Behance are always on the lookout for innovative and creative projects.

One of the most frequent questions that the Behance community members ask is how to be featured. 

So we have taken some time and found a few key points to consider that we think you should undertake if you want Behance to feature you.

Below we have compiled seven ways in which you can make your project feature worthy.

1. The Number Of Images In Your Project

If you want to be featured on Behance, then knowing how many images should be in your project is vital. 

Optimally you should have between six to fifteen images in your project, and there must not be any repeats. 

If you have been uploading projects with less than six pictures and finding that you’re never featured, this is likely because projects with fewer than six images arent usually featured.

2. Untouched Images

When we say untouched, we mean that your images must not have any watermarks on them. 

Images that have watermarks are often never featured on Behance. 

Watermarks take away from the creativity of the images or other media in your project.

This is why watermarking your images will reduce your chances of having your project featuring so avoid watermarking at all costs. 

3. Use Larger Images

Don’t upload projects that have smaller images.

If you want Behance to choose your project or feature you in one of the curated galleries then opt for larger images.

You will ideally want to aim for an image that is roughly 1400 pixels in size.

Behance looks for good quality images with decent resolution.

Your chances of featuring will rise if all your pictures in a project are in a similar width throughout.

4. Choose The Right Cover Image

The number of images is one of the reasons in getting featured on the platform.

The cover image that you decide to go with for your project is essential. 

It’s vital to remember that the cover image is the face of your project, so it’s the first thing people will likely see when they view it. 

Keep in mind that it will be best to choose a cover image that encompasses what your project is about.

You will have a higher chance of being selected to feature if you do it that way. 

Try to avoid adding any additional text to your cover image because you don’t want to diminish the impact of the extraordinary piece you’re exhibiting.

The same can be said for motion projects so keep these thoughts in perspective when screen-capturing an image for your cover. 

5. Give The Audience A Glimpse Into The Process 

It’s never a bad idea to explain your process from beginning to end. 

Don’t be afraid to share with the audience on Behance what inspired you to create the work and how you went about completing it. 

If you explain your work, you are adding value to the project and more people will become invested in you as an artist, which increases your chances of being featured. 

You can even mention the tools you used in the description bar, as many people could be interested in how you achieved your project’s outcome.

6. Polish Your Skills

Many of us may not realize that we can further improve our skills by watching tutorial videos or taking an online class at Udemy and Skillshare.

These resources can teach us what we don’t know about Behance and give us some new insights into getting featured and making our portfolios’ attention-worthy. 

Visual learning is often a lot easier than reading something and hoping to understand it. 

Please don’t disregard this alternative too quickly as it can help make your presence known on Behance. 

7. Choose The Right Work Category

One of the more common mistakes that we all make on Behance is to miscategorize our work. 

With more than sixty creative fields available on Behance, this is usually an easy mistake to make. 

You will want to choose the category that relates most of the work that you have done in your project. 

If you contributed to a particular aspect of a project then you should select that category and it would help get you recognition for the work you did. 

This will, in turn, increase the likelihood of you being featured. 

Ways For You To Promote Your Work And Get Featured On Behance 

So we have just looked at how you can make your project feature worthy.

We’re now going to delve into ways and methods that you can adopt to promote your work on Behance and get featured.

Below we have made a few suggestions that we think would benefit you and your chances of getting featured. 

1. Get In Contact With Behance

Surprisingly you might not think of this but you can contact Behance directly. 

Look for the contact details for someone on the Behance curator team and get in touch with them about your project that you think is feature worthy. 

But before doing this, you should look at past projects that were featured. 

This way, you can get an idea of what the curator team looks for when featuring work. 

If your project has similar elements or is uniquely fresh and creative then this increases your curator team’s chances of contacting you back. 

Should you want to contact them, you can do so at the address listed here.

2. Promote Your Work Through The Use Of Collections

Similarly to Pinterest, Behance has a feature that allows you to save the collections you like. 

