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How to Import Fonts to Procreate

How to Import Fonts to Procreate

This tutorial shows how to import fonts to Procreate.

Import Your Favorite Fonts to Procreate Now!

1. Go to the Spanner & Tap on Add Text

All you have to do is come into “add text” which is under the little spanner.

Then, you type your text.

“This is text.”

2. Tap on the Font

Double click on all the text.

Select all of it.

You have to go into the font here.

So tap on the font.

3. Import Fonts

How to Import Fonts to Procreate

And then here, you have an option to import fonts.

And now, go to the browser of the files on your iPad and search for the name of the font. 

You should have already added this to your iPad by dropping it on AirDrop or sending it via email. 

So, I found a font that I want to add, tap on it.

Hit import. 

And now, I can search for my font. 

Tap on it, and there it is!

4. Increase Font Size and Change Color

How to Import Fonts to Procreate

Let’s increase the size and change its color.

There it is!

That is the quickest way to install fonts in procreate.

Final Thoughts

Now, you can add the fonts that you think suits your artwork in Procreate!

Easy, right?

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