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How to import footage into procreate

How to Import Footage Into Procreate: Quick Tutorial

Knowing how to import footage into Procreate comes handy in animation work!

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Here’s a quick and easy way to import footage into Procreate.

A Quick and Easy Tutorial on How to Import Footage in Procreate

Step 1: Tap on Photo & Select Video

How to import footage into procreate

Simply come up here, and tap on a photo.

Now, you’ ll be taken to your photo library on your iPad and you can select any video and it will be imported as footage.

Step 2: Click on Use

How to import footage into procreate

Now you see here, it says choose video, and you have the option to tap use.

Once you tap that, it will slowly import the video into your Procreate canvas library.

And now you have the option to use this as the basis for an animation.

Import Footages from Other Locations

How to import footage into procreate

You can also import from other places, if it’s not on your camera.

If you go to imports, you will be able to access your iCloud and other libraries.

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Final Thoughts

Now you can use any video that you like when creating animations!

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