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how to get more views on behance

How to Get More Views on Behance: 10 Behance Growth Hacks

Are you excited to know how to get more views on Behance?

We do understand you.

The beauty of platforms such as Behance is that you can get your creative projects noticed. 

Many artists worldwide are turning towards the Behance platform because of the massive potential for success. 

However, this process isn’t always easy, and many of us struggle to get views on the work that we upload. 

Luckily for us, there are many great growth hacks that we can follow to increase the number of views we receive. 

We will look at ten of the absolute best hacks on how to get more views on Behance.

In no time, your projects will gain more attention, and your success will potentially skyrocket. 

A Brief Background on Behance 

Before discussing ten of the best growth hacks for Behance, we should look at the platform’s brief history. 

Many of us may be new to the platform and not know much about it. 

Learning a bit of background history into Behance may even help you to understand how the platform works. 

By understanding how the platform works, you could potentially even learn why you’re not getting the views you’re expecting to get on your projects.

Astonishingly Behance has been around for more than a decade already. 

The platform was founded in 2006 by Scott Belsky and Matias Corea.

This platform’s thought process is to make it a place where artists can display, promote, and get their work noticed in a world that doesn’t have much transparency. 

Behance is a platform for artists, professionals, and designers to share their work.

In 2012 Behance was sold to Adobe and went on to be integrated into the Adobe creative cloud.

This allows for greater cross-platform integration between Behance and Adobe.  

Those who subscribe to the Adobe creative cloud platform can easily initiate Behance Prosite accounts to export their work directly from Adobe to Behance.

Behance is popular among creative individuals, such as graphic designers and photographers.

One could even describe Behance as the oyster of the creative world. 

If you utilize the right growth hacks, you can truly get the world to notice your potential.

How To Receive More Views on Your Behance Projects

There are many ways that you can increase the number of views you receive on your creative projects.

Here are ten of the best Behance growth hacks you can employ to grow your account and receive more views.

Maximize Your Projects Exposure Through Other Channels

Interestingly around 90% of views you receive n Behance come from outside the Behance Platform. 

Utilizing other platforms in addition to Behance will increase the chances of gaining views on projects.

You will want to post your creative works to as many platforms as you can, and fortunately, there are numerous options out there. 

To start with, you can make accounts with a few social media platforms if you haven’t done so already.

In particular, look into posting your projects on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as these platforms have massive user bases. 

Alternatively, you can create your own blog or website, but you will want to keep it simple. 

Ultimately you will want people to be able to easily navigate your blog or website and find your work quickly. 

If you showcase some of your best work, you’re going to have more people interested. 

Link your Behance profile on all media platforms for easy access to your projects

In the long run, this will undoubtedly lead to more views on your Behance account.

Present Your Best Work 

If you want more views, it makes sense that you’re going to have to present the best work you have.

You’re also going to have to display it the best way possible on the Behance platform. 

Please don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap where you spend countless hours working on your creative project only to display it unfavorably. 

Try to keep in mind that people looking to hire only have a limited amount of time to browse creative projects. 

They don’t have time to waste viewing work that isn’t presented well. 

Keep only the best projects on your Behance profile.

It’s okay to have only a few projects displayed if they accurately showcase your creative skills.

You want people to see your work and immediately view what else you have on offer.

This will increase your chances of hiring agents viewing it.

Customize Your Projects to Maximize Views

When it comes to customizing, we have a few tips that you can utilize to ensure your project gets the most views possible. 

To start with, you’re going to want to ensure that you crop your preview images correctly.

The first thing people will view is the preview images.

So, this is arguably one of the most important aspects to get right to ensure you gain more views. 

Always make sure that the cropped preview is an accurate interpretation of your project. 

You don’t want to misrepresent the projects that you are posting.

This could be detrimental to your image, and you won’t get as many views in the future. 

To stand out from the stiff competition, try to include WIP images. 

These images will show others how your design came together.

Furthermore, they will help your project be more attractive, leading to you getting more views.

Please don’t be shy; include those detailed images but make sure that they are 600px wide as this is the ideal size for Behance. 

With detailed images, you can show off your skills, and people will likely want to view your other projects. 

Many other customization techniques can get you noticed and your projects viewed. 

We have just listed a few of them here for your reference; if these don’t appeal to you, then try out including a video tutorial of the work. 

Perhaps you want to start simple and customize the appearance of your page first.

Should this be the case, take your time, edit your page’s color themes, and adjust the page’s layout to what you think will get you more views. 

Advertise and Market Your Work 

Paid advertising can increase views on your Behance profile and attract more clients.

Use Google ads and Facebook ads to get your work out to a bigger audience.

Not only will this get you more work, but it will also increase your views on Behance as well.

Interact with the Community and Creator Projects

Should you want to increase your views on Behance, it’s vitally essential to interact with the Behance community, and you must have an active presence. 

You might not think supporting others will help you get views on Behance, but this is the opposite of true. 

If you upvote and comment on other creators’ profiles, not only are you assisting their views, but you are also increasing your own. 

People will often see who has commented on a project or voted on it, which will lead to them cycling back to your profile. 

Hence, you should give comments that are relevant to the subject matter. 

Otherwise, people might think you’re spamming and give you negative attention.

Commenting on other creators’ work could lead to more recognition and views on your Behance projects.

Be careful, though, if you’re trying to gain the attention of thousands of followers, your comment is unlikely to be noticed.

Join one or more of the many groups on Behance to gain exposure for your content.

When to Post and How to Post to Get More Views

Although there isn’t a specific time for you to post to get views, you should ideally be posting new content regularly. 