These collections that you curate are public, so anyone can see the projects you have liked and saved.

Now importantly, you can use this collection feature to promote your projects. 

Depending on the theme of the collection you have created, you can upload your projects and those that follow your curated collections will see your work.

The more followers you manage to attain, the more your work will become recognizable.

However, remember that variety is essential, and by only displaying your work, people could become bored and unfollow the collections. 

It’s a fine line to balance but you will indirectly promote your work if you manage to use the collections properly. 

Behance could notice you and feature the projects that you have posted in the collections. 

3. Interact With The Behance Community

Interacting with fellow creators on Behance is an essential step on your journey to be featured successfully. 

You might not think interacting on the Behance community is that big of a deal but you could be doing yourself a disservice. 

Don’t go onto the platform and spam people as this may get you indirectly noticed but nothing lasting is likely to come of it. 

People can tell when you’re interested in their work and if you’re commenting in the hopes of getting someone to notice you. 

Interacting like commenting and replying to questions on other creators’ projects will invite people to look at your work.

Not only will you likely increase the chances of being noticed but you will also learn new skills. 

4. The Importance Of Teams And Promotion On Behance 

Joining a team on Behance is an excellent way for you to get your work noticed. 

You can easily upload and showcase your finished projects on your team page then those on the team will be able to view and comment on the project. 

Think of your team page as similar to a profile, and every team has its portfolio for projects.

By joining a team, you are inviting new people to look at the projects you have.

In addition, you will also see other creators’ projects that could inspire you.

However, you should note that many special teams are for invitations only but don’t let this discourage you.

There are plenty of community teams available from which you can choose to join.

If you have trouble finding a team that fits you then you can create your own. 

So joining teams allow your work to gain attention, and you might even find that someday Behance will want to feature your work. 

5. Adobe Live Streams And How You Can Benefit

Potentially one of the best ways to promote your work is by an Adobe Live stream which selects you to feature on one of the streams. 

There are many opportunities where your projects can gain Behance’s attention.

When a live stream takes place, there will be professional artists and creators discussing your work. 

Therefore during a live stream, you can expect critics to critique and discuss your work, and this most often results in the promotion of your work and gains you positive attention.

You can apply to be featured by watching a stream and completing any challenges that they might present to the audience. 

If they like the work you submit for the challenge, you are well on your way to being featured.

6. Look For Ways To Promote Your Behance Off-Site 

There are many alternative ways that you can promote your Behance profile. 

You can utilize services like Facebook and Instagram to promote your creative projects off-site. 

Often your social media will be one of the best places for you to showcase your Behance profile. 

If you’re sourcing more followers from outside the platform and Behance can see a rising interest in your profile then your chances of Behance featuring your work can significantly increase. 

A traditional route that many Behance creators choose to go is merely showcasing their work via a link to their Behance profile. 

If you have a website or blog, this is incredibly easy way to do and you can set it up to link to your Behance profile quickly. 

7. Make Your Profile Stand Out 

Spending some extra time on making your profile stand out from the rest is worth the effort. 

You immediately increase your chances of potentially having Behance feature your work.

Always try to fill out your Behance profile appropriately and try and make it creative. 

Revisit your profile and see what you can edit and change to make yours more noticeable.

Try to include a short introduction paragraph or two about yourself and make it enjoyable.

If you haven’t been having that much success, you can also try to add a few links to your social media website.

Importantly list any work experience that you may have related to the work you are trying to feature on Behance in your profile. 

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, there are many ways on how to get featured on Behance potentially. 

If you use what we have mentioned here, you’re sure to increase your chances of being successfully featured on one of the Behance curated galleries.

You should also remember that your work promotion is just as important and plays a vital role in what work Behance chooses to feature.

Should you decide to apply any of the methods that this article states, we believe your innovation and creativity are not far from placing you on Behance’s radar.

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