As with most media platforms nowadays, Behance uses algorithms to optimize their content, and the creator content viewed, for example. 

You should always post new projects to try and stay relevant on the Behance platform. 

This can often be disheartening as sometimes work you view as brilliant isn’t as well-received as you would like it to be.

Don’t despair and keep at it as the views will come in; it will take time and patience. 

The more people see your Behance posts, the more likely they are to follow your account and view your work. 

On the flip side, don’t go all out and post all your work at once. 

Posting more work isn’t always better for your profile and for your chances of getting more views.

It’s often better to post one or two variations of a project than to post ten or more. 

Polished projects are better received by those on the Behance platform.

They will get you more views as people prefer to see quality over quantity. 

Although posting many varieties will get you plenty of views, these views will be spread over your project’s images or items. 

Curate and spread your postings out sporadically as this will give you a more significant impact on your creative projects and lead to more views. 

Design and Post Stock Work

Stock work may not be creative, but it can increase views on other projects.

Stock design work can display your skills and showcase to potential clients just how much variety you can offer for future projects. 

Besides that fact, stock design work will also allow you to practice various creative niches and perfect the art medium you choose to work in. 

In the long run, this will lead to you producing better creative projects.

The better your work, the more views you will receive on Behance.

Additionally, you can even make your stock design work available on stock sites.  

This does get your work out to a broader audience, and the feedback you receive will help you better your future creative projects. 

You don’t want to fill your Behance profile with stockwork, and you also shouldn’t display too many images of stockwork designs.

Posting a few stock images here and there between projects will prevent your feed from looking like everyone else. 

You want to increase your views, not turn people away by being generic.

As long as you practice caution when posting stock-type images, you should increase your likelihood of gaining more views more frequently. 

Embrace Non-Profit or Free Creative Projects

When you’re trying to get more views on your Behance and grow as an artist, you should consider free work and non-profit projects. 

Keep an eye out for clients who offer you exposure for free work or non-profit work.

However, you should try to keep in mind that this route might not be the best for you.

Most especially if the client isn’t going to give you any credit for your work on Behance. 

If you manage to get a client who gives you credit, this could tremendously help the number of views you get on your Behance account.

Take on free projects that will allow you to keep the credit for the work done and then post them to your Behance account.  

The majority of the big-name clients and significant client collaborations will attract plenty of attention to the project you post on Behance. 

It would help if you also consider hiring out your free services to non-profit organizations.

There are many out there that could use a good designer or creative artist. 

Not only will this look amazing on your resume, but you are also sure to attract more views.

This is because your fellow creators and clients will view the work you have done for big non-profit organizations and be impressed.

Make Use of Trends

You might not think that following trends, disrupting trends, and intertwining trends will get you very many views. 

You would be wrong in your assumption as trends can be a vital tool for maximizing views on your Behance projects. 

If you decide to follow a trend, you need to make sure that you follow it correctly. 

There’s a lot of competition with viral design trends.

So, if you decide to go this route, you need to make your design project similar but unique enough to grab people’s attention. 

Projects with many views on Behance are often a part of one trend or another.

So, you need to have a design concept that will uniquely attract people to view your project on Behance. 

What’s great about following a trend is you know your work is likely to get more views due to the immense popularity of the various trends. 

Disrupting a trend can get you noticed in a big way, so you have to do the reverse well.

To get more views on Behance, make your work memorable and different.

If you can achieve this, you can rack up the views.

Lately, projects that merge different art medium trends are gaining a lot of traction on Behance.

Deciding to do a trend that involves merging mediums can often give you many views on your Behance profile and projects. 

As with most trends, you need to do it well; otherwise, it could look messy and negatively impact your Behance presence.

Regardless of if you decide to follow, disrupt, or merge a trend, you’re likely to receive more views by doing either one of them. 

Post Tutorials and How to Guides

Posting tutorials and how-to guides on Behance is not only for designers that have many followers. 

Even if you don’t have many followers, you can conduct tutorials and how-to guides revolving around your artwork. 

You might not believe this, but by doing these things, you can increase your likelihood of people viewing your content on Behance. 

People are always striving to improve their skills and learn new ways to do things. 

By creating guides and tutorials, you are effectively drawing people’s attention to your profile. 

Showing your creative projects and teaching others can increase views and followers on Behance.

Link Behance content when sharing tutorials on other platforms for more views.

Posting tutorials and guides on Behance can increase views, even if it doesn’t bring in many followers, which can help you get featured.

The more work you have that’s featured, the more views you will get. 

More Proven Strategies to Skyrocket Your Behance Views

  1. Participate in Behance’s curated galleries and contests, which can help expose your work to a wider audience.
  2. Collaborate with other artists and designers to create new projects and cross-promote each other’s work.
  3. Optimize your project titles and descriptions with keywords to make them more easily discoverable through search engines.
  4. Create a consistent and visually pleasing portfolio.
  5. Target your audience by using relevant hashtags, and actively participate in the Behance community by responding to comments and messages
  6. Networking with other designers, illustrators and photographers will open new doors for you and increase your visibility.
  7. Utilize SEO techniques in your project descriptions and titles to make them more easily discoverable through search engines.
  8. Create case studies or detailed breakdowns of your projects to give people a better understanding of your process and the thought that went into your work.

Final Thoughts

As you can discern, there are many ways for you to grow your Behance profile. 

These are ten of the best hacks on how to get more views on Behance.

So if you choose to follow even a few of them, you’re likely to increase your views on Behance significantly. 

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